Ashly Audio nX

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Ashly Audio nX

Jun 13, 2013 8:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

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These Class D amplifiers deliver up to 12kW of clean power while drawing less than 1W in sleep mode. nX amplifiers are offered in four- or two-channel versions with selectable high-Z (70/100V) or low-Z output on each channel. Model variants include the addition of Ethernet control, and onboard Protea DSP with load monitoring. Ashly hand-builds nX amplifiers in the United States and backs their performance with a 5-year warranty. The base nX amplifiers are available in four- or two-channel models at 3kW or 1500W per channel (at 2ohms) and feature a defeatable automatic sleep mode. nXe series amps add Ethernet control, serial data control, aux preamp outputs, programmable standby mode, preset recall, fault condition logic outputs, event scheduling, and optional network audio and digital audio capability (CobraNet� or AES3). Finally, nXp series amps feature everything in nXe plus onboard 32-bit SHARC Protea DSP processing (48 or 96kHz sampling rate) and precision swept load-impedance monitoring.

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