Audionamix Releases Version 3 of ADX Product Line

ADX TRAX Pro, ADX TRAX and ADX Vocal Volume Control get upgrades
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LOS ANGELES�Audionamix is giving its ADX product line an update, announcing that the version 3 upgrade is now available. ADX TRAX Pro 3, ADX TRAX 3 and ADX Vocal Volume 3 are now available through Audionamix�s website.

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With the upgrade, Audionamix claims that ADX TRAX and ADX TRAX Pro have faster separation processing speeds, new STEMS film format export, consonants annotation tool, and zoom-to-fit options. ADX TRAX Pro 3 also includes spectrogram enhancements and a pan-specific editing feature to directly edit audio content in specific slices of the stereo field.

New features for the ADX VVC 3 plug-in include the ability to automatically separate the main vocal from a mono or stereo mix and the ability for users to adjust its volume and pan position. Up to +/- 12dB of gain control is available. Separated vocal or melody line can be panned up to 60 percent on either side on the stereo field. In addition, the VVC 3 features new Vocal and Melody separation modes.

The upgraded versions of the ADX product line are available