ALC NetworkX Debuts RAV2SAP Converter

Ravenna-to-SAP freeware conversion tool helps connect Ravenna devices to other AES67 devices
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MUNICH, Germany � ALC NetworkX has added a new tool to assist with the AES67 interoperability standard, announcing the release of the RAV2SAP converter, which offers Ravenna-to-SAP freeware conversion for connecting Ravenna devices to other AES67 devices.

Systems like Audinate�s Dante protocol exclusively use SAP protocol for SDP data transfer, but as a result cannot connect to other AES67 devices unless they also support SAP. The RAV2SAP tool provides a translation service between Ravenna and SAP and can support manual entry and read-out of SDP data as well as automatic translation; it also enables devices not adhering to Ravenna or Dante technology to connect to any available AES67 stream through manual SDP data exchange.

The RAV2SAP converter is available as a freeware tool, which can be downloaded from the Ravenna website.