2004 Product Source - O through S

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2004 Product Source - O through S

Sep 7, 2004 11:23 AM

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Omnia Audio
Audio processor
This processor offers a parallel processing structure that routes audio from the mixer section to separate output stages for conventional FM and DAB. The FM section receives distortion-controlled final limiting with pre-emphasis, and an upper-frequency response of 15kHz. The DAB section has a multi-band Look-Ahead final limiter with user-selectable frequency response up to the full audio bandwidth of 20kHz. The processor offers sampling rates of 48kHz and higher.
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The desk holds an 88-note keyboard or several computer keyboards, with 64 rack spaces for equipment. Eighteen of those spaces are in the two sloping rack bays on the top. The remaining rack spaces are in four bays below the desk, 10 each in the two slanted front rack bays and 13 each in the two inside rear rack bays. A sliding monitor/mixer shelf allows the mixer/control surface on the front part of the shelf to slide forward over the main desk area. The sliding shelf can hold two 21" monitors. The front of the sliding shelf holds any of the smaller format digital or analog mixers, a control surface for DAWs or a 61-note keyboard. The optional computer keyboard shelf slides in and out from under the synthesizer shelf.
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OMT Technologies
Broadcast automation software
Imediatouch 2.2:
OMT's flagship Imediatouch digital audio and broadcast system has an enhanced function with version 2.2. The noted enhancement is called Non-Stop Broadcasting, which provides an automatic failover to a separate in-studio slave computer in the case of a main system failure. The system also allows up to four computers to simultaneously connect to one on-air broadcast system to support a seamless on-air talent team approach. The system can also be configured to use a backup audio database in the event that the main database becomes unavailable. Imeditouch supports Dolby AC-3, MP2, MP3 and WAV file formats and includes an Apt-x audio conversion engine.
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Pristine Systems
Content delivery system
CDS32 Live:
The system includes a TTI I/O card for connection to remote buttons or console and can connect to a remote button or a console and fire off spot sets like a cart machine. The system reads logs generated by all traffic software and spot sets are easy to view and edit. Other features include peer-to-peer utilities for easy file sharing, responsive peak and hold digital VU meters and includes CD Trax, the company's custom CD Ripper.
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Promicro Systems
Network-attached storage server
Prostore Backup Appliance:
Promicro Systems has partnered with Avail Solutions to introduce a backup appliance that provides data storage, backup and recovery capabilities. The server offers 360GB of storage capacity, high-speed throughput with Intel processors, 10/100 Ethernet ports, three PCI slots and as many as six IDE drive bays in a compact form factor. The integrated eight-cartridge automated tape library transfers up to 640GB of compressed data at 6MB/s. A backup and recovery feature set is provided by Avail's Integrity data protection software, including dynamic resource allocation, GUI-based monitoring, remote administration and managed replication and protected data migration.
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Prophet Systems
Extended-time profanity delay
Content Check:
The profanity delay equipment allows users to record, listen and edit programs while they are happening, tailoring the programs to the audience, market and time slot. With more than 60 minutes of user configurable delay, the equipment allows the user to edit seven to 20 seconds of content and to remove the whole joke, bit or segment from the show. This product is configurable for uncompressed or compressed operation. It works with most automation systems, and non-destructive editing enables the user to keep the show for audit purposes.
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Frequency-agile transmitter
The stereo encoder offers as much as 500W of RF power that is output adjustable. It covers the FM band from 87.5MHz to 108MHz and its digital interface can diagnose and control all the parameters displayed. Other features include mono/MPX, two SCA/RDS inputs, 230Vac input, N output connector and all in 3RU. Available options include multi-voltage 90 to 250Vac power input, power factor corrector, fully integrated telemetry and SMS alarms and a built-in GSM modem.
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Radio Soft
FCC license data tracker
License Agent:
This service permits the tracking of FCC license data for AM, FM, television, low band VHF, high band VHF, UHF and 800MHz and above. The system will track items of competitive interest or those that could cause potential interference or allocation problems with the subscriber's facility or location. It covers all activity in FCC Parts 22, 73, 74 and 90 in one easy-to-use format. It can be used not only to identify potential interferers, but also to see the details of what is being proposed and the possible effects on the flagged site. Users enter a latitude, longitude and radius distance for each site they wish to flag or simply the call sign. Moreover, users can request a daily, weekly or monthly e-mails of any activity. Any flag will generate an online list of information that pertains to a facility or market the user wishes to monitor. Flags are available for one site or hundreds of sites.
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Radio Systems
DA converter
This converter is a broadcast quality device optimized to provide flexibility along with quality conversion of analog and digital signals. The DA/AD is actually two stereo converters, which can provide simultaneous conversion of analog to digital and digital to analog signals. Features include: 24-bit resolution, variable sample rates, internal and external clocking, sample rate conversion, auto sample rate sensing and XLR and RJ-45 connectors. Its input impedance is 20kV and its output impedance is 50 ohm.
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RAM Broadcast Systems
Mic boom riser
This mic boom riser features a hollow center to hide the mic cable, a shaft that is bolted to the base, and a no-screws design in the aluminum construction. This riser is useful for Corian-type bases and fits most mic booms. XLR adapters are optional.
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RF Software
Field strength program
RF Investigator-FM:
By performing spacing and contour analyses, this engineering tool helps users comply with FCC 73.207 and 73.215 rules when applying for a new FM broadcast station or making changes to an existing one. The program features an antenna pattern design tool and a terrain profile tool.
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RFS Broadcast
Remote antenna system monitoring
Antenna system monitor:
Broadcasters can remotely monitor network performance via modem or the Internet with this system. The monitoring system comprises a user-friendly touch screen connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC) interfaced with a transducer and analog/digital converter. This local set-up provides an active mimic panel, as well as interactive graphical displays depicting parameters such as forward and reflected power, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and temperature. It also allows local control of motorized coaxial switches.
877-737 9675
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Rohde & Schwarz
Spectrum analyzer
This spectrum analyzer provides signal measurements from 100kHz to 3GHz. The available measurement functions are suited for mobile radio base stations, on-site fault location in RF cables, IBOC measurements or lab applications. The analyzer provides four hours of continuous operation on battery power. Functions are accessed through functions keys and a menu system. As many as 100 traces and setups can be stored in the unit. The unit includes software to store, review and compare data.
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Dual feed exterminators
FBX-1020 Plus and FBX-2020 Plus:
These dual feedback exterminators offer 20-bit digital conversion and 12 patented FBX filters per channel. The feedback control algorithm identifies feedback and places narrow filters on the ringing tone. Each filter is custom-made at the moment of the feedback, and is placed just deep enough to remove the ringing tone in 3dB steps. It is able to distinguish feedback from program material. These units offer more gain before feedback, increased clarity and intelligibility, more wireless mic mobility and adaptive automatic feedback control.
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Power consumption meter
Watts Up? Pro:
Users can measure the power consumption of any 120Vac appliance with this meter. The unit fits into any standard 120Vac wall outlet. The sampling rate starts at one-second intervals and displays how much power an appliance is consuming. The unit records current watts, min/max watts, power factor, cumulative cost, average monthly cost and 12 other energy consumption parameters. It can store power profiles of multiple devices and has a non-volatile memory that requires no batteries. The data recorded can be downloaded to a PC. Using the included software, data can be graphed and charted or turned into spreadsheets for further analysis. The meter measures 7"L x 4"W x 2"H and weighs 1.5lbs.
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Technical consultation
Equipment dealer:
A 28-year-old company in the broadcast industry, the computer division was formed in 1992 to address the digital revolution and new broadcast technology. The company represents more than 700 manufacturers. SCMS occupies a 12,000-square-foot facility capable of staging major RF, computer or studio projects. SCMS is the exclusive Broadcast Electronics RF representative for the Southeast, and one of three Wheatstone digital dealers. Additionally SCMS has five field offices across the United States.
fax 704-889-4540


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Scott Studios
Audio storage and playback system
SS32 for Linux:
This system features the same user-friendly, intuitive look, feel and features as Windows versions. The system provides new security, support and safety. Because Linux includes the source code for the operating system, Scott can fine-tune Linux and the SS32 to ensure virtually no crashes. Linux drives never need defragmenting and it connects well to Windows traffic and music scheduling software.
fax 972-620-8811


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Shively Labs
IBOC/analog antenna
IAD-FM 6813:
A cost-effective solution for low power IBOC conversion aimed at Class A and similar power stations, this antenna produces a digital IBOC signal using a separate antenna, but without requiring additional aperture. It does not require a 10dB coupler to inject signal onto the analog as is done with high-level combining. This means the 90 percent loss to the digital signal and the 10 percent loss to the analog signal is avoided. The antenna requires no additional tower space because the digital antenna to be mounted directly to the feedline of the existing full wave spaced antenna. The unit will not affect the tuning of the existing analog antenna.
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Wireless systems
ULX Wireless:
Designed for live performance and systems integration applications, these frequency-agile models operate between 554MHz and 865MHz and offer as many as 1,440 selectable frequencies that are organized into pre-programmed groups. These groups enable a user to quickly set up and operate 20 compatible systems simultaneously. ULX Professional systems are able to scan all frequency groups to locate the one with the maximum number of compatible frequencies. Additional ULX Professional System features include: frequency and volume lockouts, advanced front panel controls, indicators for RF signal strength, furnished rack hardware, remote mountable halfwave antennas and an extruded metal chassis.
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Sierra Automated Systems
Audio control surface
A stand-alone control surface, the Rubicon integrates into the SAS 32KD Digital Audio Network for its mixing, switching, level control and effects. Modular, customizable and fully programmable, this control surface is for a medium- or large- market facility.
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Sine Systems
LED sign interface
Replacing the basic signaling lights with a customized message on a Beta-Brite or other Adaptive Micro Systems LED message boards, each MBC-1 can control several displays. The unit monitors as many as 15 control room devices and can display a unique message for each one. Any message that can be displayed on the message sign can be triggered by the MBC-1. Several messages are preprogrammed and can be changed. Inputs are individually programmed for a momentary or latched display. Latched messages are cleared with a common reset input.
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Society of Broadcast Engineers
SBE certification sample test software
Cert Preview:
The Society of Broadcast Engineers Program of Certification has released a sample test software program to assist in preparation for taking an SBE certification exam. Replacing the previous DOS version, the new version operates on Windows and provides a flexible platform for updates, changes and enhancements. The software disc includes tips on taking an SBE certification exam and several types of practice test modes. Users can review specific areas of knowledge to prepare for the actual exam.
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High-definition mapping engine
Terrain Analysis Package software v5.0:
The centerpiece of TAP 5.0 is the mapping software called HD Mapper. Maps are generated with layers, which can be turned on or off. Layers can be any shapefiles, which conform to the ESRI international standards. Coverage studies now become one of the many layers that can be plotted on the maps. Users have control over each layer including color, line widths, fill patterns, symbols and values plotted. Shapefiles can be plotted as graphics displaying roads, streets, civil divisions and may also contain detailed demographics that are geographically related, such as population and census details.
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AC controller
The RB-LC3 is a triple output switching unit for controlling external ac mains indicators for on-air warning lights. Each output can be individually controlled by one of three remote inputs by a telephony input or a combination of two inputs. The type of control is set using the 12-way DIP switch (four switches for each output, allowing 16 settings). All connections are on the rear panel. The three IEC outputs are controlled by zero-crosspoint drivers. When an output is activated, the ac voltage level at that output will be equal to the mains input voltage used to power the unit. External control of the switched mains outputs is via the 15-way D-type plug connector. The telephone line input and handset output are via two RJ11-4 type connectors.
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Sony Electronics
CD player/MD recorder
The MXD-D40 is a combination CD player and Minidisc Recorder/player, designed for independent playback of either media as well as normal and high-speed digital dubbing of CDs to Minidisc. The device is designed for speed, flexibility and sonic performance and is well suited for music and radio production applications. The unit features MD long record/play using ATRAC3 compression and high-speed (4x) CD-to-MD dubbing for fast digital recording. The use of the optional Sony PCLK-MN10 PC link kit makes the CD/MD combination PC-compatible.
fax 201-930-4752


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Studio Network Solutions
Shared storage network
ISANmp and GlobalSAN:
Built on the ISCSI protocol, ISANmp enables audio and video files to be shared over Ethernet, whether in the adjacent editing suite or with a remote location. ISCSI is an IP-based storage networking standard that provides transport of block-level I/O data over high-speed Ethernet. ISANmp works with Windows and Mac OS X systems.
877 537 2094
fax 314 423 4867


Superior Broadcast
Tube and solid-state transmitters
FM Transmitter Line:
The 120W PM120 and 300W PM300 solid-state transmitters are rack-mount units with frequency agile tuning in 10kHz steps across the FM band. The KAFM series, available in 2.5kW and 3kW models, use a single tube design and occupy a space that is only 22" x 30" in a package that is 5' tall. The 5kW and 10kW models stand 6.5' tall. All the tube transmitters us a single-tube grounded-grid design for low-cost, dependable operation. They also feature a solid-state, digitally synthesized, high-performance exciter and IPA.
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