2wcom Launches New MM01 for Audio Contribution and Distribution over IP

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2wcom Launches New MM01 for Audio Contribution and Distribution over IP

Jul 20, 2014 2:57 PM

Flensburg, GERMANY -- 2wcom has announced the launch of MM01, a new compact multi-role codec for audio over IP contribution and distribution. Targeted primarily at studio-transmitter link applications, MM01 provides the ability to integrate into diverse infrastructures. The MM01''s audio synchronization, delivered to microsecond accuracy, also makes it suitable for applications where precise timing is essential.

The MM01 is a full duplex audio codec, with redundancy capability and comprehensive monitoring functions. The redundancy capability is designed to accommodate a wide range of possible sources, from DSL lines to satellite.

Offering comprehensive support for audio codecs including AAC and eAPTX, the MM01 also supports dual streaming and Pro MPEG FEC.

Upgrades and control, detailed logs, and status information from the MM01 can be analyzed by 2wcom''s centralized management system, or by third-party network management systems. Daily or event-based tasks such as firmware and configuration changes, redundancy switchings, and content transfer can be automated. The MM01''s upgradeable platform offers the ability to adapt to any future requirement through its built-in support for features like https, SNMPv3, and syslog.

MM01 is a 19� 1RU codec suitable for a rack installation, with front panel monitoring and control. Serial I/O, GPIO, redundant IP interfaces and dual power supplies are provided.