APTX licenses Enhanced Apt-x to Digigram

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APTX licenses Enhanced Apt-x to Digigram

Jan 4, 2010 4:07 PM

Belfast, Northern Ireland - Jan 4, 2010 - Digigram has licensed the Enhanced apt-X audio codec from APTX. Digigram will offer the Enhanced Apt-x codec in both the Iqoya line of IP audio devices as well as within Visiblu, the company's network audio operating system (management of distributed audio processing resources and IP audio transport) for Windows and Linux platforms. Drawing on the core features of Enhanced Apt-x and its low latency of slightly more than 1 millisecond and excellent acoustic response, the audio-over-IP product range from Digigram will facilitate broadcasters who are migrating studio-to-studio and mission-critical studio-to-transmitter links from traditional synchronous E1, X.21 and ISDN circuits to IP packetized networks.

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