AKG HSC171, HSD 171, HSC 271, HSD 271

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AKG HSC171, HSD 171, HSC 271, HSD 271

May 6, 2011 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

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Condenser microphone models HSC 171 and HSC 271 and dynamic microphone lines HSD 171 and HSD 271 now feature closed-back earpiece design for high ambient noise attenuation and signal isolation. The HSC 271 and HSD 271 are circumaural (full-size) and the HSC 171 and HSD 171 are supra-aural (on ear) designs. All have a detachable cable -- if a cable becomes defective under the stress ofday-to-day use, it can be quickly replaced without any tools. Each headset has a flexible microphone arm that moves through a 270-degree arc and automatically mutes the mic as it's moved up, eliminating the need for a mute button. The HSC 271 and HSD 271 also feature automatic headphone muting. The microphone can be worn to the left or the right of the wearer's mouth, and the microphone is shock mounted to attenuate mechanical noise and protect the capsule from damage.

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