2007 Product Source: E to J

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2007 Product Source: E to J

Oct 1, 2007 12:00 AM

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Micro monitors

MA-10A, MA-10ABK: The MA-10A, MA-10ABK have 10w + 10w stereo amplifiers, two-way bass-reflex enclosures, RCA input connections, are magnetically-shielded, have a frequency range of 45Hz to 35kHz and a nominal input level of 10dBu.


USB audio interface

UA-IX: The UA-1X is a USB audio interface that offers component-quality audio signals to and from a computer. The UA-1X offers sound quality input and output from the computer through RCA jacks. The UA-1X also has an S/PDIF optical output to send digital signals to digital destinations and a headphone jack for direct monitoring of your computer audio and input signals. The UA-1X is ideal for use with laptops and for archiving audio on the computer or playing it back through your home stereo.


Data delivery program
Enco Systems

Padapult VS: PADapult was introduced in 2005 as a vehicle to enable broadcasters a means of fully automated or manual delivery of program metadata such as artist and title information as HD Radio Program Service Data, RDS encoders and other information displays. Along with HD Radio''s digital audio signal, or Main Audio Program (MAP), there''s also a text stream embedded in the carrier wave. This Program Service Data (PSD) consists of metadata and gives land-based stations capabilities similar to satellite radio services. Text scrolls across the front of the receiver''s LCD panel. Song and artist information and station ID are standard content, but the PSD can also include traffic and weather updates or other information the station provides�even commercials. Other applications can include traffic, weather and sports updates and provide the advantage of incorporating this information in audio form that does not require the listener to read the information from their radio display.


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Guy anchor rod
ERI-Electronics Research

Ultra Guy Anchor Rod: This guy anchor features a port to allow non-destructive ultra-sonic testing of guy anchor integrity, without soil excavation. It''s noninvasive because there is no digging and nondestructive because there is no surface damage. No temporary anchors are required. The equipment provides more detail than visual inspection, including detection of stress cracks and internal flaws. The rod is Polyethylene sealed and anticorrsive.

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VSWR interlock control system
ERI-Electronics Research

VPS-100: The ERI VPS-100 addresses the specific demands of FM master antenna systems requiring multiple contact closures for control. The system provides up to eight simultaneous sets of form C contact closures for multiple transmitter control in the event of an antenna fault. There are also eight form C contact sets available for individual programming. The VPS-100 can accept samples from an optional directional coupler interface or from third party monitor systems. Relay interface is through industry standard DB25 connectors. The system is part of a family of products developed in collaboration with BDI that can be interconnected by a common bus structure for communication and control of other devices. Some basic features include programmable strike counter interlock control system, LCD display showing status of events, including time/date stamp, complete front panel control and optional network interface for remote access.


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Masterclock time code generator

ES-188: The ES-188 is a 1RU black anodized unit that displays nine digits (day of year, hour, minute and second) of time as received via a user-selected NTP server. Several types of time code, as well as a 1PPS signal are generated by the ES-188 and output on the rear panel. These outputs allow the unit to interface with new or existing computers, automation systems and third-party clock systems. The clock features automatic correction for daylight-saving time and a four-hour battery backup. Options include ASCII NPR time-code output, relay contact closure, 220Vac, 12 to 35Vdc power input and UL-approved power supply.


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Obscenity delay

BD600E: The BD600E offers 16 bipolar opto-isolated inputs that may be configured to drive many BD600E functions or as general-purpose delay inputs; 16 open-collector outputs that may be configured to display BD600E status indicators or to pass through delayed versions of the inputs; and an RS-232 output to provide a delayed version of the input for driving a time display or for other control purposes. The BD600E features improved audio performance and expanded obscenity delay capabilities up to 80 seconds. Other features include the exclusive panic function, which stores a .WAV file on a compact flash card to be played when the button is pressed. While the file, which may be a jingle or station ID or any other message, is played, the delay buffer is rebuilding, allowing programming to play as soon as the jingle has completed.


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Hideaway surface access

Hideaway HSA 822MS: The HSA 822MS is a motorized, double-sided, vertically lifting enclosure for inconspicuous computer-video interface and connector access. The enclosure installs at an adjustable height below the tabletop, so a surface matching the tabletop can be used for the cover, making the HSA 822MS nearly invisible in the closed position. The enclosure can be raised and lowered using a contact closure remote control or by pressing on the top surface. The motor is quiet and runs smoothly.

HD Radio receiver, translator

FP-TRO: With the advent of HD Radio comes the need to provide HD Radio translators and repeaters. Because of the licensing involved with HD Radio, complete demodulation and remodulation of a digital signal can be cost prohibitive. The FP-TRO maintains the signal in the RF domain and converts it to the new frequency, which eliminates the cost of licensing the HD Radio technology used in the translator. The signal is then retransmitted using a Crown Broadcast amplifier.

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LED flashing red obstruction light

L-864: This LED luminaire was designed to replace incandescent beacon used for obstruction lighting of radio towers. It features 72 Luxeon Star LEDs, has a 45W power consumption, 120/240Vac power source, 2,000 candela peak intensity and can last an estimated 70,000-plus hours. The L-864 is complaint to FAA Advisory Circular 150/5345-43E, FAA Engineering Brief 67, ICAO Annex 14 (Medium Intensity Obstacle Light) and Transport Canada.

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Facility monitor
Flash Technology

FTW171, FTW172: The 171 provides an inexpensive method of monitoring a facility. The 172 includes additional features that allow the user to gather more detailed information through Flash Technology''s proprietary Eagle system. The units provide real-time data that helps owners make informed decisions regarding performance and maintenance issues. The equipment can monitor and manage non-IT-based equipment such as HVAC units, back-up generators, security access, exterior lighting and cooling systems.

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Microphone preamp
Focusrite Audio Engineering

ISA 828: The ISA 828 eight channel microphone pre-amplifier features eight original ISA transformer-based pre-amps in a single 2U chassis. The pre-amps feature the same vintage microphone pre-amplifier design as the original ISA 110 module from Focusrite''s Forte console. The ISA 828 has eight line inputs, four instrument inputs and an optional eight channel 192kHz ADC. The microphone input stage includes a variable impedance circuit, allowing the user to switch between four carefully selected input impedance settings.

Multimedia work environment
Forecast Consoles

Soho: The Soho signature series is built with Masterail technology. It offers cable power and management, side cars (rack mount or drawer), additional monitor arms and toolbars, additional speak pods, equipment turrets and a console equipment wedge.

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IP controller
Fox Electronics

GPI-100: The GPI-100 is a point-to-point and point-to-multipoint system to transport 12 relay/GPI commands over IP, providing as many as 12 independent switches for equipment at one or more remote site or from a remote back to a primary location. Multiple transmitters and receivers can be interconnected for applications requiring the transport of more than 12 relay/GPI commands or for transport to multiple sites. The GPI-100 configures automatically once connected to the network. Special system application software and updates are downloadable from the company''s website. Features include: transmits refresh packets every second, automatic reboot and refresh with loss of IP link and time stamp.


5.1 surround conversion
Fraunhofer Institut

SX Pro: This technology creates 5.1 surround sound from existing stereo content. SX Pro analyzes the audio signal and identifies characteristic sound elements. An intelligent algorithm redistributes these elements to create a natural surround sound listening experience without adding artificial reverberation. The center channel is smoothly integrated without altering the original stereo sound stage. The surround channels consist of the ambience-like sound components of the stereo material.
+49 0 9131 776 340

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Monitoring system and subwoofer

8020A, 7050B LSE: The 8020A has been designed for monitoring in difficult listening environments, particularly those characterized by lack of space. The 8020A has a die-cast aluminum Minimum Diffraction Enclosure, which features large internal volumes, curved edges and mechanical strength. Each monitor features a 4� bass driver along with a 3/4� tweeter loaded into a new Genelec advanced Directivity Control Waveguide. The free field frequency response is 66Hz to 20kHz (�2.5dB). Maximum peak SPL output per pair with music material is 105dB. Bass and treble drivers are each powered by 20W amplifiers. The 7050B subwoofer is a partner to the 8020A for both stereo and surround applications. The 7050B extends the LF response down to 25Hz. This is made possible in such a compact enclosure, thanks to Genelec''s patented Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE) technology. The 7050B is designed to complement Genelec''s 8020A active monitors in stereo and surround applications, and the 8030A in a stereo

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Cat-5 snake cable
Gepco International

CTS4504HDX: This four-channel, heavy-duty Cat-5 snake cable provides four elements of Gepco CT504HDX heavy duty, four-pair Cat-5 UTP cables under an overall jacket. Each element features 24-gauge, solid copper conductors and an inner belt that preserves the critical pair spacing and geometry. For added strength and diameter, each four-pair UTP element has a second TPE jacket that is color-coded for easy identification. The outer jacket is constructed from a rugged TPE compound for durability and flexibility in hostile environments.

Acoustic panels
Golden Acoustics

Equalizer Squares: These innovative Equalizer Squares are specifically designed to focus on the middle to high frequencies found in most modern office environments. They are designed to be easily installed in existing grid systems, or mounted directly to the wall. They effectively diffuse sound from multiple sources and directions.

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Tube transmitter

HT/HD+: This transmitter, which evolved from the technology of Harris'' HT Series of FM transmitters, marks Harris'' foray into the HD Radio market with high-power tube-type transmitters. The transmitter will be outfitted with a Flexstar HDX exciter as part of the system. When used with a Flexstar, the transmitter features RTAC digital precorrection to correct the tetrode tube used in the Harris HT Series of FM transmitters.


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Hebden Sound

HS3000 series: The HS3000 series is a highly versatile, detachable and fully interchangeable capsule system. It consists of four microphones with Omni (HS3010), Cardioid (HS3020), Hyper-Cardioid (HS3030) and Sub-Cardioid (HS3040) directivity options available singly or as matched stereo pairs. Each microphone is comprehensively tested in-house and comes with a standard 23mm clip and an anti-vibration mount in a lockable studio case. All four polar pattern options can be built around a single pre-amplifier unit and all capsules give a wide frequency range and low noise figures for the discerning audio professional.
+44 (0)114 201 3687


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USB interface
Henry Engineering

USB Adaptor: The USB Adaptor allows Studiodrive to connect to any PC or laptop computer using USB interface. The USB-Studiodrive produces professional quality digital recording and playback on any PC, and eliminates the need for a soundcard. The adaptor is a plug-in circuit board that mates to the Studiodrive mixer unit. It can be installed in about 30 seconds, and can be retrofitted to any Studiodrive system.

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Portable recorder

iKey Plus: The iKey Plus Portable USB Recorder, provides a versatile platform for portable live audio recording. Designed to work with an Apple iPod or any external USB storage device, the iKey Plus can record live audio to MP3 or WAV format directly to a USB Compatible storage device in real time. The unit records audio to uncompressed .wav formats or MP3 with selectable bit rate, up to 320kb/s. It has gold-plated RCA inputs and a mini stereo microphone.

Door system
Industrial Acoustics

Sound Control Doors: Each door system, complete with leaf, split-frame seals, hinges and latching hardware, is factory assembled and laboratory tested for performance, alignment, fit and ease of operation prior to shipment. All design changes or material substitutions are fully tested in the lab prior to incorporation. Optional finishes include choices from among 62 types of wood veneers along with paint and metal


Turnkey facility
Industrial Acoustics

Modular Studio Systems: The facility includes floating isolation enclosures, electric and HVAC interfaces, integrated lighting systems, integrated tech wiring raceways, interior acoustical treatments and soffits, and interior furnishings. It is all modular, movable and installs in days.


Audio receivers
International Datacasting

SFX: The SFX Pro Audio receivers with integrated Datacast XD offer live IP audio decoding plus the ability for time-shift audio file playout for advanced radio networks. The upgraded dual-channel SFX Pro Audio now features MPEG-4 AAC decoding as well as Livewire, which allows the receiver to convey low-delay and high-reliability audio over switched Ethernet.

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Wireless audio interface
JK Audio

Daptor Three: Using Bluetooth wireless technology, this interface connects to the user''s cell phone like any other Bluetooth-enabled headset. The interface allows balanced and unbalanced connections to a cell phone. It will also connect to other products, such as a laptop, that allows a similar headset connection. Features of the unit include XLR balanced line input and output, and a 9Vdc battery.