2004 Product Source - T through Z

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2004 Product Source - T through Z

Sep 7, 2004 11:27 AM

TS8 and TS10:
These compact active subwoofers are designed for studio monitoring and playback of multi-channel recordings. Despite the high power and low frequency performance, both models are less than 1 cubic foot in size, including the coned-shaped spiked feet. The TS8 provides a 12.5 liter closed box design with a down-firing 200mm (8") drive unit driven by a 200W RMS amplifier. The TS10 features a larger 16.75 liter closed box design with a down-firing 250mm (10") drive unit driven by a 300W RMS amplifier. The low frequency output (-6dB) of the TS8 and TS10 operates down to 32Hz and 29Hz respectively.
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CD recorder/cassette combo
This unit combines CD and cassette recording in one rackmountable package. When recording from cassette to CD, the Sync Rec feature senses when the audio has been silent for more than six seconds and pauses recording. Recording resumes when the audio comes back. A digital attenuation control can now be added to the analog inputs, and the CD's digital converters have been upgraded to 24-bit resolution for better dynamic range performance. This system uses professional and consumer CD-R and CD-RW discs, offers a bi-directional cassette mechanism and features Dolby B noise reduction. The recorder/player uses S/PDIF digital coax and optical digital I/O for the CD recorder.
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Telos Systems
POTS to ISDN codec
Zephyr Xport:
This codec uses a standard analog phone line to connect with any Zephyr Xstream ISDN codec. Spectral Band Replication coding delivers reproduction of voice and music. A broadcaster can use a standard analog phone line in the field to connect with the Zephyr Xstream ISDN codec in the studio. Custom DSP-based modem extracts bit-rate from real-world lines and prevents audio loss from retraining. With its built-in mixer, this product is useful for grab-and-go remotes. The DSP mixer section has mic and line inputs with selectable dynamics processing by Omnia, plus independent receive audio, headphone and monitor mix outputs. Operation is simple because it offers friendly menus for non-technical users. A built-in Web server and Ethernet port lets the user interact with this codec using a Web browser on a laptop.
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Audio tester
Studio Toolbox:
Featuring 36 audio functions and a portable, lightweight chassis, this test equipment assists the engineer throughout the recording process. Pre-production functions like the Room Reflection Analyzer analyze room acoustics and speaker array phasing, Clic Trak+ Generator, and Virtual Pitch Pipe for tuning voices save time and ensure that room, equipment and clients are ready to go. Production features include the Mix Down tool that combines an SPL meter with 1/3 octave RTA for fast and accurate mixing, MIDI helper allows a user to display MIDI data on a MIDI cable in several forms, split MIDI events between two output ports and test MIDI cables and time code tools for testing, troubleshooting and fixing time code problems.
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Digital STL transmitter/receiver
A new addition to the STL product family, the unit offers six uncompressed program channels and a data channel to meet the requirements of consolidated operations. The digital STL consists of a transmitter and receiver pair that accommodates three AES/EBU inputs or six discrete audio channels. The transmitter provides a 2W output and delivers them uncompressed in a configurable digital method to the receiver. Sample rates of 32kHz, 44.1kHz and 48kHz are supported. The RF system is frequency agile and set by software in the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter and receiver can be remotely controlled over an Internet or LAN connection. The 460 transmitter features six channels uncompressed, analog I/Os and 3.125kHz step size. The receiver offers a threshold sensitivity of 84dBm for 256 QAM, analog output levels at -10 to +8dBm and analog audio outputs at 600V balanced.
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Tieline America
Stereo codec/mixer
I-mix G3:
Left and right audio channels can be phase locked over two telephone lines to deliver 15kHz stereo programming with this codec. It offers the provision for dual 15kHz mono transmission from a single POTS codec, enabling the use of one 15kHz mono channel for program audio and the other 15khz channel for a range of communications including production/engineering talkback, telephone coupler for live on-air callers and simultaneous 7kHz voice and 9.6kb/s control data. The design incorporates an expansion slot allowing broadcasters to select from a range of new hardware modules to suit individual remote applications. The modules include GSM to landline wireless, stereo/mono ISDN, stereo or dual-mono POTS plus new IFB and telephone talkback caller facilities.
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TRF Production Music Library
Production music libraries
The first 10 Adrenalin discs include Futurea, Urba Grooves, Pop Rock, Atmospheric Loops, Chill Out, Ambient Grooves, Sports Rock, Electro Techno, Jazz Fusion and Alternative Rock. Future new releases will include classic beats, urban and techno sports. All Adrenalin discs contain underscores, loops, and 60-second, 30-second and 15-second jingle-length versions. The discs are being added to the more than 50,000 selections already contained in the TRF libraries.
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Terrain analysis software
Probe 3:
While undergoing modifications to enhance the overall usability of the program, the software maintains all the features of its predecessor, the Probe II. New tools of the software include a polygon creation tool that allows users to define a shape on the map and then calculate its area and population, as well as a D/U Ratio Study that allows for color-coded D/U ratios to be plotted on a map. The software also includes a new database search engine, allowing the user to search by criteria such as service type, licensee, city of license or distance. It supports NAD27 and NAD83 data, includes a new mapping engine for solid and dashed lines of any width, plots census density using gradient shading and imports MIF files as a separate layer to be plotted on the map.
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Audio leveler
This audio leveler for audiophiles maintains a target level at the ingest of play-out point of the program chain. As a card-based system, it offers a method of controlling the level of multiple digital audio signals. The system offers as many as eight AES channels of control in a 1RU frame and 20 channels of control in a 2RU frame. Control can be preset for automatic level adjustment of predetermined levels or dynamic adjustment via a physical control panel. Unlike a compressor/expander, this audio leveler responds slowly to minimize the potential to change the dynamics of the signal. It acts to adjust the long-term average level of the signal.
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Warp Radio
Media streaming
Audio streaming services:
WarpRadio.com is a provider of streaming audio services for the radio industry. Its team of broadcasters and computer programmers, network administrators, system administrators and designers, is making the convergence of Internet and radio happen through the collective knowledge of both industries. The company's business model is a common sense view of business � you only pay for what you use. All radio stations who have a desire to stream can economically achieve a position on the Internet with minimal setup.
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Studio-sized router
Satellite Router Cage:
Offering all of the capabilities of the Bridge router, this unit is actually scaled to meet the needs of individual studio locations. It uses the same card family as the larger Bridge router, ensuring system-wide compatibility. The 10-slot Satellite router has all the necessary functionality, including routing, networking, mixing and logic I/O, allowing mix surfaces to be configured together or operate as individual mix islands. Installation is accomplished via single wire CAT-5 connections.
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Audio connectors and adapters
Punchdown XLRs:
A new series of punchdown, solderless XLRs, these connectors/adapters speed assembly during installation. Using technology from the telecommunications industry, the connectors offer gold-plated contacts with metal shells and use a common 110-type punchdown tool with Krone tip. These adapters provide faster and easier changes to circuits, and the punchdown contacts are rated for up to 200 insertions and withdrawals.
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