Aphex CX 500, Project 500

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Aphex CX 500, Project 500

Feb 24, 2014 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

500 Series modules
The Project 500 is a full channel strip in a single 500 Series module. It features a Class A preamp, an optical compressor, a two-band, overlapping EQ and a Jensen JT-11DL nickel output-balancing transformer. The Class A preamp and the optical compressor are taken directly from the TEC and PAR Award nominated Aphex Project Channel. The EQ section is inspired by the company's popular EQF 500 module. Project 500's Class A microphone preamp provides up to 65dB of gain. The CX 500 combines the technologies of the Aphex Logic-Assisted gate and EasyRider automatic compressor. The Logic-Assisted Gate provides reliable, accurate, and stable gate operation. The patented design never false triggers, clicks or chatters. Once triggered, the gate progresses through its attack, hold and release sequence. The CX 500 is designed to have both the compressor and gate work as a seamlessly integrated system.

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