Audient Introduces ARC Creative Hub

Customers can access to free software
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HERRIARD, UK � Audient has teamed up with Eventide, Steinberg, LANDR and Producertech to offer free creative software in its new ARC creative hub.

After registering a product on the Audient website, customers can access free software intended to provide a solution for recording, mixing, mastering and education.�

The package includes two Eventide plugins: UltraChannel and UltraReverb, which provide EQ, compression, delay, gates, reverb and more.

Also available are Steinberg's Cubase LE and Cubasis LE2 (for iOS), which turn a Mac, PC or iPad into a compact Digital Audio Workstation, offering audio recording, editing, MIDI sequencing and mixing tools.

LANDR offer eight free 16-bit WAVs and two free 24-bit WAV master credits to Audient users, while the two courses will give insights into compression and vocal production, as well as a voucher toward further courses.

According to Marketing Manager Andy Allen, the ARC contains $600 in creative software.