25-Seven Updates Precision Delay to Four Hours

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25-Seven Updates Precision Delay to Four Hours

Apr 6, 2013 8:26 AM

Las Vegas, NV - Apr 6, 2013 - The 25-Seven Precision Delay, that made its award-winning debut at the 2012 NAB Show, now boasts up to four hours of sample-accurate delay. Precision Delay provides a flexible system to delay programs across time zones, with no spinning hard drives and no complicated programming.

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Precision Delay also meets the challenges of protecting the integrity of PPM codes during delay builds and exits. Its unique Watermark Safe Mode helps accommodate the time-based structure of PPM encoding. 25-Seven algorithms never alter pitch, so they never undermine the critical frequencies upon which PPM depends.

"We designed Precision Delay for a range of radio applications", notes Geoff Steadman, president of 25-Seven. "In addition to helping stations and networks delay programming, Precision Delay can also be used to address drift between analog and HD Radio transmission signals."

When integrated into the HD Radio air-chain, Precision Delay uses delay status readings from compatible Belar and Audemat modulation monitors to adjust the delay of the analog broadcast signal for synchronization with the HD Radio signal. Tight synchronization is critical to listeners in cars where radios blend between the analog and HD Radio signals.

In addition to the blend issue, some stations choose not to delay their analog signals during local sports events, so listeners can hear the analog signal in real-time with the game. Precision Delay provides both inaudible exit from delay and precise post-game resynchronization with the HD Radio signal required by "ballgame mode."

Its extreme accuracy also recommends Precision Delay for transmission signal synchronization in complex, on-frequency retransmission systems.

As with all 25-Seven products, Precision Delay has a built in Web-server for control from anywhere and standard digital, analog and Livewire IP audio interfaces. Serial data over IP or RS-232, as well as contact closures, can be delayed in sync with the audio.

Precision Delay received a Radio magazine Pick Hit Award at the 2012 NAB Show.