Audemat-Aztec Releases Goldeneagle HD Ver 1.4

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Audemat-Aztec Releases Goldeneagle HD Ver 1.4

Feb 16, 2007 4:45 PM

Miami - Feb 5, 2007 - Audemat-Aztec has released software version 1.4 for its Goldeneagle HD monitor. The new release is based partly on input from customers to improve the unit and is available free of charge.

Many major new features are available in the update. First, the Goldeneagle HD is now capable of displaying the complete NRSC (5A) mask for AM and FM HD Radio stations. The unit can also monitor the station's compliance with this mask on a regular basis and issue alerts for out-of-tolerance conditions. Another new feature is automatic monitoring of the digital/analog audio time alignment, with alerts via e-mail, SMS, SNMP trap or voice call.

New capabilities have been added to the modulation monitoring feature that was introduced in V1.3. Peak weighting and filtering have been added to provide a more accurate measurement consistent with traditional analog measurements. The modulation monitor can now measure modulation on the 67kHz and 92kHz subcarriers. The unit can now be configured to monitor the entire FM spectrum and send alerts when changes in RF level are detected.

Other enhancements include sticky frequency selection, maintaining 30 days of recorded readings, scheduled recording of analog or digital audio, time alignment measurements accessible from the touch screen, user-controlled time-out for real-time measurement and audio listening, and a new maintenance mode.

To obtain the software update, contact Audemat-Aztec Technical Support Manager Tony Peterle at or 305 249 3110.