WTOD Goes Dark

According to observers, the site has all but been abandoned and the tower lights haven't worked in years.
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Radio magazine reader and broadcaster Steve Pietras alerted us that Toledo, Ohio, station WTOD(AM) is shutting off. (The Blade reported on ithere.)

Cumulus Media owns the station. According to The Blade, the�Federal Communications Commission �informed Cumulus that WTOD was out of compliance with its prescribed license limits.

The station originally signed on the air in 1954 as WOHO.

Pietras explains "This station was the old WOHO a heavy power house rocker in the 1960s and has quite a history. The Pickle road site is now all but abandoned and the tower lights haven't worked in years."

Pietras was also kind enough to drive to the transmitter site and take the photo, shown above and credited to SBE 104 Toledo.�

UPDATE:�A fellow engineer contacted Pietras Oct. 9 to report that two of the four towers now have FAA lighting.


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