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531N Is FM Mod Monitor With Network Interface

Inovonics will highlight its 531N FM Modulation Monitor at the spring NAB Show
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FELTON, Calif.�Inovonics will highlight its531N FM Modulation Monitorat the spring NAB Show.

The company says this model incorporates features necessary for station setup, regulatory compliance and remote FM signal monitoring.

�Dependable, direct input and off-air reception lets you keep a sharp eye on your total RF signal performance whether you�re right at the transmitter site or half way around the world.It retails for $3,200.

Features includeemail/SMS error notifications and �total� RF signal performance monitoring, direct and off-air. The tuning range is 76 MHz�108.1 MHz in 100 kHz increments. A dynamic Web interface displays RDS, data, baseband FFT, audio XY and peak density readouts.

Users also can control and monitor via the Web, as shown in the accompanying screen shot (orview the Web demo live).


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