A Webster-Chicago Model 80 Wire Recorder and the top 20 radio advertisers of 2008

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A Webster-Chicago Model 80 Wire Recorder and the top 20 radio advertisers of 2008

Feb 1, 2009 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Do you remember?

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Rich Parker wrote to us for information regarding a Webster-Chicago Model 80 Wire Recorder. Rich writes, �It appears to be in decent shape and even has the old Art Deco mic with the Jones plug connector. But even stranger is that there was a box with a couple dozen �wire� spools, each about 30 minutes. Of particular interest is one marked �Feb. 6 '49 - WCBS New York Philharmonic - Leopold Stokowski, Conductor, Myra Hess, Piano.� There is also another reel of �Thus Spake Zarathustra (WCBS)� but no date. And most curious � one marked �Harold's Radio Interview � WJZ,� again with no date. From other tapes, it appears that Harold (Walsh) was an architect or designer of some kind (there are lectures).�

�I haven't fired it up yet � it needs a bit of dusting and cleaning, but it appears to be in quite good shape. I thought some of the NYC folks might have some idea who this fellow might be or any other history. There are also several reels marked Jeanne Walsh with various piano recitals on them. Also if anyone has tips on the care and feeding of this beast, that would be most appreciated. I did find one funny link on Google about a guy who used his to encode data on the wire spools � might work for my old TRS-80 Model 100 laptop in place of the cassette recorder.�

If you have any information on this piece of machinery or the people mentioned, e-mail Rich at rparker@vpr.net and copy us at radio@RadioMagOnline.com.

That was then

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Wes Boyd sent us these images of an NAB study guide from 30 years ago when the FCC required all operators to have a Third-Class commercial radiotelephone license with an Element Nine broadcast endorsement. The SBE currently offers Radio Operator certification, which is designed to show operator proficiency in the information he should know. See a full pdf of the exam.

Sample and Hold

Top 20 Radio Advertisers in 2008

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Source: Media Monitors
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The biggest advertisers of 2008 came from a variety of categories, but the top 20 radio list was certainly driven by ads from the HD Digital Radio Alliance, Walmart and Geico. This list was compiled from monitors in 77 radio markets surveyed in the U.S. from Jan. 1, 2008, to Dec. 14, 2008. For the full report, including TV, cable and newspaper advertisers, visit mediamonitors.com/specialreport.asp?idx=1.