Looking Good

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Looking Good

Mar 1, 2002 12:00 PM, Chriss Scherer, editor

Welcome to the new look of BE Radio.

Because your time is valuable and your need for information continues to grow, we took a good, hard look at how better to deliver the vital information you require to best prepare you for your various professional challenges. The results of our efforts are on the following pages. The look of this publication is different and the perspective is fresh, but the information, data and insight you've come to expect from BE Radio is intact.

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Our art director, Mike Knust, working with information and ideas from the magazine staff and readers like you, has brought this new design to its final form, including the bold new logo. While the previous look was constantly being reviewed and tweaked to keep it up-to-date, we had reached the point where a fresh start made the most sense. I think you'll find the new layout is easier to read because it is more open, more colorful and easier on the eye.

The redesign of the magazine fits well with our ongoing efforts to keep all the elements of BE Radio fresh and useful. The BE Radio website was redesigned last year. The BE Radio Currents Online Weekly E-mail was redesigned and substantially improved in January. The print version took the most time and effort, but I think you'll agree that the change is good.

A primary goal of the new look and presentation of this award-winning publication was to better reflect the changes going on in radio, from terrestrial to satellite to the Internet. The visual change is dramatic, but the useful information inside will still come from the respected writers you already trust, such as John Battison, Harry Martin, Kevin McNamara and Mark Krieger, as well as the many of the other names you regularly see here. All of our writers are working industry professionals. They know radio because it's their job and their passion.

As a preview of what was to come, we did sneak in two changes last January. One was the addition of the Contributor Pro-File. This feature introduces you to one of the contributors from the current issue, making it clear why that writer was chosen for that topic. Our contributors are active radio professionals and not just freelance writers. The other addition is on the last page each month. Sign Off takes a look at something from radio's past and some data that will affect its future. This feature will certainly bring back some memories, help you to consider an important element of what is to come, or maybe just be a topic of conversation at your next SBE meeting.

I encourage you to take a moment and let me know what you think about our new look. I welcome all comments, big or small. Your input will help us to make BE Radio the best it can be to bring you the information you need most.

Radio is changing. The information you need to stay on top of it is changing as well. BE Radio recognizes this and with our authoritative new look, BE Radio continues to be The Radio Technology Leader.

Get ready for NAB.

This issue is packed with information to help you plan your trip to NAB2002. Dont forget to download the exhibitor listings for your Palm PDA. Go to www.beradio.com and download the ZIP file. BE Radio allows you to take the exhibitor lists with you.

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