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New Products

May 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

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Portable signal generator

NTI (Neutrik Test Instuments)

Minirator MR-Pro: Besides test signals, this generator provides sweeps, fast chirps and offers playback of WAV-based test signals. The unit features minimal residual distortion less than -96dB, a maximum output level of +18dBu, and continuous monitoring of the impedance, signal balance and phantom power. The battery-operated device features a multi-function rotary wheel and function keys ensure fast access to the signal functions and parameter with one hand. Data exchange is via the USB port.

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Digital recorder

Samson Technologies

Zoom H4: This portable recorder fits in a user's palm and is suitable for recording live musical performances, interviews, podcasts, meetings, classes and seminars. The H4 records linear digital audio up to 24-bit/96kHz and MP3 format with bit rates up to 320kb/s. It features two electret condenser microphones configured in an X/Y pattern for stereo recording, and two combination XLR 1/4" input jacks with phantom power for use with external microphones. The unit also includes onboard effects such as compression, limiting and mic modeling. An 1/8" headphone jack is provided for monitoring. The recorder records on Secure Digital (SD) media, and a 128MB SD card is included with the unit. Files can be moved with the USB interface. The unit provides four hours of continuous recording operation from two AA batteries. An ac adapter, USB cable, windshield cover and tripod adapter are also included.

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FM antenna

Jampro Antennas

JSHD-HD: The dual input HD sidemount antenna system provides linearity and power handling capability and features broadband characteristics. The antenna provides isolated and separate inputs for analog and digital transmitters. This approach allows the digital transmitter to operate at its target power with no power lost in a reject load and no power reduction caused by lossy digital injectors.

Audio editor

RML Labs

Saw Studio: The latest version of this product features slower mixer settings scrolling to be less sensitive to small mouse changes, resulting in an overall feeling of more control. The SRP/Rec latch operation has been enhanced to automatically detect a marked area and override the latch function for auto punch-in at the marked area. Also, the SRP punch-in code has been adjusted to help eliminate record buffer overruns under certain conditions on certain systems.

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RF power amplifiers, exciters


700W IP Module: The 700W IPA module is a drop-in replacement for Silicon Valley Gold Module MM&D Blue Module, as used in Continental, Harris and other transmitters. Its gain and phase is matched to the user's existing modules.

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Audio interface

TC Electronic

Konnekt 8: The audio interface features two mic preamps that are switchable to dedicated Hi-Z guitar inputs or balanced line inputs, two analog controlled balanced outputs, two auxiliary line in to monitor external devices, two coaxial S/PDIF (stereo) I/O, sample accurate MIDI and Firewire connectivity. The unit can be used as a standalone mixer. The interface includes Cubase LE to allow users to start recording right out of the box.

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Duplication, printing system

Primera Technology

Bravo SE: Instead of copying discs one at a time and then printing and sticking labels, Bravo SE automates the entire burning and printing process. A robotic mechanism is used to transport discs into the built-in Pioneer DVR-111 DVD�R/CD-R recorder. After recording, each CD or DVD is individually inkjet printed direct-to-disc in full color at 4,800 dpi resolution. As many as 20 discs per job can be produced automatically and hands-free. Bravo SE attaches to any PC running Windows Vista/XP/2000 through its high-speed USB 2.0 interface. Bravo SE also attaches to any Mac running Apple OS X.

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Digital mic system

Soundfield Research

DSF-2: The DSF-2 produces mono, stereo and digital surround sound, simultaneously if required, all from a single microphone. The processors produce a four-channel proprietary output format known as B-Format, which can then be further decoded by Soundfield hardware or software into mono, stereo, stereo M/S, or surround sound in formats such as 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1. The 1RU controller unit offers live decoding to stereo, stereo M/S and four-channel B-Format. The stereo signal may be output directly from the DSF-2 in the analog or digital domain via rear-panel XLR and unbalanced 75� BNC connectors, while the stereo M/S and B-Format signals are available only as digital signals. The processor also offers a user-adjustable gain control, a fixed-threshold recording limiter, on-board four-channel LED metering, a built-in high-pass filter and a headphone jack for monitoring purposes.
+44 1924 201 089

FM transmitter


TFX 10000: The first of a new generation of hot pluggable solid-state FM transmitters, this transmitter offers modular architecture, a dual redundant exciter and a stainless steel enclosure. Housed in 1RU, the transmitter is 55" tall (30 rack spaces high). The unit features 70 percent overall efficiency. RS-485 and USB connections for PC readings and control are also included.

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Power strips, power distribution units

APW Mayville

Stantron Power Options: The Power Options family is a full range of isolated-ground and standard-ground power strips and power distribution units that feature a small footprint and isolated ground options for densely-packed cabling installations. The system includes vertically mounted zero-U designs (14 outlets and 20 outlets) and isolated ground 1RU models (12 outlets). All designs offer several power input options, including twist lock, straight blade and flexible BX-conduit for hard-wire installations. The receptacles can be rotated 90� to accommodate transformers, which would otherwise block adjacent outlets on the power strip.

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Studio condensor mic

MXL Microphones

190: Featuring a low-noise FET design, balanced transformer coupled output and Mogami wiring, the cardioid condenser microphone offers a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. The microphone's custom chamber has been tuned to complement the capsule's response, delivering an open, airy sound that is transparent without being overly bright. The mic uses a six micron condenser pressure gradient capsule. The mic incorporates a 0/-10dB attenuation switch.

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Neafield monitor

Klein + Hummel

O 300: A triamplified three-way nearfield studio reference monitor, the O 300 delivers is similar to the O 300 D minus the digital input and control hardware. By using a dense, low-resonance material called LRIM, the company has molded the waveguides required for dispersion directly into the baffle. The unit's 8" cone woofer is made of a lightweight polypropylene material. The midrange is handled by a treated fabric dome with a 3" voice coil. The 1" high-frequency driver is equipped with a titanium/fabric dome that combines the transparency of a titanium dome with the low distortion of a fabric dome.
+49 711 45 89 30

Analog mixer


SXST: In this version, the battery tray has been removed and replaced by a new front profile. The side flanges are shorter, thus reducing its depth size. The two rails extruded in the front profile allow users to mount accessories or a custom-made hand rest. An internal digital module offers 8x high quality 24-bit A/D converters with a selectable FS from 44.1 up to 192kHz, outputing four AES/EBU lines. A switchable limiter is also provided.
+41 21 651 0101

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Field strength program

RF Software

RF Investigator v3: A new button on the tool bar selects AM or FM studies without the need for additional software. Multiple monitor support allows the user to move the various windows as he likes to more efficiently display the data and control functions. Maps are resizable to a rectangle. The entire map display can be copied and pasted into another application, such as a word processor or graphics editor.

Line splitter/mixer


SM 26B: This product can be a combination 6x2 line mixer, 2x6 line splitter or 6x6 line driver. The equipment is capable of four-pair stereo line splitting or mixing. Mix, pan and level controls with 12dB gain for level matching. The unit features balanced 1/4� TRS connectors.

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Switching module

DM Engineering

Mic Pro 2: This lighted silent-switching module will upgrade a low cost production mixing board to have the microphone switching features of a professional broadcast console. The on/off buttons enable and disable the mic channel. Microphone channels can now be individually controlled by their own module. The unit is powered by a dc power supply module, the Studio Slave Relay Pack or Superelay. As many as five switching modules can be powered by one power supply module. The unit requires 9Vdc to 12Vdc at 45ma input power.

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Software upgrade


Symnet Designer 7.0: Version 7.0 of the Symnet Designer application for Windows offers loudspeaker management modules. These modules provide parametric EQ, high-pass and low-pass filtering, delay, gain, invert and mute. There are two versions of modules: Smaart-Compatible and Standard. They are identical except that the Smaart-Compatible version can be directly controlled from SIA Software's Smaart Live RTA software. The software's control capabilities have been enhanced with the addition of a subcategory of DTMF generator/auto-dialer modules for teleconferencing. All Symnet units that have Ethernet ports can now be externally controlled via Ethernet. This upgrade is available as a series of software modules that can be added to a Symnet design at any time based on the system application.

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Rackmount mixer


RB-SSML1: This 1RU source selector for compressing or limiting an incoming mic or line signal features selectable level metering and headphone monitor outputs. The compression ratio and threshold limits are adjustable via linear potentiometers on the front panel. The threshold can be set between -30dBu and +20dBu. The mic input consists of a low-noise mic preamplifier for converting mic level signals to a line level. There are independent switches to control a high pass filter and to provide phantom power at 48V to the connected mic. The XLR-3 stereo monitor input volume control is fully adjustable via a back panel recessed potentiometer, and has an additional 10dB gain increase via a switch on the rear panel.

Audio clip player

360 Systems

Instant Replay 2: The Instant Replay 2 spot player adds Ethernet networking for on-the-fly updates to a stored sound clip library. Audio clips can be transferred to and from a PC by pointing and clicking. Last-minute additions can be retrieved over the Web, instantly uploaded and used for any kind of live entertainment or production application. One-touch back-ups can also be performed. Record better-than-CD-quality audio directly onto hard disk. Built-in editing software enables head and tail trims, fade-ins and fade-outs and gain changes. Fifty hot keys enable on-the-fly instant playback of sound effects from 10 banks of 50 clips, and another 500 clips can be stored on the hard disk. Other advances include WAV file support, 16- and 24-bit recording formats, and balanced and unbalanced audio inputs and outputs.

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Tabletop interconnect box


PNP415 Pop �N Plug: This enclosure, with its custom tabletop surface, becomes flush with the tabletop when closed. Both sides of the unit can hold four single sectional plates. The standard plate, the DS901-120, was designed especially for the PNP415 and comes with two power module connectors, one VGA connector and four snap-in connectors.

Data interface

Unique Interactive

Man DLS: The display text system is a standalone system that is placed between the content generated by the radio station and the actual broadcast. The system enables broadcasters to log into the user interface from anywhere with an Internet connection to edit, manage, schedule and control the cycles of messages for broadcast. The interface also features a storage area for content to be created before being added into a cycle for broadcast. Once the cycles of information have been created, push the content to other digital platforms for additional exposure, such as websites, audio streams and online audio players.
+44 20 7453 1600

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Antenna system

Sennheiser Electronic

A5000 CP: The wideband design (450MHz to 960MHz) of this system accommodates antenna distribution systems for wireless monitors or wireless microphones across multiple frequency ranges. Due to its three-dimensional radiation pattern, the antenna can be mounted above the talent or venue.

Software program


Song Sorter: Users of this software can select and display any demo, gender, ethnic or station listening cells they wish. Comquest's Song Matrix shows each song's individual performance in context with all other songs in a test. Full trending capabilities are built in, as well as the ability to import fresh Sound Scan and BDS data, and merge the results with call-out and Internet music research results.

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Direct interconnect cables


Direct Cabling Assemblies: Available in 10' and 15' versions with several XLR connector combinations, including all male, all female, mixed genders or TRS connectors, these assemblies include Tails/Tails, DB25 analog or digital fan-outs, and DB25 trunks supporting analog or digital wiring standards. The system uses 110O rugged jacketed cable featuring Neutrik black/gold XLRs, TRS and DB25 connectors with metal bodies, captive thumbscrews and gold contacts.


Summit Traffic

Summit Traffic and Billing: The system schedules programs, commercial spots, promos, public service announcements and paid programming. The software produces up-to-the-minute, real-time avails reports, and generates a multitude of sales reports, locally or remotely.

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Surround monitor

RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten

10600-VID: This monitoring instrument for multi-channel radio features an integrated surround sound analyzer. The monitor features display capabilities for stereo and 5.1 surround signals. It has three AES3 signal inputs. Six multi-standard peak level meters, a 10-fold correlator display, RTA, SPL/LEQU and Dial Norm meters, and an informative status monitor are all presented on the unit's VGA display. Information displayed in the graphic include the balance between the front and surround channels and between the front L, C and R channels, phantom audio sources, dynamic display of the loudness center of gravity within the surround field and the phase relationships.
+49 221 709130

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Arc and flame detector

Burk Technology

AFD-1: The AFD-1 detects electrical arcs or flame and sends a contact closure for integration with alerting devices or the station's remote control system. The unit can be used near equipment cabinets, transmitters, lightning arrestors or anywhere threatened by high voltage arcs or flame.

Hard disk recorder


Deva 5.8: The new Deva 5.8 features eight integrated hardware faders, an internal DVD-RAM drive and a Flash media slot, allowing it to provide recording, mixing and effects capabilities within one package. The system will record to hard disk or flash disk. The unitrecords 10 tracks of audio directly to a compact Flash memory card. The memory card slot is mounted on the control panel for quick and easy transfer of material from the production site to post-production staff. The internal DVD-RAM drive provides users with a recording alternative and saves space by combining two products into one. Additional features include EQ, notch filter, compressor and delay on each channel; the ability to mix to disk or outputs both pre- and post-fader; eight mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power; and support for external Firewire recording drives.

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Power distribution unit

Pulizzi Engineering

PC3365: This new series is available in North American and European configurations. The North American version input power is three-phase 120/208V 30A, via a NEMA L21-30P plug. Power output is at 120V and distributed through 24 IEC C13 computer-style receptacles, providing 8,640VA of power. The European version input power is three-phase 230/400V 20A via an IEC 60309 plug. Power output is at 230V and distributed through 24 IEC C13 computer-style receptacles, providing 11,040VA of power. The power input is located on the rear through an attached 15' power cable along with the power output. This series comes standard with electrical noise power filtering.

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SM Pro Audio

M-Patch 2: The M-Patch 2 is a desktop/rack-mountable passive volume attenuator and patch control device. This switcher provides stereo level control for any monitoring or distributed sound application and can attenuate stereo signals from sound cards, CD players, pre-amps and mixers. The unit's front panel rotary controls allow level adjustments for two input sources. The unit features balanced combo XLR/TRS input jacks and XLR outputs, RCA and 3.5mm jack inputs, mono/stereo summing switch, mute switch, A/B output pairs and a built-in stereo headphone amplifier.
+61 3 9555 8081

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Power amplifier

Stanton Magnetics

A series: Available in three models, A.900, A.1800 and A.2800, these 2RU amplifiers feature a tunnel cooling system and 21-position detent level control knobs. The units feature power ratings up to 2,800W and support for bridged mono operation. The amplifier's front panel includes six-segment, multi-color LED ladders for visual monitoring of signal status per channel. Rear panel input provisions include the balanced combined XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors, while outputs are handled by five-way binding post and Speak-on connectors. The rear panel also features a high-pass filter switch, limiter switch and a mode select switch for bridged/parallel/stereo operation.

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Allocation program for Canada

V-Soft Communications

FM Commander Canada: The Canadian version of FM Commander uses the spacing tables from C 1.4 of the Industry Canada Application and Procedures and Rules for FM Broadcasting Undertakings. Contour-to-contour spacings are evaluated to 800kHz to provide tables and distance to contour allocation maps. All stations are protected to the 54dBu F(50-50) signal contour except for cross-border relationships when class C U.S. stations are protected to the 58dBu contour. The Canadian version includes the same distance to contour and minimum spacings map screens as the U.S. version.

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Stereo power amplifier

Kramer Electronics

Model 900: The stereo power amplifier accepts unbalanced stereo on RCA inputs or balanced audio on terminal block connectors and delivers a speaker output of 9W RMS per channel into a 4� load. It includes a volume control and has a S/N ratio of 63dB unweighted. The speaker output is on four-pin terminal block connectors. It measures 4-3/4"W x 3"D x 1"H.


Mipro Act 81, Act 82: These digital wireless microphone systems feature a full color vacuum florescent display, 24-bit digital audio quality with advanced DSP, a sub-band ADPCM algorithm and full 128-bit encryption. The 81 is the single receiver and the 82 is a dual receiver system.

Software packages

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Desktop script board

RAM Broadcast Systems

ASB-24-4, ASB-24-12, SB-4, SB-12: Features of these boards include articulating or stationary mounting arms, adjustable pan and tilt, a 24" reach, bolt-through desk assembly and a slim profile. Six' extensions are available. The boards are supplied by 4" or 12" risers. The equipment comes in several colors: red, blue, orange, green, yellow and smoke gray.

Wireless mic system

Arctic Palm Technology

Center Stage Studio Suite: Our Center Stage Studio Information Suite is a collection of four software packages and offers more than 30 tools for capturing and moving data electronically. The CS Copy Management software provides copy writers, promotions and programming staff with tools to create, find and maintain recorded or live copy. Once created, copy can be sent via e-mail or an existing LAN fax software to the client for approval. When ready a simple click and the Production Studio schedule is updated and ready for recording or live copy goes directly to the control room for on-air use. The production staff always has a complete list of the latest scripts to be recorded, and the copy can be read directly from the on-line prompter � all without printing or moving a single item of hard copy.

Upgrades and Updates

Google Ad Sense for Audio is now supported by commercial systems including Broadcast Electronics Audio Vault, Vault2 and AV100; Enco DAD; and LAN International Viero. ( Sony PCM-D1 has an added accessory to accommodate XLR mic connections: the XLR-1 adapter. The adapter provides two transformer-balanced microphone inputs with switchable phantom power. ( has upgraded its Artisan and Mosaic digital audio consoles to accept more faders (up to 32) and make a pop-up EQ and dynamics screen available on the Artisan and a pop-up fader display for the Mosaic. ( is now shipping its Access portable stereo BRIC IP codec. ( Sequerra is offering a factory upgrade program for existing M2 and M4 HD Radio modulation monitors and tuners to add the new features of the newer models, the M2.2R and M4.2R. (