2wcom Debuts A30 Monitoring Device

Product is successor to company’s A20 monitoring device
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FLENSBURG, Germany�2wcom�s A20 monitoring is officially out of date, as the company has now introduced the new A30. The updated system features two professional FM tuners that can be used independently, allows for the configuration of station order and measurement time through a web interface.

The A30 has multiple interfaces, including an analog or digital audio input, MPX input, two analog or digital audio MPX outputs, relays, GPIs, SNMP and two parallel MP3 streams. The system can also serve as a backup source and can loop through incoming external audio/MPX signals to its outputs via quality relays and it can measure an incoming external audio/MPX source and switch the output source to an internal FM tuner in the case of signal degradation; if there is no signal degradation, the A30 automatically shifts back to the external audio/MPX source.

2wcom is a developer of technology for audio over IP, audio over DVB-S/S2, DAB/DAB+ over satellite/IP, and FM/RDS.