Allen & Heath Qu-32

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Allen & Heath Qu-32

Jun 19, 2014 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, managing editor

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Portable mixer
Qu-32 shares the Qu series key features, such as total recall of settings (including faders and digitally controlled preamps), Qu-Drive integrated multi-track recorder, dSNAKE for remote I/O and personal monitoring, multi-channel USB streaming, Qu-Pad control app, and the iLive FX Library. It comes with a larger, 7" touchscreen and 33 motorized faders. Key to the design was providing a dedicated faderper mic input channel while retaining a compact footprint, the Qu series distinctive styling, and extensive I/O, comprising 32 mic/line inputs, three stereo inputs, 24 mix outputs including two Stereo Matrix Mix Outputs and four Stereo Groups with full processing, patchable AES digital output with a further 2-channel ALT output, dedicated Talkback mic pre input, and 2-Track output.

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