Auralex Debuts Grab n’ Go Studiofoam Packages

Can be used as an add-on for existing acoustical treatments
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INDIANAPOLIS�Auralex Acoustics has introduced a new line of Grab n� Go Acoustics packaging that works with its Studiofoam products. The Studiofoam products provide sound absorption capabilities.

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The Grab n� Go packages include two-packs of Studiofoam 2-footx2-footx2-inch profiles for Studiofoam Wedges, Pyramids and SonoTech. The 1x1x2-foot LENRD Brass Traps are also being offered in two-pack configurations. Studiofoam Pro is also available in two-packs of 2-footx2-footx1.5-inch panels. Auralex will also carry four-packs for its Studiofoam Wedgies and SonoFlat panels, which come in squares of 1-footx1-footx2-inch.

Auralex�s Grab n� Go packages are now available.


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Auralex® Introduces Pre-Packaged Grab n’ Go Studiofoam® Solutions

Indianapolis, IN – Auralex® Acoustics, Inc., the world’s leading brand of acoustical treatments, introduces new Grab n’ Go Acoustics packaging for many of its popular Studiofoam® products. These new packages make it easy to acoustically treat a room on a tighter budget, and they can be used as a supplemental add-on for existing treatment, for example with Auralex’s Studiofoam Roominator™ Kits.