Adorama Launches New Camera Drones

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Adorama Launches New Camera Drones

Dec 8, 2014 2:30 PM

NEW YORK� Adorama says the Aries Blackbird X10, a remotely controlled aerial quadcopter that captures First Person Video from up to 1,500 feet, is available. The Blackbird X10 is capable of shooting up to 1080P/30fps full HD video, as well as 16-megapixel still images, with a flight time of up to 25 minutes per charge.

The chopper features integrated flight and camera control, six-axis gyro stability, GPS accuracy, advanced intelligent flight control systems, a weather-protected build, and a wide, stable landing base.

With 2.4GHz Wi-Fi integration connecting to mobile device platforms, users can control the Blackbird X10 camera through the Aries App in real time. The app''s mobile display enables shooters to start and stop video recordings, take a still shot, or make changes to the settings and vary the field of view of the lens. Mobile devices can be mounted to the main controller using the Mobile Device Mount, which ships with it.

The Aries Repeater, which also ships with the Blackbird X10, is a wireless communication device that works in the 2.4GHz frequency band, and is used to increase the effective communication distance between the mobile device and quadcopter. The Aries Repeater increases the effective wireless range by approximately 1,000 feet, depending on conditions.

Users can remotely control the direction and acceleration using the transmitter, which commands basic flight maneuvers using two joystick controls.

Cinematographers will rely on the GPS navigation system to keep the quadcopter stable, maintaining a fixed horizontal and vertical position. The flight is piloted via the wireless flight transmitter with a communication range of up to 1,600 feet. Satellite accuracy maintains flight data calibration and compass settings and defends against electronic interference.

The Aries Blackbird X10 sports a 5300mAh lithium battery system, giving the quadcopter 25 minutes of flight time on one charge. The battery charges externally via a wall outlet with the supplied power cord. The Blackbird X10 has audible and visual alerts when the battery is running low. One 5300mAh lithium battery and charger ships with the Aries Blackbird X10.

Safety systems are integrated in the X10''s heart. When the flight controls are released or there is loss of control, the copter automatically hovers, using its GPS-accurate guidance to maintain position and height, regardless of wind conditions.

With the Failsafe mode, if the Aries Blackbird X10 loses the signal from the transmitter, the Automatic Flight Control system will control the quadcopter, pilot it to a safe height, then return it to the starting point and land it safely.

A set of Aries Blackbird X10 propeller guards will protect from damage caused by the spinning propellers.