The Conclave’s Summer Conference Is This Week

A quick chat with Board Chair Lori Lewis previews what the three-day event will entail 
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The Conclave Summer Learning Conference takes place this week in Minnesota from July 13-15 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel. To help what the conference is all about, Radio magazine�s Cameron Vigliano spoke with Lori Lewis, chair of The Conclave board.

Radio magazine:�The Conclave�s goal is to share with broadcaster�s ways to keep radio future-proofed. What are some of the themes to be emphasized this year throughout the conference?

Lori Lewis:The essence of Conclave is access. Every year, radio�s best minds and inspirational leaders lend their time to talk about all of the inventive things happening in our industry. We don�t get to see all of the good happening day to day � so that�s really where Conclave elevates how great our industry is.

Hubbard/CEO, Ginny Morris; CBS Radio/SVP, Jim Ryan; Beasley/CFO�EVP, Caroline Beasley, iHeart Media EVP, Jon Zellner and RAB/President, Erica Farber will kick Conclave off this year with the keynote session titled, �Ask Me �Almost� Anything.� This session talks about the fundamental changes at the local radio level and the opportunities in front of us.

Radio:�The program guide says the conference will be holding a second annual �Speed Mentoring Breakfast� on Friday, July 15, can you speak on what that session entails?

Lewis:This is my favorite event of the entire conference. When I took the Chair position last year � I thought back to the one thing I wanted as a young talent breaking into the business. And that was access � access to radio�s decision makers. The ability to seek advice and guidance in order to grow. A few talent actually got jobs from this mentorship breakfast last year! But beyond the jobs, it truly lifts everyone up. The ability to have face time with those who have risen through the ranks of radio is priceless.

Again, the Conclave Summer Learning Conference takes place this July 13-15 in Minnesota�s Crowne Plaza Hotel near the Mall of America. For more information visit the�Conclave�s website.�


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