2007 Product Source: S to Z

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2007 Product Source: S to Z

Oct 1, 2007 12:00 AM

Pencil condenser microphone
Samson Technologies

CL2: The CL2s are true capacitor microphones that feature a high pass filter and 10dB pad. The mic ships with both cardioid and omni removable elements featuring three micron, gold-sputtered diaphragms with maximum SPLs of 141 and 138dB respectively. The CL2 is ideal for recording or miking orchestral instruments, acoustic guitar, piano, overhead miking of drums and cymbals, vocals and choirs. The mic comes in a durable, lightweight aluminum case with a clip, pop filter, windscreen, shockmount, XLR cable, and the cardioid and omni capsules.

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SE Electronics

SE4: The SE4 mic is a remodeled SE3, but the chassis has been re-engineered to accept two additional interchangeable capsules: a hypercardioid and an omni. Single and matched pairs of mic and capsule sets are available and shipped in a black aluminum, steel-reinforced flight case. All mics ship with a full-suspension shock mount.


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Interdigital bandpass filters
Shively Labs

2604, 2612: These interdigital bandpass filters provide filtering in a footprint less than half the size of conventional bandpass filters. The 2604 is designed for use with transmitters up to 2.5kW and the 2612 for transmitters up to 10kW. Both are manufactured for use in HD Radio applications.


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Intercom monitor, talk panel
Sierra Automated Systems

ICM-32: Designed for a variety of broadcast communications, the monitor features 32 separate talk/listen channels, each with a two-line/eight-character VFD display; dial-up listen and talk of any router system source or destination; and mixing of multiple sources for listen with independent volume control adjustment. Connectivity is via Internet, local LAN or directly to the SAS 32KD.


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SLS Loudspeakers

HT400: The HT400 system is composed of four HT6.5S two-way, full-range bookshelf speakers, one HT6.5C dedicated, full-range center channel speaker and one HT6.5W 150wt powered subwoofer. The HT6.5S provides a frequency response of 42Hz to 25kHz while the HT6.5C provides 48Hz to 25kHz. Both deliver a frequency response through a 6.5-inch paper composite cone, shielded woofer and the signature Neo3 PDR Ribbon push-pull tweeter with a 2.2kHz crossover point. The HT6.5S weighs 24lbs and is rated for 100W RMS and 200W maximum. The HT6.5C weighs 33 lbs and is rated for 150W RMS and 300W maximum. Both units can be mounted on a stand, shelf or by using a Multimound MM-010 system.


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Portable mixer ranges
Soundcraft USA

FX16ii, EFX and MFX: An extension of its multipurpose mixer range, Soundcraft added three new FX models: the FX16ii, EFX and MFX, each featuring no less than 32 Lexicon 24-bit digital effects. The new models use the same AudioDNA processor found in many Lexicon and DigiTech outboard products, including the Lexicon MX500. The FX16ii is useful for on-location audio with 26 inputs, 16 direct outputs, four stereo returns and rotating connector pod, which allows cables to be connected behind the rack. Representing the smallest console in the Soundcraft multipurpose range, the EFX offers a professional solution in a smaller frame size, available in eight- and 12-channel versions.


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Surround microphone
Soundfield Research

ST350: This lightweight multi-capsule microphone and compact mic-pre/control unit generates surround and stereo simultaneously at balanced line levels. The microphone electronics are capable of driving long cable runs. Control features include high-performance mic preamps with discretely switched 6dB gain steps and composite five-segment LED bargraph for level monitoring. Continuously variable control is offered over the stereo polar patterns from omni to figure-eight with a width control providing mono to wide image stereo. A high-pass filter, switchable M/S output and headphone monitoring are included.
+44 1924 201 089

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Active harmonic filters
Staco Energy Products

Stacosine: Stacosine uses power electronics to monitor a non-linear load and dynamically correct every harmonic order from the 2nd to the 31st. Through an injection and cancellation process, the sine wave is restored and distortion is reduced to less than 5 percent THD, meeting stringent IEEE 519 standards. Stacosine technology moves power from the ac source to its dc electronic platform, then back to the ac source rapidly, to cancel harmonics and equalize the sine wave. Designed to operate at levels that continuously adapt to rapid load fluctuations, models are available for 208 to 480 Vac, three-phase installations with an adaptive system frequency of 45/65Hz, and 120/240Vac control power. Equipment ratings are from 25A to 200A. Wall mount or freestanding NEMA 1 enclosures are standard, with NEMA 12 or 3R enclosures available.


Workstation programmable patchbay

Studiopatch 6425: This audio patchbay has been developed to fit the needs of analog and digital audio workstations. The 6425 connects to I/O interfaces with DB25 cables. It is laid out with four groups of eight channels of TT (Bantam) jacks. Each group of eight has its own in and out DB25. Depending on a studio''s normaling requirements, the 6425 has changeable normals by the turn of a flathead screwdriver. For each of the 32 channels, these normaling positions can be set to full normal, half normal or non-normal modes.


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Audio processing tool

Deuce 722: The Deuce 722 is designed to solve numerous everyday audio-processing problems. Featuring two inputs and outputs (on XLR and Euroblock connectors), it contains microphone pre-amplification (featuring a That front-end with true +48V phantom power), compression, split-band compression, downward expansion, gating, de-essing, AGC, ambient noise compensation, feedback elimination, equalization, mixing, stereo width and balance, delay and more within a single rack space.


Multipurpose loudspeakers
TCS Audio

TM Series: The TM series of loudspeakers consists of 12 models: the TM10X, TM10XW, TM112, TM112R, TM112W, TM115, TM115R, TM115W, TM206, TM206W, TM215S, and TM215SW. Available in black with handles or white without handles, all TM Series products are finished with a rugged Duratex exterior and feature a foam-backed, powder-coated, 16-gauge perforated steel grill to protect the transducers. The TM112 and TM115 are available in reversed versions for mirror image applications. All TM Series loudspeakers feature Omnimount compatibility or include multiple 3/8�-16 captive nuts for mounting. Models TM10X, TM112, TM115, and TM215S also include pole cups for use on speaker stands or pole-mount applications. The woofers are neodymium coaxial transducers mounted in a vented enclosure.


Recording tools for journalists
Technica del Arte

Luci: This software can be loaded on a Pocket PC or Smartphone to provide mpeg recording capability. The screen features large buttons for transport controls, and more than eight hours of recording time is possible with a 256MB memory-card. Product support includes usage if the PDA is lost or damaged by providing a temporary keycode to authorize the software on another device for seven days. The company provides a PHP-script to receive recordings and publish them online immediately.
+31 43 32 19 499


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Telos Systems

Zephyr/IP: Zephyr/IP uses Agile Connection Technology (ACT) to continuously adapt to network conditions, minimizing the effects of packet loss, varying bandwidth and jitter. ACT''s error detection and concealment routines, dynamic buffering and other techniques work together to provide stable IP audio connections. This codec features I/O including AES/EBU, analog and a Livewire Ethernet interface for direct integration with Axia IP-Audio networks as well as LAN, WAN and Wi-fi networks. Other features include studio-grade 24-bit A/D-D/A converters transmission bit rates from 16kb/s to 256kb/s and a Telos-hosted Z/IP Server service for look-up of and connection to other Zephyr/IP users worldwide.


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Talkshow system
Telos Systems

Nx12: The Nx12 provides support for POTS, ISDN and Livewire audio-over-IP technology. This is a self-contained, 12-line system that includes four hybrids. Available with analog or AES inputs/outputs, the system mixes callers down to two separate analog or AES feeds when the built-in outputs are used. Four hybrids remain present. The system includes echo cancellation for VoIP and cell phone callers. With two program-on-hold inputs and two analog or AES outputs, the system is capable of handling the telephone requirements for two stations simultaneously.


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Telephone hybrid and screener system
Thum + Mahr GmbH/Yellowtec

Yellowtec B-line: B-line combines a POTS and ISDN telephone hybrid with an effective call screener for use in talk shows. The audio connections to the mixing console or audio workstation are equipped with balanced studio level and AES/EBU interfaces. The integrated digital signal processing includes echo cancellation, AGC and expander. Plugging in a telephone handset (or headset) allows off-air screening. In ISDN mode, two callers can be managed simultaneously and switched to air independently. Features include GPI/O with programmable relays and TTL inputs and outputs, a DTMF option to initiate calls, sending DTMF tones over existing connections or decoding incoming DTMF tones as well as an RS-232 interface for external control by a PC running Talkmaster software, or for connection of the B-line Keypad.
+49 2173 967 336


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Cellular remote software module
Tieline Technology

3G: A software upgrade for current users, the Commander G3 and I-mix G3 platforms now deliver live nroadcast-quality remotes to the studio via emerging 3G wireless broadband technology. Broadcasters with 3G broadband enabled cell phones can connect from anywhere they can get reliable wireless 3G coverage and deliver FM-quality mono and stereo audio for remote broadcasts. A 3G broadband connection enables data transfer at download speeds of up to 384kb/s and upload speeds of up to 128kb/s.


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Washable keyboard

Spillseal S5000K: Spillseal keyboard technology provides protection from liquids and dust rated to standard NEMA4X and IP66. It is washable and easy to disinfect, reducing the spread of germs. It is compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP with no extra software or set-up.

AM conductivity software
V-Soft Communications

AM Conductivity v1.0: Version 1.0 of Conductivity for AM radio will automatically identify the correct ground conductivity curves to be used based on the field strength measurements it is provided along a specific radial. Breaks in the conductivity will be plotted on the radial''s graph. The program can handle up to five data sets per each radial allowing comparatives; for example, for an omni-directional measurement to a directional measurement. Once given the measurements, Conductivity can construct the actual pattern the station is radiating. Conductivity is a standalone program, or it can be used in tandem with V-Soft Communications'' AM-Pro, which will accept direct file input of the ground conductivity break files.


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Networked audio system

Evolution 6: The E-6 Surface, the E-series Studio Satellite and the E-series Network Switch combine to achieve a cost effective networked audio system. Each studio operates independently yet can share all the sources and mixes through the E-series Network. Switch without traffic limitations, audio latency or machine control delays. The E-6 Surface features event recall, bus-minus and mix-minus and four aux mixes � all with dedicated talkback systems. The E-6 also has four monitor outputs and standard EQ, dynamics, panning and mic processing on all channels (simultaneously). It supports multiple arrays of programmable input channel and master panel switches for customized functions like phone, intercom, salvos or machine commands.



Wirecad XL: WireCAD XL is designed for the small facility. It provides a single database with up to 2,000 cables. There is no limit to the number project systems. The tools are there to create functional and physical blocks. Assign system IDs and number cables.


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EAS, Wire Service Capture

Alert Ready: This electronic newsroom, EAS alert and wire service capture software allows the user to capture all these events in a personal e-mail account. It stores the needed documentation if the EAS printer fails, and it can also be used to save paper and archive EAS messages. The system runs in the background of any Windows 2000/XP computer. The software generates a warning if planned tests do not occur. One computer can be used to capture and e-mail messages from multiple receivers. Users can automatically publish EAS messages to a website with the Web Ready add-on.


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Professional USB Converter

PUC: PUC is a two-channel self-contained audio interface for use with USB enabled desktop computers or notebooks. The unit is powered through the Universal Serial Bus, so no external power supply is needed. PUC requires no installation of drivers other than those automatically loaded by the host operating system. With the exception of a 1/8-inch headphone jack, audio connections are made via an optional breakout cable, which attaches securely to the PUC via DB25 connector. Electronically balanced analogue audio I/O (0dBFS = +18dBu) is provided through stereo pairs of Neutrik XLRs.
+49 2173 967 336


Digital mixer

Deva Mix-12: This device is a control surface for the embedded digital audio mixer of the Deva IV or Deva V location recorders The mixer provides a three-band shelving EQ with two notch filters and a high-pass filter for each channel, a soft-knee compressor with makeup gain, cross-faded cross points to eliminate clicks or pops, floating point DSP, unlimited routing and Penny and Gilles faders. The mixer includes integrated record and stop buttons for the Deva. Each of the 12 fader strips provides access to bus routing and effects for that channel. An LED input meter is provided on each channel strip to augment the Deva''s output metering. Three separate talk back buses can be routed to any combination of outputs and internal mix buses.

Podcasting service

Prestopod: Designed to be an all-in-one offering to help community and independent radio stations reach a wider audience, this service can quickly create a podcast from an existing online radio program. Prestopod creates and hosts the podcasts, lists them in podcast directories, and reports usage statistics.