Actus Digital ActusRemote

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Actus Digital ActusRemote

Apr 1, 2013 4:00 AM

Media management
ActusRemote lets broadcasters record and log channels broadcast from remote locations to a central location, reducing the need for multiple systems, servers and databases. Because content is adapted to specific regions, languages and markets more frequently, there are increasing demands for radio channels to be monitored and measured for legal compliance purposes and quality control. With ActusRemote, broadcasters can access all channel recordings and data from one central location, simplifying the infrastructure for managing multiple locations, languages, etc. ActusRemote Probes connect to the main system and record, even when there are problems and/or fluctuations in bandwidth. The Actus module incorporates protocols to manage disconnections and line quality issues. Actus transfers all encoded chunks (short video files) from the ActusRemote Probe into the ActusRemote central server via FTP, maximizing speeds against available bandwidth.
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