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New Products

Dec 1, 2001 12:00 PM, By Cindy Holst, associate editor

Optical disc duplicator

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Primera Technology
ComposerPro: Designed for high-volume, in-house disc duplication, ComposerPro uses dual CD-R or DVD-R recorders and a large media input bin to record and optionally print up to 100 discs per batch. Users can duplicate music or data disks. A precision pick-and-place robotic arm transports discs from the input bin to the dual integrated CD-R or DVD-R recorders. After recording, discs are transported to an optional Primera Technology ink-jet or thermal transfer optical disc printer where they are printed in color in up to 2400 dpi print resolution. ComposerPro comes equipped with professional mastering and duplication software for Windows 95/98/Me and NT/2000. The software allows the duplication of many CD formats, including CD-ROM, CD-RW, CD-DA and Video CD. Two models are available.
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Console wiring kits

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Systems Store
Pre-wire kits: Installing or moving a studio can be a major undertaking when it involves wiring a console. Systems Store Pre-wire kits can save a considerable amount of time in a project. All console cables, regardless of size or console model, can be ordered and assembled. Systems Store can make wire harnesses to custom specifications of length, cable brand and type, and labeling, and offers a variety of termination options for punch blocks, connectors or unterminated pigtails. All cables are custom made for quick and easy installation.
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Digital audio workstation

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RADiA Platinum: This 4-in, 4-out turnkey system, includes a SADiE rack-mount PC featuring a 667MHz Pentium III processor, 128MB RAM, 10GB internal IDE drive, AGP video card with 8MB VRAM, and 48� CD-ROM drive. The system comes with the Studio Audio 19" rack PC case, external SCSI interface, RADiA PCI processing card, balanced breakout cable assembly and a removable 9GB SCSI audio drive. The system also includes a 15" LCD panel display and the RADiA Master Control Panel. The Master Control Panel has transport controls, scrub wheel, edit, locate and function keys, motorized faders, and time displays. The RADiA Platinum offers balanced analog interfacing, AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O. It also interfaces with radio automation systems. The unit offers 24 replay tracks and 24-bit digital audio recording and editing at up to 48kHz.
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Broadband antennas

RFS Broadcast
828DA: This model is a circularly polarized Band II antenna with a nominal gain or -1.0dBd per plane of polarization. The antenna is fitted with a horizontal reflecting element to provide improvement in the directionality of horizontal radiation pattern. The thick walled stainless steel design ensures years of trouble-free performance in a hostile environment. For environments where antenna icing may be a problem, optional radomes are available. The 828DA can be used in applications from one up to 10 bays. The parallel feed system facilitates the customization of null fill and beam tilt to suit customer requirements. Three versions cover the FM band, with each version designed to operate over a 10MHz bandwidth. 828 antennas using � wavelength spacing and covering 87.5MHz to 108MHz are available on request.
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Digital audio processor

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8200 Signature series: A special edition of 8200 that starts with all of the features of 8200's Version 3.0 software and adds eight new presets custom-tuned by the Optimod line's engineer, Bob Orban and Orban VP of product development Greg Ogonowski. The units also offer standard sample-rate converting AES/EBU digital input and output that can handle 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz rates. A redesigned front panel commemorates the 10th anniversary of the 8200. The 8200 Signature Series replaces the 8200.
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Transient voltage suppressors

dbm Systems
Audio Surge: These suppressors are designed to protect high end, professional, and broadcast audio equipment from damaging transients. While nothing can completely eliminate lightning and transient damage, transient voltage suppressors can make a substantial difference. The near instantaneous response time of 1 picosecond, provides immediate peak power dissipation of up to 1,500 watts. Audio Surge suppressors are available for most high-end digital audio cards. Audio Surge also manufactures custom suppressors for most audio and control applications.
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Equipment rack

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APW Enclosures
Steel Relay rack: These racks are available in a variety of sizes in equal- and unequal-flanged format, with open or closed duct, and non-seismic and Zone 4 seismic ratings, to offer flexible universal spacing. The product family has an array of accessories including aluminium shelves and components to meet a variety of installation needs.
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Monitor panel

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Fostex America
RM1: Designed for rack-mount monitoring of signals and suitable for use in rack rooms, editing and dubbing stations, news workstations and remote vehicles, the RM1 provides stereo onitoring in 1RU. The aluminum front panel has many user options so that the audio output can be configured for a variety of applications. Offering two 15W amplifiers, the specially designed transducers provide 80Hz to 15kHz frequency bandwidth. Features include two stereo balanced +4 inputs with 4 XLR/phono Neutrik combo connectors and electronic matrix switching for mode or channel selection, A/B select switch, signal presence indicator and a headphone jack and gain control.
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Stereo graphic EQ

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PreSonus Audio Electronics
DEQ624: The two 31-band equalizers offer three switchable ranges of operation: �6dB, �12dB or +12/-24dB. A security feature locks out all front faceplate controls using a programmable password-style of access. Once engaged, the DEQ624 will retain all programmed settings. The user can recall up to four presets on the DEQ624. The DEQ624 features a brick wall limiter with variable threshold and a downward expander with variable ratio and threshold. The inputs and outputs of the DEQ624 include XLR balanced, � unbalanced and barrier strips. The DEQ624's adaptive hum cancellation identifies 60Hz hum caused by ground loops and dimmers and uses phase cancellation to eliminate any problem without altering the audio. The DEQ624 also features high- and lo-pass filters (20Hz-20kHz), and Hi Q for selected frequencies.
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Analyzer tools

NTI (Neutrik Test Instuments)
Rub and Buzz: This option is based on the patented transient analysis approach of Leonhard Research, which detects the slightest mechanical defects in acoustic transducers. With test times below 1 second, the Rapid Test equipped with the Rub and Buzz option is the ideal production line test product. The Rub and Buzz option detects every audible failure such as rubbing coils, connecting wires touching the cone, misplaced membrane, excess glue or air leaks. The typical test cycle time of below 1 second with a fast continuous sweep signal makes this option a perfect quality control tool for production lines or acoustic transducers. The Rub and Buzz analysis is combinable with frequency response, distortion and sound pressure level analysis (SPL). The Rub and Buzz option is available for all RT-2M and RT-2X voice band analyzers.
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Telos Systems
Version 1.5.5 software: This software can be downloaded and installed using an FTP connection with Zephyr Xstream's built-in update function. In addition to Zephyr Xstream's use of Fraunhofer's coding methods (MPEG-AAC and Low-Delay MPEG AAC-LD), the software adds a Layer-3 dual decoder mode and end-to-end ancillary data support. Eight bi-directional contact closures and serial data transmission are available in MPEG Layer-3 and MPEG-AAC/AAC-LD modes, as well as Layer-2 Mono and Half modes (64kb/s). Version 1.5.5 offers a local control option with a panic dial dial-on contact closure for all eight closures, choice of consumer or professional output line-levels in all models featuring built-in stereo mixers and MPEG Layer-2 support transmission of audio at 32kHz. The software is available free to Zephyr Xstream users.
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Condenser microphone

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AT4033/SE: The AT4033/SE includes a re-engineered shock mount, a dust cover, and a custom wooden microphone case. The AT4033/SE features a cardioid polar pattern and uses a vapor-deposited gold-plated aged-diaphragm capacitor element with an internal baffle plate to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of the microphone system. This 2-micron-thick gold-plated diaphragm provides accurate reproduction of even subtle sounds. The AT4033/SE has an extended flat frequency response of 30Hz to 20kHz, a wide dynamic range, and the ability to handle high SPLs (up to 145dB, 1kHz at 1% THD, 155dB with 10dB pad) without sacrificing high-frequency performance. The AT4033/SE features a floating-construction element to achieve peak performance and isolation from noise and vibration.
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Interface access

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Hideaway HAS 400: These mountable, mechanically operating architectural enclosures provide access to computer-video interfaces and A/V connectors and controls. There are four versions of the Hideaway HSA enclosure: the 400 series (HSA 400 and HSA 402) and the 800 series (HSA 800 and HSA 802). The 400 series pivots open, presenting the connectors at a 49� angle to the tabletop. The 800 series rises vertically from the installation surface, presenting the connectors at a 90� angle to the tabletop. All models in the Hideaway Series include room for four single-space Extron Architectural Adapter Plates (AAPs). These AAPs are available with hundreds of connector combinations, customizable for any application. The Hideaway enclosures can be optimized using the Extron RGB 580xi remote interface.
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Handheld microphones

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Cobalt series: Available in four models, the Co4, Co5, Co7 and Co9, the Cobalt series of mics use Neodymium technology to provide quality sound for an inexpensive price. All the mics feature cardioid pickup patterns. The Co4 is designed micing of acoustic and electric instruments, and voice. The Co5, Co7 and Co9 are designed for vocal use. Each model offers unique features including controlled proximity effect, low handling noise and an on/off switch. Rugged construction makes them ideal for remote broadcast use. A wireless transmitter version is also available.
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PC sound card

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MixArt8CN: A CobraNet input/output module for the miXart8 sound card, miXart combines onboard processing with audio mixing functions. When connected to third-party CobraNet-compliant devices, miXart8CN is the foundation of audio systems distributed over large-area networks. The core of the system, the miXart8, has eight (or four stereo) analog input/output paths, including four studio-quality microphone preamps on its input bank. The CobraNet interface is managed via a daughterboard, yet only a single PCI slot is needed in the host computer. Eight channels of CobraNet input and eight channels of CobraNet output are provided, operating independently of the analog inputs/outputs. The network connection, using standard 100BaseTX Ethernet protocols, is available on two redundant RJ-45 jacks, which provide on-board backup.
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Forced air-cooled loads

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Bird Electronic
Digital Air series: 10kW and 25kW Digital Air VHF models join the line of 5kW, 10kW, 15kW, and 25kW Digital Air UHF models. Bird's Digital Air designs offer elimination of liquid coolants, which allows reliable, low maintenance operation without concerns over pump and plumbing systems at transmitter sites. These loads remain cool to the touch, and permit exhaust to be ducted to the outside. Advanced computer simulation (CAE) provides answers and rapid verification of specific user requirements such as altitude ducting. Extensive high-frequency electrical CAE modeling has also been used to optimize these products for digital broadcast. With electrical CAE, the VSWR of hundreds of configurations can be examined before a prototype is built.
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Reference guide

TIA/EIA Q&A: As a prelude to the forthcoming revision of the TIA/EIA standard for communications towers, PiRod has published a Q&A offering insight on the changes most likely to occur. While shedding light on the imminent changes, the 12-page booklet also offers an explanation on how those changes will generally impact tower design. For a free copy of Revision G: How It's Going to Impact Your Job, contact PiRod at 1545 Pidco Drive, P.O. Box 128, Plymouth, IN 46563-0128, or call 219-936-4221. PiRod can also be reached via fax or online.
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File conversion tools

Netia Digital Audio
Dispatcher, Web Dispatcher, Autofill: An automation tool that can convert and export sound files directly from the Netia Radio-Assist database to any target destination. Specific functions define different profiles. Each profile includes conversion format, sampling rate, coding and destination. Dispatcher converts and exports these files according to the predefined profile. Web Dispatcher is a direct application of this automation and adds a new Internet tool to the Radio-Assist range. Selected audio data is put online for a website. Internet sound files are lifted directly from the sound bank and converted to Real G2 format, then transferred to the Internet server via FTP. Associated XML and Media Object Server data are also distributed. Web Dispatcher generates the new Web pages and publishes the selected sound files. AutoFill is a multiple-format import automation tool.
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Ranger: An audio and data multiplexer for a full duplex channel E1/T1 of up to 2Mb, with capacity for 15 circuits of 15kHz, 31circuits of 7.5kHz or 61 circuits of 3.5kHz, or the corresponding data channels V-35 or X-21 interfaces at 64, 128 or 256kb. From a multipoint network, a suite of Ranger and other E@sy equipment can be controlled. The equipment is housed in a modular rack format, including two universal autorange power supply units. The rack handles up to eight audio and data cards. Ranger offers three audio quality compression modes: 3.5kHz (32kb), 7.5kHz (64kb) and 15kHz (128kb), all of them with low encoding/decoding delay features.
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