Shaping radio today and tomorrow

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Shaping radio today and tomorrow

May 1, 2002 12:00 PM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

That was then

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The WABC, New York, main air studio 8A shown here was featured onthe August 1979 cover of Broadcast Engineering. It was operatedwith the announcer and the engineer in the same room. The console is aRupert Neve custom-designed console, built to meet the needs of thestation at the time.

The custom consoles throughout the facility were designed withsimplicity in mind. All unnecessary input switching was eliminated,with the first 10 faders dedicated to sources. The last two faders wereswitchable and were used to access other control rooms, the ABC RadioNetwork or remotes.

The upper right portion of the console features monitoring selectorsfor each set of headphones or speakers, with corresponding levelcontrols. The centered UV meters are switchable to air, program or cue.The switches on the left control a relay air switcher that determineswhich control room is on the air. The center eight indicators show suchthings as bulletin, EBS alarm, carrier off and program outage. Theoverbridge has a clock, timer and end cue indicator, as well astelephone lamps and mic on lights. The controls on the announcer's sideare similar to those on the engineer's side but arranged differently toallow announcer comfort.

Sample and Hold
A look at the technology shaping radio

Revenue rankings by stations owned
Overall revenue is important, but revenue per station shows businessefficiency. While BIA reports the data in overall revenue, we dividedrevenue by the number of stations owned and ranked the groups in thetheir respective order.

BERadio rankGroupOwner/OperatorRevenue per station ($)#of Stations#of MarketsBIAfn rank1Emmis Communications12,328,57121782Viacom International11,431,9761834123Bonneville InternationalCorp.9,437,500206124Greater Media7,551,389186145Jefferson-PilotCommunications7,367,647175166Susquehanna Radio Corp.7,125,806319117ABC Radio Inc.6,925,862582958Sandusky Radio5,820,000102229Spanish Broadcasting System5,550,0002381510Cox Radio Inc.5,283,9518118311Hispanic Broadcasting Corp.4,574,54555151012Radio One Inc.4,485,8916422713Entercom3,923,79810419414Inner City Broadcasting Corp.3,351,4711782315Beasley Broadcast Group2,689,53543111716Clear Channel Communications2,645,3961,231190117Journal Broadcast Group1,922,9173681918Lotus Communications Corp.1,912,5002472519Saga Communications Inc.1,667,91760111820Salem Communications Corp.1,638,25383361321Citadel Communications Corp.1,528,58520541622Entravision Communications Co. LLC1,206,60453232023Regent Communications Inc.1,043,03361132124Cumulus Media Inc.1,041,29624352925NextMedia Group870,089561124

Source: BIA Financial Network Inc.