Ampegon Unveils New Shortwave and Mediumwave Antenna Systems

Company introduces folded monopole and dipole antennas
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AMSTERDAM�Ampegon, a supplier of shortwave, mediumwave, and longwave equipment, has unveiled two new concepts for antenna design: a shortwave folded diplole antenna system and a mediumwave folded monopole antenna system.

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The shortwave folded diploe antenna system is available in the RF power range up to 50kW for domestic shortwave transmission. Designed with Ampegon components and optimized to lower power specifications, the 50 kW system offers simplification without loss of performance. The system also features key performance indicators like VSWR = 1.5 in the operational frequency range band and a gain of 8 dBi. The design consists of tubular structures for the suspension of the dipole and is designed for wind speeds up to 99 mph.

The mediumwave folded monopole is also a 50 kW antenna system and is fully grounded with no need for a base insulator for the placement of the antenna. The antenna consists of the mast and radiating element; the guy ropes supporting the mast are each divided by a single insulator. A minimum number of insulators are installed, making maintenance simpler. The newest type of insulator used in the antenna system features silicon protection and shows a ruggedness toward environmental influences.

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For more information, Ampegon will be located at booth 8.D35 during IBC 2015.