Audio Science Redesigns PCI Tuner Adapters

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Audio Science Redesigns PCI Tuner Adapters

Apr 7, 2008 10:37 AM

Newecastle, DE - April 2, 2008 - Audio Science has announced the new ASI8921 line is a smaller version with the addition of RDS/RDBS metadata monitoring.

The ASI8921 is a half-length PCI card, much smaller than the ASI8700 series, and can be fitted with one or two tuner modules as required. Currently available modules provide either four channels FM+RDS or four channels of AM/FM+RDS. Added functionality includes AM and FM de-emphasis, which is software selectable, using Audio Science''s ASI Control mixer application. An F connector feeds RF signal from an external antenna to all tuners on the ASI8921. On the AM/FM module, each tuner may also be fed from an external antenna input per tuner. An HD50 connector makes available the mono or stereo line level audio of each tuner output.

The silicon tuners used also reduce the power consumption of the ASI8921 series. The ASI8921-2200 with eight AM/FM tuners consumes less than 10W compared to almost 20W of the previous generation ASI8702 AM/FM adapter.

There are four versions of the ASI8921 available:

  • The ASI8921-1000 has 4 channels of FM+RDS
  • The ASI8921-1100 has 8 channels of FM+RDS
  • The ASI8921-2000 has 4 channels of AM/FM+RDS
  • The ASI8921-2200 has 8 channels of AM/FM+RDS

Up to eight ASI8921s can be placed in one system, and Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista and Linux software drivers are available.