All joking aside

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All joking aside

Sep 1, 2006 12:00 PM, Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

2006 Product Source

The annual Product Source showcases hundreds of new products as well as the Radio magazine Pick Hits from NAB2006....

While cartoon characters span this year's issue, the 2006 Radio magazine Product Source is all business. Inside this issue you will find products for every need, be it a large station with a big budget, or a small station with a small budget. Many of the products featured in the Product Source debuted at NAB2006, including a review of the Radio magazine 2006 Pick Hit award recipients.

The Product Source is a resource that you can refer to throughout the coming year. This year's edition includes five special sections dedicated to production (Portable Production), remote broadcasting (Out and About), transmitter sites and field work (Beyond these Walls), and more. Some of the items do not fit the typical broadcast need, so you'll find some unique items that may fill a special void. For example, if Wi-fi equipment is your next big purchase, we've listed several manufacturers of wireless receivers, as well as a brief description of each one.

Also, I welcome your feedback on this annual supplement. Perhaps you use a product that has filled a need like no other. Please tell me about it. E-mail your comments and suggestions to