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Audio Precision Releases Three Measurement Plug-Ins

Integrate attack-and-release, fractional octave analysis and audio-video sync measurements
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BEAVERTON, Ore.�A trio of new measurement plug-ins have been released by Audio Precision for its APx audio test software.

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The plug-ins integrate directly with the APx software and provide new capabilities, including attack-and-release, fractional octave analysis, and audio-video sync measurements.

One of the new plug-ins enables attack-and-release recovery times for Automatic Gain Control-enabled devices and allows for tests to be performed according to different standards, including IEC 60268-8, IEC 60118-2 and ANSI S3.22. Test settings can also be customized when using the IEC 60268-8-based measurement.

The octave analysis plug-in integrates octave analysis capabilities into APx measurement software, replacing the FFT-to-Octave Conversion utility for APx 4.3 users.

Audio delay measurement is integrated into APx software with the A/V sync plug-in to support designers evaluating audio/video timing. The plug-in also supports A/V synchronization tests associated with Dolby and DTS licensee compliance requirements.

The plug-ins are compatible with any model APx500 Series analyzer and require APx audio measurement software version 4.3 or later. All three are currently available as a courtesy download to registered users of