ALC NetworkX Releases RAV2SAP

Ravenna-to-SAP freeware conversion tool to connect Ravenna devices to AES67 devices
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MUNICH�In response to the growth of the AES67 interoperability standard, ALC NetworkX has developed the RAV2SAP, a Ravenna-to-SAP freeware conversion tool designed to connect Ravenna devices to AES67 devices.

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The RAV2SAP converter supports manual entry and read-out of SDP data as well as automatic translation. The tool can also enable devices not adhering to Ravenna or Dante technology to connect to any available AES67 stream via manual SDP data exchange, as well as serving as a diagnostic tool for monitoring exchanged SDP data.

�While some Ravenna devices have implemented SAP in addition to Ravenna�s standard SDP data exchange method, we felt that interconnectivity would be greatly facilitated if a generic Ravenna-to-SAP converter providing a translation service between Ravenna and SAP announcements were available,� reports Andreas Hildebrand of ALC NetworkX.

The RAV2SAP converter is now available.