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New Products (Jun 2005)

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New Products (Jun 2005)

Jun 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

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Solid-state recorder
This device records PCM linear (BWF) files that are compatible with any PC or Mac without the need for additional software in the computer. Individual takes can be erased, even in the middle of the card, without deleting to the end as was previously necessary. The installation of a software option allows the machines to also record in the MPEG compressed mode at data rates up to 384kb/s. It also offers a USB port that allows the machine to appear as an external disk drive to the computer without any additional software or drivers in the computer. Its 48V phantom microphone power permits the connection of any phantom-powered microphone to the unit.
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Stereo monitors
These 7W+7W powered monitors are shielded for placement near a computer and offer RCA and stereo mini inputs. The speakers also come with a built-in bass enhancer, which uses psychoacoustic principles causing the user to perceive accentuated low-end signals without over-driving the 76mm full range speakers. This equipment also has a �sub out� to send audio to an external sub woofer. The monitors include front-accessible volume, treble and bass controls as well as a stereo mini headphone output.
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PCI time code interface
A time code interface card for PC/compatible computers, the PCI card receives SMPTE, EBU or ESE time code, and using the supplied software will automatically synchronize the PC's internal time-of-day clock. The time code input is provided via a rear-mounted BNC connector. Included is a Windows software application, which allows time code selection (SMPTE, EBU or ESE), time zone offset (to a time zone other than that of the master clock or other source of time code) and time frequency update.
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Newsroom automation
Q Audio:
This is a scripting and audio play-out system for the radio news environment. Changes are immediately reflected on all rundown displays. Multiple screen layouts can be created for every newscast. Spell checker flags misspelled words and the font and size can be customized for each anchor. The system also offers an indexed word search engine so users can search any word, date range or newscast. Every word in each incoming story is automatically indexed in real time. Play-out of audio events can be triggered manually through on-screen control icons, workstation function keys or an external programmable button-box.
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Termination system
Liberty Wire and Cable
Available with a specially designed installation case that's durable and compact, the Connectec system includes a line of BNC, F and RCA coaxial connectors, an ergonomically designed crimp tool and a pair of coaxial strippers. The 360-degree Connectec BNC, F and RCA radial-crimp connectors fit RG-59, RG-6 and RG-6 Quad cables, as well as mini BNC and mini RCA for our 25-gauge and 26-gauge RGB mini coax. The system's connectors have an all-metal construction for durability, an inspection window to ensure termination and come with nine color bands for application identification.
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WAN analysis
Fluke Networks
Reporter Analyzer:
This is a flexible traffic analysis appliance that allows network managers to understand how application traffic is impacting network performance. Primarily deployed in large- and medium-markets, the system monitors WAN and LAN interfaces across the enterprise through the collection and analysis of Cisco IOS Net Flow information. A network manager can view traffic measurements by application, host and conversation, providing the information needed for WAN cost reduction, network capacity planning, traffic analysis and troubleshooting.
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