2007 Product Source: A to B

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2007 Product Source: A to B

Oct 1, 2007 12:00 AM

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Offset pyramidal diffuser
Acoustics First

Quadra Pyramid: The Quadra Pyramid presents a low profile with four pyramids creating sixteen angles of reflection on the surface of a single 2''�2'' panel. Mounting is designed for wall or ceiling grid. Fire rating is Class 1 (A).

Radio test set

3920 Radio Test Set: The 3920 features more test capabilities integrated into one system, as well as extended analysis range and file management functions. The 3920 performs all the tests previously capable with the 3901 and 3902, including Tetra mobile station, base station and direct mode test features. An optional 31/2 digit DMM function includes the ability to measure AC and DC voltage, current as well as resistance. The 3920 is fully protected against over voltage or current conditions with a front panel fuse. It can export files to USB drives and connect external USB input devices. The 3920 can be used for analyzing high level audio signals including measurements for AF frequency, AF level, sinad, distortion, hum and noise and signal to noise ratio. The 3920 provides RF operation from 10MHz (usable from 100kHz) to 1GHz standard, with OPT058 providing the ability to go to 2.7GHz.

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Digital audio console

Arena: This console can monitor all the signals present in the system, as well use the configuration presets in relation to the Swap Page. The dedicated controls for dynamic, EQ, routing and select located above the faders have dual function. In the other mode of operation, these controls turn into send buttons that route the signals to buses, such as master 1, master 2, aux 1 and aux 2. The user may request the on and off controls on top or below the faders. To facilitate easy maintenance, each console offers changeable modules.

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Play-out and production software

Airshift Studio: Designed for radio stations with one to five studios, the software is used for all production-related tasks. Workflow starts with the planning process. The station defines its program schedule for each weekday. The template divides each hour of programming to a segment with various attributes: start and end time, name, type and selected music clock. For daily planning, playlists are created for each program containing all the elements needed: music tracks, sounds and commercials. A third-party system, such as music scheduler or traffic system takes care of the scheduling of commercials. A producer finishes production of one item, then places it in the playlist. The publishing phase is where created content is published to the audience. After the program is published, the content used in it is archived or purged.
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Mic for female voice

Elle C: Custom-designed for female performers, AKG produced the Elle C live performance vocal microphone. The Elle C features an XLR connector module with 24-carat gold plated pins for optimized connectivity, as well as resistance to corrosion and humidity. Additionally, the mic features a spring steel wire-mesh grill for extreme ruggedness offering reliable control of pops and wind noise. The Elle C features a frequency range of 60 to 20,000Hz.



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Warning enunciator
Alert System

Alert System: This alert enunciator displays a picture image on a computer monitor. The monitor can be mounted on a wall or a desk. Alert System has 20 screens of picture images. Each of the screens can display a single picture or a picture slide show. A screen is selected by an external closure. A momentary closure switches to the screen the closure occurred. If a continuous closure occurs, the screen that received the closure will remain on until the closure is released. In the event of multiple continuous closures, the screens will rotate in the order of the closures, every five seconds.

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OZMA 7: Alienware''s branded headphone, the Ozma 7, comes out of a partnership with German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG. The Ozma 7s use Ultrasone''s patented S-Logic(tm) natural surround sound technology and electro-magnetic field emission shielding. The headphones feature technology that produces up to a 40 percent lower dB output (3-4dB) for the same loudness sensation, reducing the risk of hearing loss; a 60 percent reduction in electronic magnetic field radiation; 3.5, 6.3mm screw-on gold-plated plug/adapter; and a frequency response of 10Hz to 25kHz.

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IP audio codec

Worldcast Eclipse: The Worldcast Eclipse is a multi-interface, multi-algorithm audio codec that offers Ethernet, X.21/V.35 and ISDN ports providing access to a wide range of networks such as IP, leased line, satellite, microwave and dial-up. Broadcasters can also choose from coding algorithms such as standard and enhanced Apt-x, MPEG 1/2 Layer II/III, MPEG 4 AAC, G.711 and G.722. The codec is designed with a DSP-based architecture. Enhanced 16- and 24-bit Apt-x are standard.

Rack-mount vertical power strips
APW Mayville

Stantron Power Mount: Power Mount systems carry out the basic function of holding power strips in place, while allowing them to be affixed in virtually any location inside the rack. Power Mount systems offer a 180-degree swivel feature to rotate the power strip during maintenance or integration procedures such as cabling and access to power cords. The entire strip can face the front, middle or back of the cabinet. If power demands increase, more power can be easily added. Use of the system improves overall airflow and enhances equipment cooling since cabling can be taken out of the air path.

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Audio processor

Digiplexer 2/4: This processor is also a full RBDS, digital and stereo encoder. It allows I/O remote control and backup audio. The processor uses high-speed DSP to create a stereo signal and radio data messages. With the Ethernet connection and the PC software, configuration is possible from anywhere in the world. The processor features real-time clock for RBDS scheduling, two-band audio processing, 2 giga-flops of DSP power, clippers that run at 1.5MHz, LCD screen and Ethernet, USB and RS-232 ports, all in 1RU.


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Audio processor

Silver Audio Processor: The Silver Audio Processor line is a new generation of digital audio processors that can be used to process audio for FM and digital broadcasting such as HD/DAB and Internet streaming. The line uses the latest multi-band DSP technology and includes four- and six-band FM audio processors with dual paths allowing simultaneous processing of FM and digital radio. HD versions, using look-ahead limiters, are also available and dedicated to the process of audio signals that are being fed off into codecs employing bit rate reduction technics. The six-band FM and HD versions include as a standard the Ariane RMS leveller. This AGC corrects input level variations and also improves consistency. The block can provide stereo enhancement with its matrix mode of operation. The Silver Audio Processor line is provided with many factory and users presets for all music styles and applications. The A/B switching enables instant comparison between current settings and the preset ones.


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PCI sound card
Audio Science

ASI6585: The ASI6585 is designed for use in an Axia Livewire IP-audio based radio broadcast automation system. It uses the Livewire protocol to record and play audio streams over a standard Ethernet network. Providing eight play streams mixed to eight stereo outputs and eight record streams fed from eight stereo inputs, the ASI6585 features Audio Science''s anything-to-anywhere mixing and routing. Choose from uncompressed PCM, MPEG Layer 2 and MP3 for recording and playback. Compression is handled by an on-board floating point DSP. DSP-based functionality includes MRXT multi-rate mixing technology that allows streams of different sample-rates and formats to be mixed digitally. TSXT time scaling allows compression/expansion of any or all playback streams in real time with no change in pitch.


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Unipoint Series: The re-engineered Unipoint Series includes the Pivot Point connector that allows the cable to exit from either the rear or the bottom of the microphone. This feature is available on most Unipoint boundary mics. In addition, the U891R, U891RW and U891RC boundary mics feature programmable switching plus an LED status indicator. All the mics in the range of hanging, gooseneck, boundary and handheld microphones include Uniguard RFI shielding, interchangeable elements (cardioid, hypercardioid, omnidirectional and cardioid condenser), 80Hz Unisteep filter to reduce unwanted low frequencies, and a two-stage foam windscreen. There are more than 30 new models in the Unipoint line.


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Acoustic studio foam
Auralex Acoustics

Studiofoam Smartpak: Auralex Acoustics'' Studiofoam SmartPaks are available in several combinations, including 2� and 4� packages consisting of Studiofoam Wedges or Pyramids as well as a pack of LENRD (Low-End Node Reduction Device) bass traps. The 2� Studiofoam Smartpak totals 48 square feet with 12 wedge or pyramid 2''�2'' panels per pack. The 4� Studiofoam Smartpak totals 24 square feet with six 2''�2'' panels packaged together, and the LENRD Smartpak includes four bass traps. All Smartpaks are available in charcoal, purple and burgundy. Alternate colors and sizes, such as 1� and 3� products, are available via special order in standard packaging. The Performance Series of Roominator Kits are also available using Smartpak technology, including the Project 2, the Pro Plus and the Deluxe Plus Kits.


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Four channel line mixer

MX400: This four-channel line mixer yields high sonic quality at all output levels, with ultra low noise 4580 operational amplifiers. It has the same op amps found in its much bigger units, and is well suited as a sub-mixer. Connect the unit''s output to a single input on the main mixer. The mixer features 1/4� TS connectors and input level controls for each channel.



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Waterdog: The Belden line of New Generation Waterdog Cables includes paired, multi-conductor and coaxial cables that meet the water-resistant standards set by UL 444, UL 13, and the TIA 455-82B Water Filtration Test. The ruggedly constructed cables can be installed indoors or out, above or below ground, making it practical for building management systems to be connected seamlessly - from building to building or, for example, from remote surveillance camera sites to indoor security monitors. The user-friendly Waterdog cables are also ideal for deployment in standard indoor/outdoor building management installations.

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Headset with condenser mic

MMX-1: Featuring a closed headphone and cardioid microphone, the unit provides noise cancellation and high-quality speech reproduction, as well as switchable gain of 20dB, which can be activated or deactivated via the PC. No special drivers are required and the MMX-1 can be operated with any standard sound card. The headset has a USB plug and can be connected to each PC via the USB port.


Broadcast media database
BIA Financial Network

Media Acces Pro v4.2: The improvements in Media Access ProTM include information on HD Radio, greater functionality and flexibility in the mapping program, expanded technical information on CP data, the addition of low power FMs, more detailed information on radio station audience levels, and user requested custom reports and searches to create customized reports at the click of a button. Version 4.2 also includes predefined searches for CPs and move-ins so the user can quickly know the number of CPs in a market, identify overlapping signals from competing stations and determine when a CP will be a new move-in to a local market.

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RF testing equipment
Bird Electronic

Calibrated Mismatched Load line: Bird''s Calibrated Mismatched Loads have high-quality, robust construction, dependable performance and conservative power ratings. The use of non-magnetic materials and plating in Bird products provides safety when used in high magnetic fields, such as MRI. Other product benefits include calibrated VSWR mismatch and multi-octave bandwidth. Bird''s load products also deliver more standard VSWR Mismatch values, including 1.10:1, 1.20:1, 1.25:1, 1.30:1, 1.50:1, 1.75:1, 2.00:1, 2.50:1, 3.00:1, 4.00:1 and 5.00:1. The frequency range across the entire series is DC to 1000MHz with N male or female connectors as standard. Bird offers Calibrated Mismatched Loads products in models 2-T-MN-(1R10, 25, 30, 50, 75; 2R00; 3R00).

Headphone amp, splitter

Boostaroo: The Boostaroo Model T613 is a portable headphone audio amplifier that doubles the available volume of audio players and separates the audio signal into individual stereo channels to drive three separate sets of headphones or speakers. Depending on the ohm rating of headphones, the Boostaroo will increase the volume of the player by 100 percent with no more than a 0.3 percent harmonic distortion. There is no difference in output or frequency response observed when one headphone is plugged in or when three headphones are plugged in. Signal to noise ratio is measured -95dBa from clipping level into a 33V resistance.

Messagecasting tool
Broadcast Electronics

TRE Producer: The TRE Producer enables content providers to create, schedule and attach headlines, guest names and other messages relevant to program audio for re-distribution by affiliate stations. Once delivered to stations running BE''s TRE Message Manager, the messaging content is automatically interleaved with the affiliate''s local text messages for distribution over RBDS, the Web or HD Radio technology.

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Music scheduling software
Broadcast Software International

Natural Music: Natural Music maintains music library databases, generates daily music logs according to pre-set rules and includes interfaces for most computer automation systems. Natural Music features a virtually unlimited number of songs in the library, 1,225 different music categories, drag-and-drop music-log editing, day part and hour circulation rules, including horizontal separation, and an audit log for troubleshooting.

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Traffic scheduling for Windows
Broadcast Software International

Natural Log: Natural Log interfaces traffic logs and billing with a station''s radio automation software. Natural Log is compatible with most computer automation systems, and provides multi-event scheduling, dual product-type protection, user-specified spotset fill sequencing and on-screen log diagnostics.

Broadcast Tools

USB Match Tool: The USB Match Tool is a professional USB-to-bi-directional stereo audio codec. It provides professional audio connectivity between the users professional stereo analog equipment and the PC''s USB port. The USB Match Tool is equipped with the Burr Brown Delta Sigma 8� over sampled USB codec that will operate with virtually any audio editing, recording or broadcast automation software at sample rates up to 48kHz and up to 16-bit resolution. The front panel is supplied with input and output trimmers along with a stereo LED input level meter. Plug-in Euroblock screw terminals are provided for the electronically balanced stereo input and outputs. The tool is USB powered by a surge protected internal bi-polar 15Vdc switch-mode power supply affording superior headroom and high-definition audio.

Mixing console
Broadcast Tools

Pro Mix 12: The ProMix 12 comes in a small package, but it is loaded with useful features including a mix-minus output, an announce booth output with full duplex talkback, a monaural output, selectable metering and remote starts on all line level stereo input channels. The mixer features 12 input channels including three microphone and nine stereo line sources; stereo program and audition buses, a cue bus, plus built-in mix-minus and mono outputs; and a comprehensive monitor system including an air input and user-programmable muting.

Broadcast Tools

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Intelliclock: The IntelliClock provides GPS or NTP referenced master clock. It features 0.56� six-digit red LED displays, a viewing distance up to 20 feet, automatic daylight-saving time, serial time code output in ESE TC89 or TC90 format with active high output driver, DPST relay time sync outputs, selectable 12- and 24-hour format display with LED indicator, and desktop or optional rackmount.

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Remote receiver
Burk Technology

Watchband: Delivering station and market monitoring tools to managers, engineers and programming departments, this receiver provides stereo, phase and field intensity data, streaming audio and decoded RBDS to any PC with an Internet connection. Broadcasters can record audio streams for remote playback, as well as log audio metrics for review and analysis. Automatic logging routines allow station-to-station comparisons for the entire market. Logged RBDS data reveals content on market stations.