Audient Unveils iD4 Compact Audio Interface

Follows the previously released iD14
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HAMPSHIRE, England�Audient is set to release the latest in its line of audio interfaces, the iD4. The compact and bus-powered system features an Audient console mic pre, AD converters, a JFET D.I, dual headphone outputs, console-style monitor control and virtual scroll wheel technology.

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New features for the iD4 include Monitor Mix and Monitor Pan. The Monitor Mix feature allows for users to monitor a blend of both iD4 inputs and DAW playback. Monitor Pan enables both the mic pre input and D.I input to be panned from left to right.

Additional features include a Class-A/B headphone amplifier with dual outputs, and an all metal enclosure.

Audient is offering the iD4 at a retail price of $199.