New Products (Apr 2002)

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New Products (Apr 2002)

Apr 1, 2002 12:00 PM, By Jim Saladin

ISDN codec

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Booth L 2251
Zephyr Xstream

ISDN transceiver includes MPEG AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), low-delay AAC-LD, Layer II and Layer III audio coding. An Ethernet port allows for streaming over IP and also networked remote control. Available in a rack-mount version, rack-mount version with mixer (MX), or portable version with mixer (MXP). V.35/x21, Ethernet-only or ISDN-only options are also available.
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IBOC/DRM transmitters

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Booth L 2323
ND1d to XL60d

A new generation of solid-state AM transmitters with power levels from 1kW to 60kW. Compatible with the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) and Ibiquity IBOC digital transmission systems. The interphase pulse duration modulator employs an ultra-linear extended-band filter. The phase and amplitude linearity of these transmitters provide high symbol-to-noise ratio when transmitting the digitally encoded signal. The ND1d/ND5d and XL12d/XL60d transmitters provide direct interface with the new NE IBOC Digital Exciter produced by Nautel under license from iBiquity Digital Corporation.
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Database management

Netia Digital Audio
Booth L 1932

A powerful automatic database access management device that centralizes all connections, meaning that however many workstations connect to the server, DBShare remains the only link between them and the database, lessening traffic with the server. The system secures data redundantly by feeding main and backup databases, automatically restored failed databases and is a statistical analysis tool, providing centralizes all connections, meaning that however many workstations connect to the server, DBShare remains the only link between them and the database. The role of this new device is to optimize connection and lessen much of the traffic with the server.
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Digital matrix mixer

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Gentner/Clear One
Booth L 13760

A highly-advanced 12�12 digital matrix mixer with audio processing. The PSR1212 uses an internal macro language and 32 user-definable presets to adapt to a variety of sound reinforcement and room-combining applications in auditoriums, stadiums, theatres, gymnasiums, hotel/convention centers, conference rooms, training rooms and boardrooms. The PSR1212 facilitates local and remote PC setup and diagnostics, logic outputs, and gated microphone operation. Microphone inputs can be individually customized to gate on and off as you wish, while automatic gain control keeps the overall sound level consistent. Input channels 1 through 8 can be configured as an automatic microphone mixer. The Expansion Bus network architecture allows up to eight PSR1212s and up to 96 inputs, 96 outputs, and 64 microphones to be controlled as if part of a single unit.
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Audio processor

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IDT ImpactDevelopment
Booth L 1963
Digital Link Driver

Audio leveler for any stereo feed. It has an AGC and a protection limiter. Accepts analog and digital signal from 32- to 96kHz and has the necessary algorithms to be totally compatible with a DVP.
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Booth L 2115
30 Series

Three models comprise the 30 Series: the AT3035 large-diaphragm side-address cardioid condenser microphone, and the AT3031 cardioid and AT3032 omnidirectional small-diaphragm condenser microphones. The AT3035 has a fixed cardioid polar pattern and features a flat, extended frequency response (20Hz to 20kHz); SPL handling capability of 148dB (158dB with the 10dB pad); and an element yielding low self-noise (12dB SPL). The AT3035 requires 11-52V phantom power and has a switchable low-frequency roll-off (at 80Hz, 12dB/octave). The AT3031 cardioid condenser and AT3032 omni condenser microphones offer a frequency response of 30Hz to 20kHz; SPL handling capability as high as 148dB(158dB with the10dB pad); 48V phantom power operation; and a switchable roll-off (at 80Hz, 12dB/octave).
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Rules service

Rules Service Company
Booth L 1928
FCC Rules on CD-Rom

All the broadcast-relevant FCC rules are available in various packages are available. CD-Rom provides a searchable method of verifying station compliance in an easy-to-transport package.
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Windows-based transmitter monitor

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Booth L 1923
AutoPilot 2

Using an intuitive Windows-based interface, AutoPilot 2 is enables stations to monitor and control multiple Burk ARC-16 transmitter remote control systems. The new version is a complete redesign of the original AutoPilot for Windows and boasts many usability and reliability improvements. AutoPilot 2 can monitor and control a virtually unlimited number of transmission sites from a single PC and create logs to record all activity. Each ARC-16-controlled site can be accessed by clicking on a tab on the main screen, providing a meter view for all 16 channels. ARC-16s are easily configured with AutoPilot 2's step-by-step setup wizard. Features powerful scripting technology for automation and unattended control. A wizard enables the simple creation of routine scripts. Scripts can also be customized or created from scratch using AutoPilot 2's Visual BASIC Script (VBScript) editing capability.
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Multichannel transceiver

Audio Processing Technology
Booth L 3243

Offers end users a cost-effective, low-delay, high audio-resolution alternative to existing technologies. The E1/T1 is based around APT's WorldNet codec range and its introduction supplies broadcasters with a feature-rich product that offers a 5ms delay end to end. The E1/T1 also features full duplex (bi-directional), analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs, 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz sampling frequencies, 3.1 sample-rate converter, ISDN back up, alarm ports, RS-232 and remote control I/Os and 16-, 20- and 24-bit audio resolution.44.1kHz, 48kHz sampling frequencies, 3.1 sample-rate converter, ISDN back up, alarm ports, RS-232 and remote control inputs and outputs and 16-, 20- and 24-bit audio resolution.
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24-pair cable

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Booth L 4929

Features an exacting 110V impedance, low jitter and attenuation, ease of termination, and flexibility. Pair construction consists of two stranded 26-gage conductors, foam polypropylene insulation, 100 percent foil shield with drain wire, and a color coded and alphanumerically numbered PVC jacket. In addition, each pair also features a non-conductive polyethylene rod that maintains the impedance, lowers the capacitance, and provides structural integrity. The outer jacket is extruded from Gepco's extra-flexible GEP-FLEX compound, which remains extremely flexible in both high or low temperature environments and provides superior abrasion resistance and durability.
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System and file enhancements

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Booth L 3255
RapidFire updates

Four upgrades to the RapidFire system. The Audio File Manager utility was designed for the Windows user to transfer and delete audio files from several workstations (on-air and production) at the same time with a few clicks of the mouse, eliminating the chore of single-file deletion. Rapid.ini wizard is a friendly user interface with easy-to-use menus that can be accessed with a mouse or keyboard. The wizard will assist the user to modify the many different settings for RapidFire. The user interface was created to help the user feel more comfortable in making changes and help reduce the possibility of errors. RapidFire AutoBreaks and Liners wizard will assist Windows users with customizing AutoBreaks and Liners formats for each hour of the day based on the station's format. Helps in scheduling end-of-hour and time-critical AutoBreaks for joining a satellite feed, playing back-to-back music, running a live show or any combination of the three Audio Drops Manager facilitates the process for the Windows users in creating and managing jock profiles for unique Audio Drop presets. Each DJ profile can store up to 90 audio drops for each of the 12 DJ profiles, for instant-play back from the RapidFire main screen.
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Digital monitor

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Booth L11435

Accepts loop-thru AES/EBU digital audio data via 110V XLR, 75V BNC and RCA connectors. A 24-bit, 96kHz D/A converter feeds stereo headphone drivers, balanced audio line outputs and a stereo LED meter. Input sample rates of 32, 44.1, 48, 82.2 and 96kHz are decoded and indicated with a front-panel display. A data VALID light indicates that there have been no data or transmission errors. Bright, stereo, two color LED meters are switchable to the D/A converter output and indicate headroom down from 0dBFS (the digital maximum output of the D/A) in ten 3dB steps. The meters also read the balanced line output level with 0dB midscale equal to +4dBm output. Display ballistics are PPM for optimum indication of audible peaks.
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Remote pick-up

Booth L 3322

Any of the assigned FCC frequencies for broadcasters in the 150-170MHz range as well as the 450-470MHz range can be selected from its front-panel display. The transmitter produces an output power of 45W and this system has less than one percent distortion over the frequency range of 30Hz to 7.5kHz. Available in both a portable and a rack version. As an option, the transmitter and receiver can be packaged together in one portable case to provide duplex operation.
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Unattended ISDN codec recorder

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Booth L 3205
Audio TX Capture

At present, when news reports, commercials or pre-produced audio are sent to a radio station over ISDN, someone has to be present in the studio and take the feed. With AudioTX Capture, the sender just dials the ISDN number of the Capture system with their current ISDN codec and it answers with a polite greeting before recording the audio digitally. The audio is then stored in an on-screen inbox or can even be instantly e-mailed to one or more people in the organization or copied to a location on the network. The software installs on a standard Windows PC and answers calls from virtually any ISDN codec directly and then records the audio received to disk. Audio can be recorded in MP2, MP3 or broadcast WAV formats suitable for import directly into most audio editors and playout systems. These files can also be played back in Capture or using Windows Media Player.
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Antenna system

Shively Labs
Booth L 3004

Cost-effective antenna for low-power IBOC conversion aimed at Class A and similar power stations. Produces a digital IBOC signal using a separate antenna, but without requiring additional aperture. Does not require a 10dB coupler to inject signal onto the analog as is done with high-level combining. This means the 90 percent loss to the digital signal and the 10 percent loss to the analog signal is avoided. Requires no additional tower space as the unit allows the digital antenna to be mounted directly to the feedline of the existing full-wave spaced antenna. Will not affect the tuning of the existing analog antenna.
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Portable CD recorder

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Designed for stand-alone portable recording, this professional CD recorder offers the functionality of a professional tape recorder, while recording directly to blank CD-R/RW media. Once finalized, recorded discs will play back in virtually any CD player. For live recording, an internal mic is included, or external mic attach to stereo XLR or mic/line inputs. A built-in speaker and headphone jack allows recordings to be monitored. High and low EQ and high- and bandpass filtering can be independently adjusted for each mic/line input in the preset menu. 48V phantom power is available for condenser microphones. The unit also provides manual or automatic level control, limiter, and digital level meters. Track titles can be added using CD-Text. RCA analog and digital S/PDIF I/O is provided on the rear panel. A four-pin DC power input enables the CDR300 to be used with external gel-cell battery packs.
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Multiple processor system

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Booth L 3343

Keep production simple and fast using the stereo up-convert facility of DB-8. Disable up-conversion when transmitting, leaving only loudness control and limiting in the signal path. The 48-bit processing of DB-8 ensures pristine audio quality under all conditions. DB-8 features true loudness and ultiband processing, consistent level control across programs and maximum speech intelligibility. The unit offers 8x mono, 4x stereo and 5.1 combinations, and format conversion and flexible routing. The DB-8 allows intersample accurate limiting for maximum sound quality from compression codecs. In addition, DB-8 offers silent update delay adjustments in combination with other processing.
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Systems upgrades

Booth L20515
RadioMan 4.4

New features to be shown include a Web publishing tool to make all material available online, wide character support for languages requiring wide character sets, a Remote-Controlled On-Air Workstation module set up on any standard RadioMan 4.4 Program Planning workstation. On-Air clocks can be followed without direct control to On-Air, and Newsroom Type Template Management to manage the program templates as well as the daily programs with the same tool, called Line-Up Toolbox. There also are new status indicators both for running orders and for audio items.
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Internet radio product

Loudeye (formerly
Loudeye Radio

Combines custom programming, syndication and ad insertion into a single package. Provides e-tailers, portals and terrestrial radio stations with a custom-branded Internet radio application, delivered as a complete hosted service designed to extend a company's brand and create new sources of revenue. Loudeye Radio adapts proven elements from the terrestrial radio model and enhances them with Internet-only capabilities. Loudeye Radio also provides custom music programming and entertaining radio personalities; ad insertion and verification, an experienced radio sales team to sell ad inventory and generate incremental revenue; a customized, private-labeled radio player with a call-to-action button to fully extend brand and drive simultaneous point-of-purchase opportunities; and a syndication engine to broaden audience reach.
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Booth L 2903
SWM-5000 series

Available in one- and two-channel models, these mics include Sabine's built-in Targeted Input Processing: the FBX Feedback Exterminator, a compressor/limiter and an intelligent de-esser. Also included is Mic SuperModeling. A touch of the front panel dial brings up a choice of several well-known dynamic or condenser mic elements. In addition to the added processing, the SWM-5000 series allows users to save and recall up to 10 presets per channel on the receiver. All front panel information is saved in each preset, so custom settings can be retrieved for fast setups, or even on-the-fly changes during the program. Series 5000 systems are available with handheld, lavalier, or headset microphones.
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Broadcast monitors

Booth L 2723

The most recent addition to Belar's line of Wizard broadcast monitors offers high performance, along with full PC-based remote indication and control. Special metering algorithms set at the front panel allow the AMMA-2 to monitor either conventional AM or controlled-carrier transmissions with unprecedented accuracy. The DSP-based monitor operates over both the medium and short-wave bands with harmonic and IM distortion residuals below 0.1 percent at all carrier frequencies, right up to 99 percent modulation.
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