Audio Precision Releases APx500 Version 4.2

Also announced a new PDM module with advanced capabilities
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BEAVERTON, Ore.�Audio Precision has announced that version 4.2 of its APx500 audio test software and new PDM module are now available for customers. These new software releases provide features focused on electro-acoustic and production test environments, including customizable sub-sequences, input EQ and a dedicated production test mode.

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Version 4.2 of APx500 focuses on electro-acoustic testing�loudspeakers, headphones and microphones�and production test scenarios. The Sequencer, APx�s built-in automation engine, can now support multiple sequences in a project and sequence looping. Users can now create their own sub-sequences as well. The new version also offers a dedicated production test mode.

AP has also updated its Pulse Density Modulation module, which now enables jitter tolerance testing and supports low-voltage logic levels. Among the new features are hardware jitter generation, jitter analysis of the input bit clock, support for logic voltage down to 0.8V, and more flexibility in decimation and interpolation ratios.

Audio Precision is a provider of audio analyzer instruments and applications.


Audio Precision Releases Software v4.1

Version 4.1 of Audio Precision's APx500 audio test software adds a number of enhancements, including support for full input bandwidth across all channels of APx555, APx525 (with option BW52) and APx586 audio analyzer