Audio Precision Offers Measurement Mics

There are four mics, all free-field, prepolarized with onboard preamps
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BEAVERTON, Ore. � Test and measurement system equipment specialist Audio Precision has developed a line of calibrated measurement microphones designed to work with, though not limited to, its audio measurement equipment


There are four mics, all free-field, prepolarized with onboard preamps. In addition all are TEDS-compliant.

The mics are the 378M31, 378M32, 378M33 and the 130M23.

The 378M31 featuring a 1/2-inch capsule is listed as a general purpose microphone with high sensitivity. Price: $895.�

The 378M32, also a 1/2-inch capsule, is designed with lower sensitivity, a flat response for high frequency measurements, up to 40 kHz. Price: $1,145.�

The smaller 378M33 has a 1/4-inch capsule and is also designed for higher frequencies. Price: $1,355.

Another 1/4-inch capsule mic is the 130M23. It is designed for use in arrays (multiple channels). Price: $365.

AP is also offering the AECM304, an occluded ear simulator. It is designed to mimic the human ear canal. It requires the AP 426M14 (or similar) preamplifier. Price: $2,490.�

These are specialty microphones so they do not have typical microphone connectors such as XLR or Lemo.�