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Reader Feedback

Jan 1, 2001 12:00 PM

From the clear blue sky

The article in the November 2000 issue on Satellite Services contains some misleading information on the StarGuide II Receivers. You state that with the new GE-8 satellite, the StarGuide II receiver will be obsolete. This is not true for the Westwood One/CBS StarGuide feeds. The only difference between the two receivers is bandwidth, and this will not affect Westwood One/CBS stations.

In regards to interference to C5 from GE-7, the C1 replacement satellite, the inference level has dropped. The GE-7 side lobe signals are greatly reduced because the satellite is not saturated. While Westwood recommends using a 3.8 meter dish for C5, a 2.8 meter antenna will still work with the Westwood One 27dBw signal. When GE-8 is active, the Westwood One power level will jump to 29dBw.

Keith Angstadt
manager, StarGuide operations
Westwood One Radio Networks
Arlington, Virginia

A bridge overseas

I work for the Air Force Broadcasting Service, a directorate of Air Force News Agency, as a maintenance support manager. I read with interest the November RF Engineering column on using the operating impedance bridge. AFNEWS operates 11 overseas detachments providing AFRTS programming to US military personnel. We have several of the Delta OIB-3s in the field, but with little training information on proper use. I have referred our maintenance personnel to your story on the BE Radio website to help them better use the device.

MSgt Steven A. Yuoconis, USAF
maintenance support manager
San Antonio

IBOC preparation

In regards to the very informative October article by Doug Irwin [Implementing IBOC], you asked how readers are preparing for IBOC. We aren't in the process of preparing for IBOC, nor do we really care about it. We are concerned that the implementation of IBOC may put our rural, low-power non-comm off the air if it is made mandatory. The financial investment alone would kill us. IBOC has no benefit to us, as we could jeopardize our non-profit status if we make too much money from digital channel leases�even if we could sell them here. The listeners that we have talked to about DAB couldn't care less about an almost inaudible difference between analog FM and digital FM. The cost vs. return is just not justifiable.

You can have IBOC, but give us a choice as to whether or not we want it.

Donn Willey
general manager, chief engineer
John Day, OR

Remote access

Just wanted to send a friendly wave to Bill Fawcett for his excellent article on unattended facility operation BE Radio October 2000. If I could only get one magazine, BE Radio would be the one. There's always something genuinely useful there.

Steve Graham
acting chief engineer
Ann Arbor, MI