Allen & Heath AB168

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Allen & Heath AB168

Jun 20, 2014 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, managing editor

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Portable audio IO rack
AB168 is designed primarily as a stage box for live performance, providing a direct connection to the main mixing system. Featuring 16 mic preamps with Phantom Power indicators and eight XLR line outs, AB168 runs on Allen & Heath's proprietary dSNAKE protocol and is compatible with both the Qu and GLD mixer ranges, complementing Allen & Heath's existing 19" rack IO dSNAKE products, the AR2412 and AR84. Adding an AB168 to a Qu or GLD system allows the user to position some or all I/O up to 120m from the mixer. The unit connects over a single Cat-5 cable to the Qu/GLD mixer or AR2412 AudioRack via a secure dSNAKE EtherCon port.

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