ATC Labs Integrates Digigram Sound Cards

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ATC Labs Integrates Digigram Sound Cards

Nov 19, 2014 11:43 AM

MONTBONNOT, FRANCE � Digigram has announced a partnership with audio technology company ATC Labs.

ATC Labs will integrate Digigram sound cards into its Perceptual SoundMax line of audio processors and ALCO Blue IP codec. The Digigram cards provide analog and digital interfaces.

The Digigram VX222e, UAX220v2 and VX222HR cards will be incorporated into the company's Perceptual SoundMax audio processors, which provide unmatched signal processing functionality for broadcast or audio streaming, thus allowing users to move ahead of the competition in sound quality and implementation efficiency. The Digigram cards will also be built into ATC Labs' ALCO Blue rackmount IP codecs and used in conjunction with its ALCO Professional line of integrated IP audio SoftCodec solutions.

Among the benefits of working with integrated solutions from ATC Labs is the ability to perform concurrent on-air and Internet streaming. Whether from one of the thousands of new stations emerging in India or a community or college radio broadcaster in the United States, users can very easily and cost-effectively reach audiences on multiple platforms while ensuring excellent aural quality.

Digigram offers IP-based solutions. Its products enable the capture, production and delivery of audio and video over IP networks.