2006 Product Source: I to R

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2006 Product Source: I to R

Sep 1, 2006 12:00 PM

2006 Product Source

The annual Product Source showcases hundreds of new products as well as the Radio magazine Pick Hits from NAB2006....

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Podcasting software system
Industrial Audio Software
Epodcast Producer: This podcasting software system will record, edit, create a RSS feed and upload a podcast from within one interface. Users no longer need two or three programs to create, edit and upload a podcast. The software features an advanced editor as well as integrated CD ripping and burning and full DSP effects.

FM/HD Radio mod monitorInovonics
Model 532: The company's first product manufactured under license for Ibiquity's HD Radio digital transmission system, the monitor measures parameters of the analog FM and the digital HD Radio program channels, and includes a display of the occupied spectrum. It measures the injection of FM subcarriers and displays signal strength and multipath effects. Built-in spectrum analysis provides for incoming RF and FM baseband. Its tuning range is 87.9 to 108.1MHz in 200kHz steps. Other features include a sensitivity of 10dBf for 50dB mono quieting; RS-232 serial, USB and TCP/IP network ports; and power requirements of 95 to 250Vac, 50/60Hz, 50W.

Balun kits
AVO-MIC, AVO-MIC-WP: These balun kits transmit microphone audio and phantom power over standard CAT-5 cabling. Featuring a built-in preamplifier, the kits transmit mic level audio and phantom power as far as 2,500' over CATt-5 cabling, while providing selectable zero to 60dB of gain. Designed for fixed installations, the AVO-MIC includes a rackmountable send unit, a rack-mountable receive unit and a 24Vac power supply; the kit is powered at the send or the receive end. Designed for flexible applications, the AVO-MIC-WP includes a decora-style wallplate send unit, a rack-mountable receive unit and a 24Vac power supply; the kit is powered at the receive end.

Clustered storage system
Isilon Systems
Isilon IQ: This clustered storage system combines modular storage nodes with the company's software. Modular design self-contained nodes include server, software and disks in 2RU. The system creates a cluster with a single file system and single global namespace. It offers a self-healing design to protect against disk or node failures. Add new nodes for performance and capacity in 60 seconds. The system supports Client Support Windows, UNIX and Macintosh.

Jampro Antennas
JMPC-HD: The medium power version of the FM Penetrator antenna, the Penetrator HD, available with and without de-icers or radomes, has been designed for HD Radio. Rated at 10kW maximum input, each bay consists of a Penetrator-style radiating element with a 1-5/8" shunt feed line. Each antenna is factory tuned to any frequency in the FM band II (87.5MHz to 108MHz) range on a tower structure that simulates the customer's actual tower. The true circular polarization of the antenna offers performance for HD Radio, stereo and SCA operation. Typical VSWR is 1.1:1 +/-200kHz.

Klotz Digital
Xenon: Designed for small ratio stations that are part of large radio facilities, this stand-alone digital radio console provides integrated mic pre-amplifiers, DSP such as EQ and voice processing, signal routing and free configurable GPIs. The console offers audio inputs and outputs in analog and digital formats, routing capabilities and free assignments to faders and DSP functions for audio treatment and processing. It is available as a six- or 12-fader console. Each channel strip is equipped with a 104mm fader assignable with a signal through the GUI configurable input router. Large on/off buttons, a cue button for pre-fade listening, alternate source selection and an individual bus assignment to the three main buses PGM, REC and UTL, complete the fader modules.

Audio software suite
KLZ Innovations
Audiofile: Use the GPI delay system, mic skimmer, audio logger, silence detector and MP3 streamer/extractor simultaneously on eight channels with this post-broadcast audio suite. Users can choose from two, four, six or eight channels, each pair configured as stereo or dual mono. MP3 archiving, skimming and streaming are built in. Remote access is also included via KLZ Webserver technology. Audio is linear 48kHz PCM. GPI delay requires a GPI interface that includes four opto-coupled inputs and eight relay outputs. The interface features a timeline, channel/date tree, skim segments and three players.

Transmission consultants
LBA Technology
AM equipment and services: Since 1963, Lawrence Behr Associates has provided objective consulting services to the telecommunications and wireless industry. The company offers its services in the areas of cellular, PCS, SMR, broadcasting, wireless cable and integrated broadband systems. The staff includes specialists in RF engineering, antenna design, AM detuning, facility shielding, zoning and litigation support, EMI resolution, radio frequency environment studies, project management, site acquisition and FCC regulations.

Software programs
Liberty Wire and Cable
Cadblox, Cadquote, Cadblox V-Series, Webblox: Containing Liberty's standard plate sizes and connectors, these programs are compatible with Autocad and Autocad LT by Autodesk. Cadblox's drag-and-drop operation simplifies layout and eliminates lengthy design and proofing cycles. Cadquote bridges the gap between drawings and cost quotes, allowing Cadblox users to quote their panel designs from their desktops, then save the parts to their accounts. Proofs are automatically generated, and quotes can be generated combining any quantity of parts stored in the account. Use requires a full version of Autocad. Cadblox V-Series is a design template for non-Autocad users, developed for Microsoft's Visio. Webblox is a graphical, Web-based content management program that lets users add connectors to wall plate layouts.

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Artisan: This flexible, modular control surface for the Logitek Digital Audio Engine, a modular X-Y router, offers a low-profile design. Multiple frame sizes are available to accomodate two to 30 faders along with two master mixes, eight sub mixes, four aux mixes, 24 mix-minus outputs and three monitor outputs. 5.1 surround processing is available on one master mix, one sub mix and one monitor out. Available modules include fader, monitor, master and effects. Two sizes of meter bridges are also available, along with the Vscreen software application. A separate rack mount power supply can be located out of the way. All parts in the surface are isolated from the ac main power for safety. The power supply includes 25 GPI in and 25 GPI out connections for external device interfacing.

Line-interactive UPS
MGE UPS Systems
Nova AVR 600 and 1100VA: These UPS systems can be remotely managed through a Web browser or a network management system. Users can access information about the UPS and monitor functions such as power availability, battery capacity and automatic system shutdown using a standard Web browser or network management console. The models incorporate automatic voltage regulation to provide a wide tolerance to power fluctuations, and protect against power surges to telephone, fax, modem and Internet lines. The units' line-interactive technology reduces input voltage fluctuations saving battery capacity during brownouts, sags or surges. The units pack enough battery power to keep typical PCs running for 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

Audio recorder
Microboards Technology
Copywriter Live 6200: Record non-stop CDs from live audio sources such as a live feed from a mic, a cassette deck or a mixer. The CWL6200 will also create backup copies of audio or text data for long-term storage. Span from disc to disc to record non-stop for hours. It's useful for producing backups of live remote broadcasts.

Solid-state micMarshall Electronics
MXL M3 Silicon Valve: This large diaphragm, pressure-gradient condenser mic is offered in two versions: the M3-P, which is voiced specifically for female vocals, and the standard M3. The M3 employs a 1" capsule with a gold sputtered, six-micron diaphragm. It requires neither an external power supply, nor does it take valuable time. The M3's body is finished in an irridescent blue with a silver-plated grill.

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IP audio codec software
Musicam USA
Audiostar: This PC software works via LAN, WAN, DSL, ADSL and the Internet. The system features an auto-detect algorithm built in, so when a user sends or receives content over an IP connection, the system can recognize the coding algorithm used in the transmission and automatically change the settings to match. A compact USB hardware key is required to run the software unrestricted. The software can be used on any computer equipped with a 10/100 LAN interface and a Direct Sound compatible sound card. It supports standard algorithms MPEG 1 and Layer 2, MPEG 2 and Layer 3 and G.722. It also supports MPEG 2 and 4 AAC, MPEG 4 AAC low delay and uncompressed PCM linear audio.

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IBOC combiner
IBOC Coupler-Combiner: A compact UHF hybrid, this 3dB hybrid coupler is a four-port device. It can be used for equal power division or combining. The center frequency of the quarter wave coupling structure is chosen for all UHF bandwidth. Features of the coupler include low loss, high isolation, tunable over the entire UHF band, optimizable for specific channel and 3" EIA 50 ohms.

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Digital transmitter
XR50: As the fourth generation of Nautel's 50kW AM transmitter, this modular HD Radio/DRM digital transmitter offers power modules that are hot-pluggable and can be removed and replaced without an interruption in transmission. For greater redundancy, the transmitter comes with a standby DDS exciter section including a modulation encoder with automatic change over. It requires no manual tuning or adjustment, even with antenna mismatch corresponding to 1.5:1 VSWR at 50kW with 100 percent modulation.

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D-series Ethercon: An assembly kit for its D-Series Ethercon connectors, this device provides a waterproof IP54 connection. The kit is useful for all Neutrik Ethercon D-Series chassis connectors (NE8FD). IP54 protection is achieved by replacing the front plate and pushing the lever with the kit components.

Cable connector
EMC-XLR: EMC-XLR is comprised of three-pole male/female XLR cable connectors with integrated LC filters, which avoid the RD interference and LF noise. There is also a 360�� shield contact on the female connector that ensures the best possible shielding and chassis contact. This connector can solve problems such as ground loops, RF interference and Pin 1 problems.

Desk surface
Presto: The desk surface of this product is wide enough for large keyboard controllers, control surfaces or smaller mixers, while providing eight rack spaces in two bays within easy reach. The shelf above the rack spaces can hold computer monitors and nearfield monitors. The shelf below is available for a computer and storage. The unit is available in melamine laminates or melamine with gray slate, mahogany or maple Formica top surfaces. The dimensions of this unit are: 37.13"H, 31.38"D, 55.9"W and it weighs 125lbs.

Streaming encoder
Opticodec-PC V. 2.0: Version 2.0 adds several new features to the SE (standard), PE (professional) and LE (light) editions. All editions of the software let streaming providers supply content encoded with the Coding Technologies AAC/HE AAC/aacPlus codec. The SE edition is a Microsoft Windows XP/Server 2003 application that can be used with Orban's Optimod-PC signal processing sound card or with a Windows sound card. A console user interface supports batch file execution to enable easy launching and automation. SE allows four encoder instances per stream, supporting 128kb/s using the aacPlus codec and 320kb/s using the AAC codec. Streaming is possible using the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standards. The PE edition now supports streaming to 3GPP mobile devices, providing FM stereo entertainment from these devices. An improved user interface in the SE and PE editions offers savable configurations and the ability to launch via a GUI, a command line or a batch file.

LED obstruction light
Orga Aviation Lighting
L340: This light features low power consumption, stabilized intensity regardless of input voltage fluctuations and internal photocell for automatic day/night intensity control. The light is offered in two modes: steady burning or flashing. Replacing existing 300mm incandescent fixtures, the light offers 100-240Vac 50/60Hz input supply voltage and automatic shutdown if 20 percent of LEDs are not operating. Two stage over-voltage protection is provided. Level indicators help with correct installation.

Phone plug adapter
Pomona Electronics
1285: This 1/4" phone plug adapter with binding posts converts standard two-conductor phone jacks to double binding posts. Cross holes fit a double banana plug, which can be stacked vertically or horizontally. Wires, spade lugs and pin tip plugs can be attached by means of the insulated knurl thumb knob.

Commercial weather system
Unattendedweather.com: Providing local weather 24/7, users choose from four announcers to keep listeners informed. Forecasts with two voices, or announcers changing in shifts, are also available. All weather includes an up-to-the-minute temperature and forecast. The user decides whether the weathercasts are short, medium or long; users can have different lengths in the same hour. Choose whether details like wind speed, direction, humidity or recent rain are included. For several stations, each mentions its own call letters, slogans and sponsors. Each can air its own voice for the weather, even in the same shift.

Mic boom riser
RAM Broadcast Systems
MBR-12: Features of this mic boom riser include a hollow center to hide mic cable, a bolted shaft to base, no screws are required and an aluminum construction. This product is useful for Corian-type bases and fits most mic booms. XLR adapters are optional.

FM stereo transmitter/exciter
Ramsey Electronics
PX1: This transmitter operates on 110Vac or 240Vac power. The unit can also run on 12Vdc for remote or emergency operation and is appropriate for use as an exciter for higher power broadcast stations. Features include an 8x oversampled stereo generator with analog filters. The power amplifier is over-temperature and VSWR protected. A five-button user interface provides access to all operating parameters and adjustments. The two-line vacuum florescent display provides verification of all parameters. The PX1's microprocessor continuously monitors and makes subtle adjustments to various circuit parameters based on frequency, temperature, power, audio level and deviation. The system is housed in a 19"�2U case.

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Utility drawer cases
Road Ready Cases
RRD12UC, RRD14U1C, RRD14UC, RRD16U1C, RRD16UC: Each of the utility drawer cases features a cover to keep everything snug and tight during transport, as well as 3-1/2" casters for easy mobility. The RRD12UC features four drawers: one 4RU drawer with adjustable dividers, two 3RU drawers and one 2RU drawer. The RRD14U1C features four drawers � two 4RU drawers with adjustable compartments and two 3RU drawers. The RRD14UC features five drawers � one 4RU drawer with adjustable dividers, two 3RU drawers and two 2RU drawers.