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Shaping radio today and tomorrow

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Shaping radio today and tomorrow

Dec 1, 2002 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Do you remember?

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This picture of WKLS, Atlanta, was used in a Stanton Magnetics ad in1977. The ad described the 681 Calibration series cartridges, whichwere suitable for use by the station with its 100 percent disc-to-airbroadcasts. These cartridges offered improved tracking at allfrequencies, and achieved flat frequency response to beyond 20kHz. Each681 cartridge was guaranteed to meet its specifications within exactinglimits.

The Stanton Company boasted that these cartridges were used by theSJR Communications group � all eight of them; a large group ofstations at that time.

That was then

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This 1930s on-air sign comes from the Radio City studios of NBC, andfor many years resided in the office of David Sarnoff, president of NBCand RCA, in the RCA building in New York. The sign is unique because ofthe small NBC element above the on-air sign. It was made expressly forSarnoff. This sign was a gift of John Milton Williams to the JohnMilton Williams Museum of Radio Broadcasting History. Photo submittedby Larry Kass.

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