2007 Product Source: K to M

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2007 Product Source: K to M

Oct 1, 2007 12:00 AM

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A/D & D/A converters
Lavry Engineering

Lavry Black series: As a complement to the DA 10 digital-to-analog converter, the AD 10 embodies Lavry''s design philosophy of transparency in conversion. Like the DA 10, the AD 10 offers ultra-stable clocking, low THD+N and wide dynamic range. The AD 10 has -10dBV TRS and +4dBu XLR inputs, and clocks externally from 32kHz to 100kHz. Both units operate at fixed sample rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz; the AD 10 on internal crystal, and the DA 10 in crystal mode to virtually eliminate the audible effects of source jitter. The DA 10 also accepts inputs from 32kHz to 200kHz in wide mode. With a discrete headphone amp and digitally controlled analog volume adjustment, the DA 10 offers a straight-wire approach for monitoring digital sources without an external preamp.


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White exit light LED bulb

EXL-W series: The EXL-W series white exit light LED bulb is bright, safe and maintenance free. The LED bulbs provide an alternative to the conventional 15T6 or 20T6 incandescent exit sign bulbs. The flame-resistant polycarbonate resin construction of this LED bulb allows for visibility in bright light or smoke. The bulbs offer a solid-state design impervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes.

Guest control panels

GST-22 and GST-23: These guest control panels accompany Logitek''s digital audio router and consoles. The GST-22 panel can be dropped into a table cut-out, contains an amplifier and gain control for one pair of headphones and mic on/off and cough buttons. Medium- or high-impedance headphones can be connected to the front or rear of the unit. Audio input may be selected from a list displayed on the panel''s LCD screen. The GST-23 keypad, a tabletop box with six buttons, may be programmed for any desired application including playback machine start and intercom functions. The GST-23 connects to the rear of the GST-22 panel. Both products are powered by a small external supply.

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On-air console
Klotz Digital

Decennium: As part of a networkable audio routing system, the Decennium standard console is supplied pre-configured to simplify installation and set up. The console is modular and expandable, and the configuration software allows it to be customized as needed. The Decennium audio engine includes on-bard DSP to provide voice processor, parametric six-band EQ and dynamics on each channel. Each channel strip features a rotary encoder with integrated push button and a 16-character display that can be used for source selection and channel-related parameter settings. The control surface is available in 4-, 8-, 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-fader frames.

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Audio software suite
KLZ Innovations

Audiofile: Use the GPI delay system, mic skimmer, audio logger, silence detector and MP3 streamer/extractor simultaneously on all eight channels with this post-broadcast audio suite. Users can choose from two, four, six or eight channels, each pair configured as stereo or dual mono. MP3-archiving, skimming and streaming is built-in. Remote access is also included via KLZ Webserver technology. Audio is linear 48kHz PCM. GPI delay requires a GPI interface that includes four opto-coupled inputs, eight relay outputs. The interface features a timeline, channel/date tree, skim segments and three players.


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Digital recording studio

D3200: The D3200 provides unique professional features and studio quality audio. Up to 12 tracks can be recorded at once, allowing a complete prooduction to be recorded in a single pass. The D3200 provides up to 32 tracks of digital audio playback at 16- or 24-bit resolution at sample rates of either 44.1 or 48kHz. The D3200 features a flexible 12-bus, 44-channel mixer with up to 69-bit internal processing resolution for incomparable audio quality. Automated mixing lets users record and play back fader, pan and other mixer events. In addition, 100 scene memories provide finely detailed snapshot automation. Eleven 56-bit effects are available simultaneously, utilizing 52 algorithms, including Korg''s proprietary REMS modeling technology. 128 preset programs and 128 user locations are provided, as well as an additional 32 user programs within each song. All effects can be easily tweaked and edited using the Knob Matrix.

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Flash memory audio player

PX10: This player is easy to start: Insert a USB drive and play. Users can store audio by dragging and dropping on the PC screen. The graphical vacuum fluorescent display is bright and clear, showing the counter, level meter and content status. Its triangular-shaped aluminum enclosure makes it strong and lightweight. No moving parts, such as cooling fans and hard disks are used. Users can switch among six pages to access up to 300 audio files. Direct mode allows the user to choose any of the clips assigned to any of the 50 hot keys. A preset mode allows continuous looping.


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Protocol translator, controller
Kramer Electronics

FC-5: The FC-5 is a protocol translator designed to make an RS-232-controlled machine compatible with other RS-232-based protocols. Because the FC-5 will work with any RS-232 controllable product and can convert RS-232 commands to contact closure and relay control signals, it will also make system integration of various components such as screens and drapes easier. The translator comes pre-configured with two serial translation tables, a generic serial switcher control protocol to Kramer''s Protocol 2000 and the Sierra Video Systems'' serial protocol to Kramer''s Protocol 2000. The FC-5 can be programmed to work with up to four translation tables, each with up to 256 commands.

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Studio monitors
KRK Systems

VXT Series: The VXT Series includes new proprietary woofers and tweeters, a newly designed curved face plate for excellent imaging, a new cabinet design that provides low resonance, improved structural integrity and extended low-end and slotted ports that greatly reduce port turbulence. KRK engineers started with the functional cabinet design of the flagship monitor, the Expos� E8B to create a very high performance. The use of ABS structural foam as the cabinet material provides excellent damping characteristics and extended low end due to more internal volume. The ABS foam also absorbs shocks so the cabinet is impact resistant. The tweeter''s dome is comprised of true silk, as opposed to cloth, which translates to fast transient response, excellent imaging and extended frequency response.

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Label printer

Label Shop 2010-PC: K-Sun''s LABELShop 2010-PC Printer connects to a laptop or PC with a USB cable and features a very small footprint that fits anywhere on a desk, lab bench or wherever a PC can go. Users can print custom labels with industrial-grade adhesive in 23 different color combinations from 1/6� up to a full 1-inch wide. Special shrink tube labeling material can also be used in the printer for wire, cable, medical instruments or personal item identification.

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Analog mixers

Onyx 1220, 1620 and 1640: Mackie''s Onyx 1220, 1620 and 1640 premium analog mixers incorporate extremely low-noise microphone preamps and circuitry, tremendous durability, many direct instrument inputs with a FireWire option for integration into any computer-based system. They also feature an all-new EQ circuit. Three small-format mixers make up the Onyx line. The Onyx 1220 is a 12-channel (4 mic/line inputs and eight line inputs) mixer with two buses and a three-band Perkins EQ with sweepable midrange. The Onyx 1620 is a 16-channel (8 mic/line inputs and four stereo line inputs) mixer with two buses and a four-band Perkins EQ with dual sweepable midrange. The Onyx 1640 is a 16-channel (16 mono mic/line inputs) mixer with four buses and a four-band Perkins EQ with dual sweepable midrange.


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Mic preamp

Onyx 1200F: The Onyx 1200F is a 30-by-34 channel, 24-bit/192kHz-capable FireWire audio/MIDI interface that features 12 of Mackie''s flagship Onyx preamps, on-board DSP matrix mixing, an advanced monitoring/headphone control section with four user-assignable headphone outputs, two stereo control room outputs, built-in talkback mic input and remote switching capability. The interface''s most innovative feature is an assignable patch bay with advanced DSP capabilities. Users can patch any hardware input, or mix any combination of hardware inputs, to any hardware output. Likewise, any software output can be patched to any hardware destination.

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PC case pullout
Mager Systems

Computer Pull out: This mounting system places the PC in a carriage that completely pulls out of the cabinet or from under a counter top. Once extended, the computer can be rotated 90 degrees in either direction to provide total access to the computer wiring. When installed in a cabinet it is insulated with sound acoustic treatment, baffling and ventilation. The weight limit on the assembly is 300 lbs. The upper and lower pieces are independent of each other so there is no rack height limit. The pullout extension is 22� inches. There is no required clearance for the back, however the depth of the equipment and wiring must be factored into the depth of the cabinet.

Magic Egg Software

Production Order Pro: Organize, track and store production orders, audio files, scripts, and traffic instructions with the industry''s first integrated solution for production orders: Production Order Pro by Magic Egg Software.


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Stereo condenser microphone
Marshall Electronics

MXL 990 USB: The MXL 990 USB stereo condenser microphone features two gold diaphragm capsules in an X/Y stereo configuration. The MXL 990 connects directly to a computer without the need for external mic preamps.The microphone features twin gold sputtered capsules (20 mm each) and this pressure-gradient stereo condenser microphone features a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response. The digital section of the microphone features a 16-bit Delta Sigma A/D converter with sampling rates of 44.1kHz and 48kHz.

Acoustical treatment kits
Media Specialty Resources

Studio Panel SP220, SP 502: Available in six standard colors with an additional 42 optional choices, the new SP220 and SP502 kits come with the same do-it-yourself installation kit included with the higher-priced Studiopanel kits. The point-of-sale package contains all the necessary tools as well as software that allows the end-user to properly place and install each system component for maximum results. The company''s innovative larger room kits and various patent-pending acoustic treatment components remain available.The SP502 kit is useful for small- to medium-sized studios. It controls room echo and reflection decay time over a wide range of frequencies. The kit includes five absorber panels and two of the firm''s Bazorber panels. The SP220 kit includes two absorber and two diffuser panels.


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Radio automation application

Radiocube On Air: This system provides support of multiple audio outputs. Multi-format and multi-sampling mixing of these audio formats is possible: MP3, WMA, WAV, MPEG 2, BWF. Users drag and drop from Windows Explorer to the play list. Separate progress bars provide intro/ramp count up/down. The system offers a built-in prelisten player with loop function. The application supports Direct X plug-ins and provides adjustable pitch for audio outputs (�50 percent). A dedicated control panel is available.
+49 89-3715645-0


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Power protection
MGE UPS Systems

Pulsar MX Frame: This UPS frame accommodates MGE''s Pulsar MX 5000 RT power and battery modules for a modular and scalable power protection system. When the Pulsar MX online double-conversion power modules are connected in parallel within the Pulsar MX Frame, the power can be scaled from 5kVA to 10-, 15- or 20kVA power levels within the unit''s 16RU frame. The same power and battery sub-modules from MGE standalone UPS units can be used in the frame. Units feature hot-swappable battery and power sub-modules, auto battery-test, switched outlets, multilingual LCD display and power management software. For extended backup time, redundant external battery modules can be added.


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CD/DVD printer
Microboards Technology

PF-2: The PF-2 is a high volume disc printer that helps users create discs at a high speed and with a low cost-per-disc without outsourcing production. The printer is capable of printing 100 discs along with a spindled-output for improved stacking and handling, while still continuing with the ability to print 16.7 million colors at up to 4800 dpi resolution.


Server enclosure
Middle Atlantic Products

WMRK: WMRK Series Configured Server Enclosures are manufactured with features that simplify cable, thermal and power management when mounting servers or other data-specific components, and save broadcast integrators valuable time and energy when ordering, installing and servicing components. The enclosures are versatile, full-featured and designed to easily house servers from all of today''s leading manufacturers. They are also designed to facilitate passive thermal management with perforated front and split rear doors and a Decora temperature monitoring module for local monitoring; as well as electrical knockouts on rear plates, removable split bottom rear panel, integral gland grommeted cable pass-throughs and a 42-space vertical lacing strip.

PAD interface software
Modulation Index

PAD Bridge: Interfacing automation systems and databases to RBDS and digital radio data encoders is a challenge for many stations, and this software provides a bridge between those systems. It can be used to display dynamic program information via RBDS, HD Radio PAD MPS/SPS, Internet streaming players and large-format display signs. One instance of PAD Bridge is used for each program source, and is configured to send data to several different devices or computers. As many as eight instances of PAD Bridge may run on a single computer. PAD Bridge 1.0 runs entirely on the user network without any external server requirements or subscriptions. The software has a one-time license fee per source. The software will parse information directly from most automation systems.

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Electronics components suppliers
Mouser Electronics

Electronics Components Catalog: Mouser delivers a time-to-market advantage with daily updates and new product additions to its online catalog of 850,000+ products. In addition, Mouser publishes a new 1,900+ page print catalog every 90 days with the newest products added and end-of-life products deleted.


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Coaxial Transfer Switch

301-180-X series: This series offers high isolation and low VSWR across all the broadcast frequency bands. The precision fit silver-plated and tellurium copper current paths ensure maximum power handling capacity, low loss and long service life. The series can be configurec for 120Vac or 240Vac. The control can be 12Vdc or 24Vdc. In case of power loss, the switch will remain in position once power is restored. There is also a manual override that can be performed when ac power is disconnected.