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New Products

Jul 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

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Power amplifiers

D.A.S. Audio

Powerpro series: The new amplifier range consists of four models built in 1RU and 2RU steel chassis. The series comprises four models: PS-200, PS-400, PS-800 and PS-1400. The PS-200 (12kg) and PS-400 (13kg) are 1RU tall and offer power ratings of 100W and 200W per channel at 4 ohms. The PS-800 (18kg) and the PS-1400 (21kg), the largest of the amplifiers, are 2RU high and provide 450W and 700W per channel at 4 ohms. The amplifiers offer XLR and 1/4" TSR connectors for the inputs and both Speakon NL-4 and binding posts on the outputs (PS-800 and PS-1400 only). Rear-located switches are available for ground lift, operational mode (stereo-bridge-parallel) and input sensitivity selection (0.75V, 1V and 1.4V). Each channel is individually protected against output short-circuits, overloading and overheating.

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Quick change solderless connectors

Bird Electronic

4200 series: The Bird 4200 Series offers Quick Change solderless connectors for hundreds of possible connector combinations. The new series of products allows users to quickly change the connectors for different applications while avoiding the need for special adapters, cables or additional units with custom connectors. Power capabilities for the loads and attenuators with the QC option range from 150W to 1.5kW and 3dB to 40dB for fixed attenuators in a DC to 2.5GHz bandwidth.

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Large diaphragm dynamic mics

Heil Sound

Fin, Flame: The Deco Series of large-diaphragm dynamic microphones features two models: the Fin and the Flame. The Fin is a retro, all chrome mic designed for live vocals. The Flame is a multi-purpose instrument mic with a �big band� look, and for added visual effect, flames on its sides. The Fin offers the same dynamic element as the PR 20. The Flame is smaller than the Fin.

Streaming service


Streaming service: A new streaming technology, Jetcasting allows a station to have unlimited bandwidth at a fraction of the cost. All streams are scalable and secure. Stations retain 100 percent control of their streams and ad revenue. Users can even design a station player skin to add a logo and color scheme.

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Wireless portable PA system


Mipro MA-101: This wireless portable PA system is a UHF phase-locked loop system with 16 selectable frequencies plus automatic channel scan and targeting capability. It is available in two versions: one with a wireless hand-held microphone and the other with a body pack transmitter for use with Mipro's headworn and lavalier microphones or the MU-40GX instrument cable. The scan function automatically searches the local RF environment, identifies and then locks the receiver onto an available, interference-free frequency. The system is driven by a 30W internal amplifier. It accepts input from portable CD/MP3 music players or other line-level sources. There's a line out jack that facilitates hook-up to an external recorder to capture the unit's output or send the signal to a larger PA system. The device provides eight hours of continuous operation from its built-in rechargeable battery.

Analog-to-digital converter

Broadcast Tools

ADC-1: The ADC-1 provides 24-bit A/D conversion. The A/D converter may be configured for sample rates of 44.1kHz or 48kHz or an external word clock from 32kHz to 96kHz. It features balanced stereo analog input and AES outputs via plug-in Euroblock screw connectors. The front panel is equipped with left and right analog input trimmers, LED level meters and power LED indicators. The converter is powered by a surge-protected, internal bi-polar 15Vdc power supply. The unit may be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall or three units may be mounted on the optional RA-1 Rack-Able mounting shelf.

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Reflected noise eliminator

West Coast Magnetics

2.5kVA Noise Cut Transformer: This transformer will eliminate reflected noise from a power source and can condition the power supplied to sensitive audio and production equipment. A 2.5KVA, 208Vac, 60Hz transformer is available for order immediately. The transformer incorporates a rack-mount chassis, emergency machine off circuit with on/off contactor, side-to-back forced air cooling and 80dB of noise rejection at 1MHz.

DRM exciter

Broadcast Electronics

AMD 10: This modulator transforms an existing BE medium-wave transmitter to DRM operation. The new option supports all DRM modes of operation and requires no additional modification to the transmission infrastructure. The unit is offered as an add-on for BE's 4MX transmitter line and as a plug-in module for BE's A and E series transmitters.

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Open frame rack

Middle Atlantic Products

R4: These four post, open frame racks promote thermal management and support heavier, deeper, broadcast-critical components. The racks can be ordered in two styles. The open frame, four-post rack offers cage nut rackrail for servers or other equipment requiring cage nut mounting hardware, featuring a steel, four post design, 1,000lb weight capacity, and 100 6mm rack screws and cage nuts. The open frame four post rack with 12-24 threaded rackrail for networking, telephone and voicemail equipment, routers and switches, features an aluminum, four-post design, 2,500lb weight capacity, and 100 pieces of 12-24 threaded mounting hardware.

Recording booth


Portable Vocal Booth: This device mounts on any microphone stand to create a highly controlled environment for recording vocals and spoken narration in acoustically hostile spaces. The vocal booth comprises a pair of 2' � 2' absorbing panels in a fully adjustable V shape. The integrated base attaches easily and securely to any microphone boom stand. The booth can also be placed directly on a table or other flat surface.

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Surround monitor

RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten

Surround Monitor 10600: The digital six-channel surround monitor with Surround Sound analyzer and with VGA output monitors level, correlation, volume and balance of digital surround signals. The monitor offers a digital multi-standard peak meter for as many as six channels with integrated loudness display. Features include separate SPL/LEQU display, analyzer for 3/1 and 5.1 surround formats, sound balance and overall volume displays, and indicators for center presence and phantom sound sources. A 10-fold correlator with low frequency analysis monitors the phase correlation of the surround channels. A 31-band audio spectrum analyzer analyzes individual channels or channel groups.
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HD Radio tuner

Day Sequerra

M4.2R: Based on the M4.0, the M4.2R provides additional tools to monitor HD Radio broadcast transmissions. This tuner includes six programmable dry, floating alarm relays, RBDS, RF multipath and signal strength displays, an Ethernet interface for streaming PAD data or remote control and the company's Remote Dashboard software, which lets broadcasters remotely tune the unit, alarm key signal parameters and log their data. The tuner also features full time digital audio output, even when tuned to an analog station.

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Firewire audio interface

Prism Sound

Orpheus: This interface delivers audio through a dedicated, integrated Firewire interface. The unit is compatible with Mac and PC computers and offers eight analog recording channels, eight monitoring outputs plus S/PDIF and Toslink optical digital I/O ports. The optical ports can also be used for ADAT, giving the system a maximum capability of 18 concurrent input and output channels plus stereo headphones. The device features four digitally controlled microphone amplifiers and two instrument inputs. These are associated with the first four analog input channels, which are auto-sensing and can automatically select the right input when the signal source is plugged in.

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FM monitoring, remote control


Silver Remote Control, Silver FM Monitor: The transmitter remote control system offers TCP/IP built in and is equipped with 16 digital inputs, eight analog inputs, eight relay outputs and one RS-232 interface connection. Alarms can be sent via e-mail using the embedded SMTP server or via phone with the voice/DTMF option. The FM frequency-agile receiver for permanent station monitoring includes an embedded Web server as well as a SMTP server for alarm sending via e-mail. The system monitors automatically, in real time, the quality and continuity of as many as eight FM programs and notifies the person of any problem by sending an alarm. The monitor checks the RF level, modulation, pilot, RBDS and audio levels. It also decodes RBDS and monitors the presence of any RBDS groups.

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Sennheiser Electronic

MD 5235: The mic head can be used with all hand-held transmitters of Sennheiser's 5000 Series. The new microphone head makes the SKM 5200 even more versatile. This is the ninth capsule available for the hand-held transmitter.

Search system


Element:A/V: This system allows users to search the spoken content and not just the metadata associated with A/V files. Element:A/V mines the spoken content and also creates a text transcript of the entire digital file. Docsoft can export the text in several formats to accommodate transcription needs as well as time-coded closed caption output. When a search is performed for a keyword from the user's mined A/V files with this system, the results are displayed in context or utterances.

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EAS encoder/decoder


Sage Endec-HD: The new version handles analog and digital signals for EAS distribution and adds remote control capabilities for studio-to-transmitter communications. IP connectivity also is added to allow broadcasters to use standard network components for log printing. This eliminates the need to buy thermal paper required for traditional EAS systems with built-in printers. An analog-to-digital converter can be purchased for broadcasters who need a multiple-channel ready EAS platform for multicast channels, but prefer to retain their existing EAS platforms. The system uses an internal AES/EBU interface, LAN support, and a browser-based interface to support a new generation of EAS users. New hardware features include 10/100 Base-T LAN support, two USB connectors for printers, additional serial ports, future expansion, and four new GPIO inputs for expanded control.

Media conversion


Digital Conversion Services: These services convert existing antiquated or incompatible media to new IT-standard systems, making data usable and accessible. Digi-Data's services cater to most digital-to-digital media and data scenarios, with the ability to combine many types of formats, databases and images into one system. All conversions are accompanied by a complete audit trail, with a bar code tracking system logging all media in and out. The services update outdated media to new, flexible (current) formats, merge disparate systems into one efficient system, increase productivity with faster, easier data access and decrease discovery time in the event of a legal-based search requirement. Digi-Data supports more than 150 different types of data.

Chassis connectors


SCDR: The SCDR is a soft plastic cover for the end of several D-size chassis connectors, such as Neutrik's Powercon, Speakon, Opticalcon and XLR. It protects the gap between connector and cable. The protection cover works with all common wires and cables by simply cutting off the cover end to the preferred diameter. The connector protects against electric shock when using Powercon; creates airtight assembly and powered speakers with the XLR; and offers LC dust protection at the rear of the Opticalcon.

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RBDS encoder update


FLX series: The FLX Series now incorporates an optional built-in RBDS encoder. The series includes FLX 350 (350W), FLX (650W) and FLX 1300 (1,300W). All units are two rack spaces high and include stainless steel enclosures.

AM signal splitter


AM GPS Synchronization, IBOC Signal Splitter: The GPS-based synchronization scheme allows for improved AM reception while the IBOC splitter saves costs in generating IBOC signals. The signal splitter allows broadcasters to take advantage of the recent FCC ruling permitting nighttime IBOC AM operations. The splitter keeps costs down by enabling the use of one IBOC generator for two AM transmitters, effectively creating split IBOC signals for daytime and nighttime transmission.

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Light detector

DM Engineering

Opto-probe: A visible light-sensing device, the unit monitors the activity of a LED or other visible light source. The sensor requires 5Vdc that is supplied by the Control Module for proper operation and produces a logic low when light is detected. The sensor will detect within the range of 400 to 1,200 nm and is ideal for detection ranges from IR to blue. The sensor is provided with a 3' long connecting cable that is terminated in a 3.5mm stereo connector. All activity of the monitored LED or light source is repeated by a LED located in the top of the probe to ensure that the visibility of the monitored light source is not lost. The sensor is attached to the light source to be monitored by means of a 1/2" diameter foam adhesive ring attached to the bottom of the sensor and the control module is attached using the supplied hook and loop material. The power requirement for the entire system is 9 to 12Vdc at 55mA when activated, 3mA quiescent. A 9Vdc unregulated power module is provided.

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Gooseneck mics


GN 15 ESP, GN 30 ESP, GN 50 ESP: Featuring a programmable mute switch and high radio frequency interference immunity, the GN ESP Series gooseneck microphones feature a programmable mute switch to cover a wide range of applications. All versions can be programmed to on/off, push-to-talk or push-to-mute operation. The mics provide an integrated LED ring to display the microphone's status. Fully programmable, the mics feature hidden controls with jumpers inside to prevent users from unintentionally changing settings. All contacts are gold-plated.

File transfer

Unlimi-tech Software

File Catalyst 2.0: Featuring patent-pending acceleration technology with less than 1 percent overhead, on-the-fly compression and byte-level incremental transfers, this system uses software automation to overcome the file transfer inefficiencies associated with packet loss and latency. Not only can system guarantee line speed, it can actually provide effective throughput two to three times greater than line speed. File Catalyst 2.0 application features include: transfer data at line speed, immune to affects of RTT and packet loss, no additional hardware requirements or line upgrades, push and pull files or entire directories, industry standard SSL for control channel, and AES for data encryption and cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX).

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Water-cooled tetrode

Thales Components & Subsystems

TH 594: The new water-cooled tetrode is designed for the high-power digital FM radio broadcast market. The tetrode offers 40kW anode dissipation and delivers 35kW of continuous wave power, or 60kW peak power. The tetrode incorporates pyrolytic graphite grids for high mechanical stability and a water-cooled anode for a high power dissipation rating. The tetrode offers high linearity, long life and ease of installation.
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Personal alert, messaging system

Global Security Systems

Alert FM: Alert FM messages are delivered via GSS Net, a digital network of existing FM transmitters around the United States, to multiple receiving devices equipped with a standard FM chip. Overlapping signals from different FM stations ensure that there is always a signal that can be received even when other communications systems are disrupted. This targeted alert and messaging system uses existing FM technology to send mass or personalized alerts about an unfolding emergency to specially-designed receivers or any device equipped with a standard FM chip, such as cell phones, USB drives, smoke detectors, home alarms, clocks or any mobile communication device.

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Surround recording mic

Soundfield Research

SPS200: The A-format microphone for stereo and 5.1 surround recording offers software plug-in A-format to B-format conversion, stereo and surround sound decoding, and manipulation in place of an outboard control unit. The mic captures 5.1-, 6.1-, 7.1-channel audio and simultaneous stereo with variable width and the ability to continuously vary the effective polar pickup pattern and orientation without moving the microphone.
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Audio logger

Winmedia Software

Winlogger 2.7: This multi-channel audio recorder and logger automation software automatically archives and exports multiple programs to a database, FTP site, podcast or recording media. Audio files can be played during the logging process, which allows it to also be used a profanity delay. The system's delay function can be used to schedule automatic broadcast of programs on a radio station and provide accurate synchronization within milliseconds.

Upgrades and Updates

Version 2.0 of the Broadcast Electronics Dashboard software for its IDI 20 importer offers bit-rate tachometers and on-console audio level controls. The software also includes an expanded audio buffer to give the importer greater flexibility when delivering multiple HD Radio channels.(�The Burk Technology Arc Plus broadcast facility remote control system now includes a security camera option. The new capability allows broadcasters to use Burk's Auto Pilot Plus software to monitor feeds from remote cameras alongside the telemetry. (�The new Dialight LED medium-intensity, red-white flashing beacon for marking towers and other aircraft navigation obstacles is now ETL certified to FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-43F. Dialight offers the beacon as an alternative to Xenon-strobe and incandescent light installations. (�RCS has released its newest version of the RCS HD Importer, which is based on the Ibiquity version 2 platform. The Importer 2 uses the same WAV driver model that the company's Nexgen Digital uses. (�The Auralex Acoustics Space Array Diffusor has recently passed the requirements of a Class B fire-rating in accordance with ASTM E84, a standard test for surface burning characteristics of building materials. (