2007 Product Source: N to R

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2007 Product Source: N to R

Oct 1, 2007 12:00 AM

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HD Radio STL

Reliable HD Transport: This system features Clock Packet Tunneling that arranges clock packets to be sent during times when no data packets are using the STL bandwidth, facilitating a more accurate measurement of the STL throughput delay. Data rebalancing ensures continuous operation without dropout by creating a constant bit-rate stream, reducing instantaneous STL bandwidth requirements. Its automatic E2X start-up sends the initial control packet only once.

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Audio tone generating software
NCH Swift Sound

Tone Generator: The Tone Generator creates audio test tones, sweeps or noise waveforms using a computer or a PDA handheld. Typical applications include test tone generation for level alignment and calibration and quality control checks.

Software audio processor
Neural Audio

Neustar SW4.0: This upgrade allows broadcasters to monitor and process multiple digital radio channels HD2, HD3 and HD4 or Internet streams in the same box at a much lower cost per channel than standalone processing, without additional hardware. The NeuStar SW4.0 has been designed to run on any Windows XP computer or server including the HD Importer.

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Cable connector

EMC-XLR: The EMC-XLR is comprised of three-pole male/female XLR cable connectors with integrated LC-filters, which avoid the RD interference and LF noise. There is also a 360-degree shield contact on the female connector that ensures shielding and chassis contact. This connector can solve problems such as ground loops, RF interference and Pin 1 problems.


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Grounding wire
Nott Ltd.

Copperweld: Nott now distributes Copperweld grounding wire. This wire has been used by the electric utility industry for many years and just now comes to broadcasting. Standard Copperweld wire is not annealed, making it very springy to deal with. However, their ground wire is annealed and handles just like pure copper wire. It can also be silver soldered like pure copper. Tests indicate erosion may occur at the ends of buried wires, but will go no more than two wire diameters into the metal. In the case of #10 wire, this is less than 1/4�. RF current travels only on the outer surface of a wire due to skin effect, so most of the current will be flowing in the copper skin. Bending it into a sharp radius does not cause the copper skin to crack. Wrap it as tight as you like, then silver-solder it.


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Multi-stream networked audio processor
Omnia Audio

Omnia 8X: With algorithms modeled after the Omnia.3net, this processor provides eight discrete three-band stereo audio processors in a single, networked box. Its architecture works ahead of any bit-reduced audio coder to reduce artifacts and improve the sound audio destined for HD Radio, Internet and satellite broadcasting. Use it to process headphone feeds where off-air monitoring is not possible; as multi-band level control for remote codecs or on-air telephone systems; to process and send multiple audio streams from a single studio complex to multiple transmitter sites; or on-demand for in-studio musical performances or commercial production applications. The processor uses the Livewire standard over Ethernet.


Streaming module for FM Extra

Opticodec 1010: This software module streams encoded AAC Plus audio from Orban Opticodec-compatible audio servers into the FM Extra encoder and over-the-air to FM Extra-enabled receivers, eliminating transcoding.


Audio patch panels
Panel Authority

Panels: Panel Authority audio patch panels include control and connector panels, stainless and aluminum wall plates, electronic chassis systems, wooden panel mounting systems, aluminum and steel back boxes and panel mounting systems, aluminum rack panels, plain, hinged or vented. Flat or flanged, tapped aluminum rack rails and rack adapters for equipment mounting.

Nonpenetrating roof mount
Patriot Antenna Systems

Roof mount: The non-penetrating mount is a single or dual tray design and fits both 2� and 23/8� fittings. Turning over the center mast allows the switching from one size to another. One side of the mast will accommodate a 2� Az/El cap and the other side will accommodate a 23/8� Az/El cap. Assembly is easy and goes together like the previous single-tray models.


RBDS encoder

RDY: This fully digital RDS encoder features full controllable over frontside keypad and display, triple UECP inputs, double pilot inputs and RDS-57Khz output, IP port control, is remote controllable by RDS Database and Managements System or by Load and Control software and operates either as a single encoder or in a UECP or IP network.
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Green power devices
Pulizzi Engineering

RoHS-compliant products: Pulizzi Engineering has achieved compliance to the RoHS Directive standards for the restriction of hazardous substances in electronic equipment. This directive bans placing products on the European Union (EU) market if they surpass allowable levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants. The company now produces 26 RoHS-compliant products.

Break-out panels
RAM Broadcast Systems

BP1X24RJ45, BP2X24RJ45: The BP1X24RJ45 features 1RU, 24 bulkhead feed through CAT-5 RJ-45 modules, one large designation strip and front and rear tie bars. The BP2X24RJ45 features 2RU, two rows of 24 bulkhead feed through CAT-5 RJ-45 modules, two large designation strips, and front and rear tie bars.


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Desktop Script Board
RAM Broadcast Systems

ASB-24-4, ASB-24-12, SB-4, SB-12: These boards feature articulating or stationary mounting arms, adjustable pan and tilt, a 24� reach, bolt-through desk assembly, and a slim profile. Six-foot extensions are available. The boards are supplied with 4� or 12� risers. The equipment comes in several colors: red, blue, orange, green, yellow and smoke gray.


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Stereo line mixer

SM 82S: This stereo, eight-channel mixer occupies 1RU, and provides a rotary input level control, a stereo aux send level control and a balance control slider. Mono inputs are routed to both outputs, and the balance control functions as a pan pot. The aux return section provides a rotary return level control and a slide balance control. Several units can be ganged together using the 1/4� TRS main expand in and out jacks. It features an internal universal power supply.

Newsroom production

Prophet Newsgen 1.6: This standalone newsroom software enables reporters to write newscasts, receive and manipulate wire copy and digitally record, edit and playback audio. This upgraded version includes the added ability to ingest wire services via IP, flexibility to run the News Feeder service on multiple CPUs, moving a media file or story to a new category will update the erase date to reflect the new category''s settings, added created date, created user, length and media length columns to the story library, modified e-mail format to send as blind carbon copy, and time and date are now displayed based on regional settings.


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Twisted pair products
RDL (Radio Design Labs)

Format-A: Format-A twisted pair products send, receive and distribute audio via CAT5 cable. Modules are available for mounting in walls, cabinets and racks. Sending and receiving modules are equipped with connectors and terminal blocks for standard -10dBV unbalanced and +4dBu balanced line levels, and standard microphone levels. Format-A uses one pair for power and three pairs for signals. Sending and receiving modules each use one pair, two pairs or all three pairs for audio signals. Single-pair products allow the installer to select which of the three pairs is used to send or receive the signal. Two-pair products are used for stereo audio. Three-pair products send and receive three separate signals, which may comprise three mono signals or microphone plus stereo line signals.

Acoustic panels

Corner Mondotrap, Tri-Corner, RFZ: The new Corner Mondotrap is similar to a standard Mondotrap at four inches deep but with beveled sides to nest attractively in a corner and appears only one inch deep. All other dimensions and properties are the same as a standard Mondotrap. The Realtraps Tri-Corner is a triangle-shaped bass trap, also four inches thick, that fits perfectly in tri-corners where two walls meet the ceiling or floor. Like the Corner Mondotrap, the new Tri-Corner appears only 1� thick when installed. At 32� on each side, it has a surface area large enough to tame even very low bass frequencies.


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Compact FM transmitter
Rohde & Schwarz

NR8200: NR8200 FM transmitters are available for transmit powers of 2.5 to 40kW. Two single transmitters with up to 5kW each can be accommodated in a 19� rack. Even the complete 30kW transmitter requires only 2RU. Exciter standby, (n+1) standby, passive standby, and active dual output stage with manual or automatic switchover can be implemented for the R&S NR8200 transmitter family. Transmitters that are already in the network can be easily integrated in a (n+1) redundancy system.


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FM transmitter
Rohde & Schwarz

SR8000: This transmitter is equipped with a digital exciter, provides output power from 100W to 1kW. The digital exciter combines the specs of the analog exciters from the company with the reliability of modern digital signal processing. Due to their compact design, the transmitter occupies a maximum of four height units. All functions are integrated in one box; single frequency network operation is possible.



CD-2: The CD-2 records directly to CD or Compact Flash media (2GB capacity) for hours of recording time. Once recorded, audio can be edited, processed and burned to CD. The CD-2 includes a stereo mic or users can plug external mics in via the CD-2s two XLR inputs, complete with phantom power. RCA phono and 1/4� I/O is also provided. A variety of audio effects are available.

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Eight-channel monitor
RTW Radio-Technische Werkstatten

Digial Monitor 8CH: This digital 8-channel monitor with multi correlation display (phase meters), two-channel audio vectorscope has relevant functions for monitoring level, correlation and volume of digital multi-channel signals. It has a four-fold correlator, AES/EBU status monitor, stopwatch, and a remote control interface VGA output and digital inputs, especially for monitoring multi-channel audio signals and mix outputs.
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