Side by Side: Studio Furniture

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Side by Side: Studio Furniture

Apr 1, 2014 8:10 AM

The studio furniture is the foundation of any studio. It''s the canvas on which everything else is placed. With that in mind, it could be considered the most important piece of equipment in the room. And while it may seem like just a spot to place the console and mic booms, it will define how the entire room functions.

An early decision is selecting the furniture provider. Several manufacturers who ship nationally are listed here, but there are local and smaller shops that can create a quality product. One point to keep in mind is that while the local cabinet-maker may be skilled at making kitchen cabinets, designing and building studio furniture is a different skill set. Even simple items like the proper spacing of rack rails and the width of the 19� rack opening (It''s actually a little more than 19�) easily justify an experienced studio furniture manufacturer.

There are essentially two choices for a countertop surface: wood or composite. Both are practical and offer advantages. The composite surfaces (such as Corian) yield different aesthetics than wood. Talk to your manufacturer of choice to determine which is best for your application and budget.

It''s easy to think of the furniture as something to simply hold the console, but a radio studio today can be seen and not just heard. Video is everywhere, and good-looking furniture makes for a good-looking studio. And what better way to show off the facility to advertisers and underwriters than showing them the air studio.

When designing the furniture, keep in mind that everything has a place. And everything must be placed where it''s easy to use and reach. You''ve likely seen the air studio where an equipment rack is placed just a little too far to the side or at not quite the right angle. Announcers and operators shouldn''t have to twist or contort to perform a regular task.

Our studios now look more like flight control centers than audio production facilities. Consider how multiple video monitors and keyboards will be placed. And keyboards often need to be stored as well. Operating function, visual sight lines (especially if you shoot video) and equipment placement all come into play.

For the engineer, access is key to a good furniture design. Whether it''s a closed or open design, cable routing, ac voltage management and general equipment access are all key considerations. Equipment cooling is also important.

These are just a few items to keep in mind the next time you need to order studio furniture.

Arrakis ACCENT

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The ACCENT line is comprised of advanced component studio furniture for radio. And Arrakis once again has redefined the standard for quality and beauty. The metal structure is artfully integrated into the visible design decor of the cabinetry, creating an even more durable and attractive studio. As the result, ACCENT is a contemporary blend of brushed metals, pleasing colors, and interesting textures.

ACCENT furniture is the definition of function combined with flexibility. Standard configurations meet the needs of most studios. While the custom features enable the user to define what they really want out of a studio.

GatesAir Smoothline & Quickline

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GatesAir Smoothline and Quickline studio furniture solutions are available in custom and quick-ship configurations to meet the requirements and deadlines of any new or refurbished studio project. Sturdy, sleek, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective, Smoothline and Quickline solutions come in sit-down and stand-up configurations to suit the activity level of any show. Corresponding dimensions accommodate the desired number of host and guest positions.

Strategic designs assist with quick set up, incorporating cable trays, punch holes and more to ensure clean wiring. A wide array of options for turrets, shelves and enclosures are available to comfortably house and protect source equipment including special designs for today''s extensive use of monitors and IT hardware. Robust surfaces and supports ensure that consoles, automation systems and other desktop components are safe and secure, while also integrating microphone, headphone controls and more as required.

Graham Studios Modulux

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Graham Studios has shipped over 3,000 furniture packages in the past 30 years. Our Modulux line is unique, in that specially designed metal posts tie the tops, sides, and floors together. Hardwood plywood floors and toe kicks help make Modulux the sturdiest furniture in the industry.

Hardwood is used to trim tops and sides. Other standard features include: curved interview ledges with headphone jacks, vented access doors, interior cabinet lighting, console cutouts, and custom hatches where needed.

Modulux ships assembled or flat pack, and can be assembled in less than 60 minutes. Modulux has a 10 year limited warranty.

Omnirax Shapes

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Omnirax Shapes line of custom furniture is recognizable for its use of mass and architectural forms. There are some projects that call for more than simplicity and the company's signature curves shout to be noticed. Cumulus' Nashville facility is shown here.

"I think Omnirax pulled off what no other company could. They built us a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is as functional as it is breathtaking. When someone like Taylor Swift walks in and says, 'Oh my gosh. Look at this.' You know you've hit it out of the park. I couldn't be happier."
~ Blair Garner, Host of "America's Morning Show"

RAM Systems

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Ram Systems prides itself in the unique challenges involved with the custom design and manufacturing of studio furniture. The company will create a design that meets customers needs, flows well and will hold up and continue to look as good in ten years as it did the day installed. The company's heritage provides a foundation on the past, and its skill set along with today's technology give it the ability to "future proof" its designs for the future.

Studio Technology

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Studio Technology designs, constructs, delivers and installs technical furniture for radio and television. We provide true custom furniture that is price competitive with modular furniture, not a cookie cutter solution that is customized. The company can also provide and warranty higher-end furniture using solid-surface materials because of it being a certified fabricator. Studio Technology furniture can be found in broadcast facilities both large and small country-wide. The company goal is to develop a design that fits a budget and operational needs. The company will work with the project's our architect, systems integrator, and local staff and offer complete delivery and installation using Studio Technology employees.

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