Audionamix Unveils DJ Voxchanger App

App can separate and transform vocals without access to original recordings
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PARIS�Featuring audio source separation technology, the DJ Voxchanger from Audionamix is designed to separate and transform vocals, in either mono or stereo, without having to access the original, multi-track recordings.

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The DJ Voxchanger app features an interface powered by cloud technology. It features a transformation matrix that allows users to modify the perceived gender and age of the vocalist, with each button corresponding to a specific pitch, timbre and vibrato setting that is set during the analysis of the recording. Special features also allow the option to transforms the vocals into an alien, robot or monster voice.

Additional features include faders for pitch, timbre and vibrato. Users can also apply pitch correction with the tuner effect, or add harmonies. The DJ Voxchanger also allows user to store and share any transformation.

The DJ Voxchanger is available for Apple iOS products.