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Mar 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

That was then

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Take a look at WTIC-AM's first special events remote broadcast vehicle. The vehicle was an ordinary truck equipped with the necessary broadcast equipment. Located in Hartford, CT, this picture shows Chief Engineer J. Clayton Randall (right) and was taken sometime in the 1920s. The truck was parked in an alley next to the Hotel Bond. Lines from the hotel dining room were coupled with telephone terminals to bring listeners the music of The Emil Heimberger Trio performing inside. This was WTIC's first remote broadcast.

Source: WTIC: Radio to remember.

Do you remember?

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The FL-1000 was a cassette tape deck manufactured by Eumig in 1981. Claiming to be the world's first computer-interfaceable cassette recorder, Eumig prophesied that the FL-1000 would cause the end of endless loops. As many as 16 of these units could be controlled by any eight-bit computer. With its advanced technology, six of the FL-1000s could do the work of more than 100 individual cartridge players.

One deck could rewind while another played, and yet another was in fast-forward. The location of every item on every cassette could be stored at the beginning of each tape and then in the computer, so any sequence could be played back automatically.

Sample and Hold

Spotting revenue: What industries advertise the most on the radio?

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#1 Television and Cable TV
#2 Live Theater, Opera, Music, Dance
#3Cars and Light Trucks, Asian Manufactured
#4 Banks, S&Ls, Credit Unions
#5 Cars and Light Trucks, Domestic Manufactured

Source: Media Monitors: Product Categories "Year in Review" of 2004.