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New Products

Jan 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

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Space coupler

Auralex Acoustics

Screen 6: Consisting of six Partscience Space Couplers, this system can be placed on hard walls and ceilings to tame early reflections without taking energy out of the room. With a Screen 6 cloud or wall grouping energy from the monitors or the sound being captured is spread out, thereby removing the discrete reflection while keeping the energy's contribution to the room's reverberant tail. Its lightweight assembly affords easy overhead suspension or wall attachment via optional mounting blocks.

Slot expansion card

Lynx Studio Technology

LT-HD: This L-slot expansion card allows as many as 32 channels of A/D-D/A conversion. Introduced for the Aurora 16 and Aurora 8 converters, the card provides digital input and output in a format that is recognizable by Digidesign Pro Tools | HD systems. LT-HD-equipped Auroras can be connected to HD Core or Accel Core cards with standard Digidesign cabling and can operate seamlessly with all HD-compatible versions of Pro Tools software. The LT-HD contains one primary and one expansion Digilink port for 32 channels of conversion per HD Core or Accel Core card (using two Aurora 16s). This supports full channel count at sample rates up to 192kHz. The LT-HD offers audio signal latency identical to that of the Digidesign 192 I/O.
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Digital stereo monitor/analyzer

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FMHD-1: The unit features RJ-45 10/100BaseT Ethernet and RS-232 computer interfaces. When used with the Wizard for Windows software, the analyzer can be viewed remotely with various PC graphing and logging functions. The unit also provides four user assignable relay closures used to indicate alarm conditions. The monitor provides two filtered analog composite outputs for driving wideband analog FM monitors. Besides an antenna input for monitoring off the air, the monitor features two RF inputs for transmitter site operation. The dual RF inputs allow for monitoring at installations using two transmitters to generate the combined analog HD Radio signal. The monitor decodes the HD Radio signal and analog FM signal simultaneously displaying HD Radio status, data, time alignment and configuration information, as well as audio metering and RF/audio spectrums.

HD audio delay

Aphex Systems

Model 128: The Model 128 HD audio delay provides an eight second delay with +/-50msec adjustment in 10msec steps. It features an RF-filtered analog XLR I/O. The unit is packaged in an Aphex half rack like the 120A and 124A.

Quad leveler

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Model 264: This leveler can be operated as two stereo channels or four mono channels with its four separate and independent channels of analog audio gain control. Channels may also be selectively linked for dual-stereo or split mono/stereo program control. The unit operates within the analog domain. It uses a combination of peak and average response to program dynamics that delivers the gain-riding advantage of an intelligent AGC coupled with the tight peak control of a fast limiter. This particular combination of long- and short-term level correction normalizes the average-to-peak ratios of diverse audio sources to a common and natural-sounding value.

Podcast creation


One-Click Podcasting: Routine podcast conversions, such as turning an entire talk show into a podcast format, can be configured to happen completely in the background without daily human intervention. When a program specifically produced for podcast is finished, the user clicks the mouse to create the checkmark. When the production is saved, the podcast is automatically created. Whether listeners access the podcast from Itunes or the station's website, the RSS data, ID3 tags and Metadata are automatically created and attached to the file.

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Sennheiser Electronic

MX 90, OMX 90, LX 90: Three models comprise the new Style Line, offering sound delivery for music listeners using Ipods, other personal MP3 players, portable CD players and the full range of mobile music electronics. The MX 90 makes use of a new twist-to-fit system that ensures a secure, comfortable fit. The wearer twists each earpiece to find the most comfortable and secure position. The OMX 90 uses the same driver set in a clip-on design. Soft, individually adjustable behind-the-ear clips hold the drivers securely in position over the ear canal, while an in-line volume control provides adjustment. The LX 90 combines a self-coiling neckband with the Style Line's transducer and materials.

Internet audio delivery

Backbone Networks

Radio v 4.2: Version 4.2 of this software integrates Itunes 7 to Internet radio broadcasters and their listening audiences. The integration provides access to programming content and a built-in mechanism for generating station revenues through the Itunes affiliate program. Backbone Radio is a software suite that operates on a Mac. The software streams and displays clickable images with the audio content. The software also generates podcasts with chapters and associated images.

Mic cable

Gepco International

XB201DBM: This microphone cable is the latest addition to the X-band cable line. It is an extra-flexible, high bandwidth microphone cable with a double braid shield for added noise rejection. Based on the XB201M, the XB201DBM offers a wide frequency response and RF/EMI noise rejection. Conductors are made from finely stranded, oxygen-free copper to maximize conductivity and protect against corrosion.

Portable POTS codec


Phoenix: This codec comes with an IP codec capability built in. The two modules available are the POTS codec and GSM cellular technology. The power supply system allows continuous operation by hot-swapping between the internal Li-ion battery and built-in battery pack. The encoder is equipped with an adjustable audio mixer, a set of master, auxiliary and headphone outputs and a color screen to display a menu-based browsing system.

Upgrades and Updates

Klotz Digital has released the Vadis 888, which features an enhanced front panel display and a fanless power supply unit. ( Technology is now shipping the Arc Plus broadcast facility remote control system. The system provides remote monitoring and control for one to 1,024 sites. ( Electronic Systems has shipped the first Artisan router-based digital audio consoles to WAFF-TV in Huntsville, AL. Additional Artisan systems have been sold to Youth Radio in Berkeley, CA. (